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High Fiber Recipes

Granola Cereal

This is a homemade breakfast cereal with no preservatives. It has unsalted nuts, raisins, oats, maple syrup and cinnamon to give it a good flavor.
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Apple Pie Pockets

Surprisingly delicious apple pie filling and peanut butter wrapped up in a whole wheat tortilla.
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Black Bean Tacos

Black bean tacos with corn tortillas and cheese.
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Red Lentil Soup

Healthy vegetarian lentil soup that's the perfect winter warmer.
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Fresh Pea Soup

An easy "fresh" pea soup using peas which have not been dried like regular split pea soup.
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Recently Popular Recipes

Pãozinho de Farinha de Côco
by member: caterinaleixo
Super saudável e deliciosa.
Per serve - Energy: 54kcal | Carb: 0.46g | Prot: 2.77g | Fat: 4.26g
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Torta de Coco de Liquidificador
by member: isisconde
Uma torta fácil, deliciosa e low carb.
Per serve - Energy: 189kcal | Carb: 1.70g | Prot: 2.49g | Fat: 16.63g
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Torta de Frango
by member: cbglovatiski
Torta de frango sem farinha.
Per serve - Energy: 280kcal | Carb: 1.41g | Prot: 23.83g | Fat: 19.27g
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Куриная Грудка в Кефире
by member: Yulia201501
Мягкая грудка с вкусным соусом.
Per serve - Energy: 251kcal | Carb: 3.81g | Prot: 48.58g | Fat: 3.28g
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Диетические Ленивые Вареники
by member: ed_fedorova
Замечательный, здоровый, быстрый, а главное, вкусный.
Per serve - Energy: 37kcal | Carb: 4.45g | Prot: 3.39g | Fat: 0.67g
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Курица со Сладким Перцем
by member: AlexeyMihailovich
Вкуснятина курица.
Per serve - Energy: 199kcal | Carb: 12.18g | Prot: 32.38g | Fat: 1.86g
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Курица в Молочно-Чесночном Соусе
by member: Patchoulee
Мягкая курочка и нежный соус очень гармонируют, а чеснок придает пикантности.
Per serve - Energy: 113kcal | Carb: 9.10g | Prot: 15.09g | Fat: 1.52g
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Запеканка с Курочкой, Грибами и Помидорами
by member: Альбина0707
Запеканка с курицей это идеальное блюдо.
Per serve - Energy: 254kcal | Carb: 4.75g | Prot: 27.86g | Fat: 13.60g
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Panini Low Carb
by member: deboraeulalio
Paozinho low carb, ótimo para café e lanches.
Per serve - Energy: 309kcal | Carb: 4.05g | Prot: 16.00g | Fat: 17.17g
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Banana Bran Muffins
by member: lindsaylsu_2
Delicious golden muffins.
Per serve - Energy: 167kcal | Carb: 31.89g | Prot: 7.75g | Fat: 6.92g
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