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  Double daily walker
2 * daily 15 minutes walk (moderate paste) for 2 weeks. Ankle weights or small hand weights are always welcome.
starts in: 2 days
duration: 14 days
day 1: Sunday 24 May 15
  LCHF Every Day
For everyone interested in following a Low Carb Healthy Fat diet. Keep your carbs under 100g every day for 4 weeks!
starts in: 3 days
duration: 4 weeks
day 1: Monday 25 May 15
  Lose 8 Pounds in 8 Weeks
Lose 8 pounds in 8 weeks by tracking everything you eat, exercising 6 days a week, and making positive lifestyle changes.
starts in: 3 days
duration: 8 weeks
day 1: Monday 25 May 15
  You can do it! Couch to 5K
It starts with getting off the couch and putting one foot in front of the other.
starts in: 4 days
duration: 8 weeks
day 1: Tuesday 26 May 15
  Lose 100g per day for 42 days!
Deadline but no motivation?Let us help each other by committing to lose at least 100g per day. Its not that much! Come Join!
starts in: 5 days
duration: 6 weeks
day 1: Wednesday 27 May 15
  Seriously Sassy Sista Summer challenge
Serious summer challenge for the procrastinator within. Say cellulite and cheetos are not my summer friends.
starts in: 7 days
duration: 8 weeks
day 1: Friday 29 May 15
  Do Your Thing - Part 2
This challenge starts the day the former one ended. Keep up the good work, let's go another 12 weeks!
starts in: 10 days
duration: 12 weeks
day 1: Monday 01 Jun 15

Challenges In Progress

  Keep it Simple and JUST DO IT!
Personally my goal is to lose 2 lbs a week by calorie counting and exercise. Hoping to get some friendly competition!
status: In Progress
currently: Week 6 of 12
end date: Monday 06 Jul 15
  30 Pounds Less in 3 Months
Let us motivate and push each other to lose 30 pounds in 3 months!!! We can do this!!!!
status: In Progress
currently: Week 5 of 12
end date: Monday 13 Jul 15
  walk time
get up and walk for minimum 10 min a day this is at your own pace great for those starting out and those who are pregnant
status: In Progress
currently: Week 10 of 12
end date: Monday 08 Jun 15
  Walk 30 min / day - 5 days / week
Walk half an hour a day, 5 days a week for 4 weeks.
status: In Progress
currently: Week 3 of 4
end date: Monday 01 Jun 15
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