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  3 days Fasting Challenge July
Fasting for three days.
starts in: 2 days
duration: 3 days
day 1: Saturday 22 Jul 17
  Cardio Consistency
Get some consistency with your cardio workouts by fall. 3 hours/week of your choice, get that cardio in! We can do this!
starts in: 4 days
duration: 6 weeks
day 1: Monday 24 Jul 17
  Fast After 5pm for 5 days
Only zero calorie beverages after 5pm. Breakfast as usual in the morning : )
starts in: 6 days
duration: 5 days
day 1: Wednesday 26 Jul 17

Challenges In Progress

Create your own goals - I am aiming on healthy eating and losing 1 kg (2 lb) per week. Would love some company!
status: In Progress
currently: Week 4 of 12
end date: Monday 18 Sep 17
  LCHF 90-day Challenge
Following a low carb/high fat way of life? Then please join this 90-day challenge and let's lose weight together!
status: In Progress
currently: Week 3 of 12
end date: Sunday 24 Sep 17
  One pound a week challenge
It will require focus and discipline for me to meet this challenge. I feel I am up to it now.
status: In Progress
currently: Week 10 of 12
end date: Monday 07 Aug 17
  Planking 20 second
start of with 20 seconds and add 5 seconds to a day
status: In Progress
currently: Week 1 of 4
end date: Monday 14 Aug 17
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