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by rocarlin on diet Paleo diet, gaining 1.7 lb a week Up
by teetoog on diet teetoog's own diet, gaining 1.5 lb a week Up

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I use the Shirataki noodles too. I recently tried the zucchini noodles and I liked them. I also make spaghetti squash.
by RJFelici on 26 Sep 18 04:20 AM
Let's know each other :D
Hello, I'm not a social person, But i would like to have more motivational ideas from people all around the world so.. Let's have introduce our selves to each other. I'm Ahmad, 25 Years. ...
by a.elsa3ed on 25 Sep 18 03:17 PM
Eating the same things!
hi all, Recently i followed my own diet plan, It does well with no variety in food types, I'm afraid i'm Eating the same stuff everyday and i know i'm gonna get bored of them! Any sugge ...
by a.elsa3ed on 25 Sep 18 03:12 PM
never lose weight
You have to be careful with fasting. Even though you may lose weight from reducing your caloric intake you can actually negatively impact your metabolism. That is why many people will find they put weight ...
by GStillings on 25 Sep 18 12:37 PM
what is your goal weight, 5'3 and 5'4 ladies?
Hello, I am 5'1 CW 138 GW 112. Honestly, if I could just get to 120 at this point Id be thrilled. No specific diet, I just started keeping track of everything I eat on here.Scary, ...
by Jlprpst on 25 Sep 18 12:31 PM
FOR WOMEN ONLY! ...What is your problem?
My biggest problem is eating when I'm not hungry. Even when I'm making an effort to be conscious about it, when another person is eating, I want to eat too. I almost feel like I'm missing ...
by midy on 25 Sep 18 08:38 AM
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