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by member: junedeff
A simple breakfast recipe using only 4 ingredients.
Per serve - Energy: 346kcal | Carb: 16.68g | Prot: 13.22g | Fat: 24.59g
Banana Wheat Waffles
by member: jmt0905
Banana wheat waffles in a Belgian waffle maker.
Per serve - Energy: 290kcal | Carb: 53.79g | Prot: 12.68g | Fat: 3.86g
Cinnamon Waffles
by member: HK3
Easy-to-make breakfast or snack.
Per serve - Energy: 215kcal | Carb: 30.54g | Prot: 11.99g | Fat: 4.06g
Keto Waffles
by member: MrsElkins
A low-carb breakfast using 3 ingredients only.
Per serve - Energy: 87kcal | Carb: 3.69g | Prot: 8.65g | Fat: 4.74g
Belgian Waffles
by member: Loosing40pounds
A delicious version of Belgian waffles.
Per serve - Energy: 341kcal | Carb: 34.10g | Prot: 5.18g | Fat: 20.47g
Keto Waffles
by member: Banan
Low carb. LCHF. Grain free. No sugars. Gluten free. Wheat free.
Per serve - Energy: 317kcal | Carb: 1.63g | Prot: 7.67g | Fat: 30.92g
Cheese Waffles
by member: noname555555
Cheese waffle made with almond meal.
Per serve - Energy: 225kcal | Carb: 5.50g | Prot: 16.00g | Fat: 17.50g
Banana Chocolate Waffles
by member: Maglena
Gluten-free breakfast or snack.
Per serve - Energy: 108kcal | Carb: 15.73g | Prot: 5.51g | Fat: 3.86g
Almond-Tapioca Waffles
by member: teddyjet2
Gluten-free, low-calorie breakfast or snack.
Per serve - Energy: 224kcal | Carb: 15.66g | Prot: 4.89g | Fat: 16.99g
Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookies
by member: mr.ferg
Low-calorie dessert or snack, perfect with coffee or tea.
Per serve - Energy: 145kcal | Carb: 15.79g | Prot: 3.13g | Fat: 8.29g
Spelt Waffles
by member: IamNiech
Vegan spelt waffles.
Per serve - Energy: 314kcal | Carb: 54.00g | Prot: 15.51g | Fat: 7.73g
Flaxseed Waffles
by member: eroobaert
Satisfying breakfast that is easy to prepare.
Per serve - Energy: 616kcal | Carb: 40.93g | Prot: 24.74g | Fat: 41.11g
by member: sophiebop
A classic breakfast with low calories.
Per serve - Energy: 119kcal | Carb: 9.82g | Prot: 3.77g | Fat: 7.01g
Protein Blueberry Muffins
by member: Eazy~
A delicious post-workout snack.
Per serve - Energy: 98kcal | Carb: 13.55g | Prot: 7.98g | Fat: 1.46g
by member: Hope Tudela
Yummy breakfast to start your day right.
Per serve - Energy: 289kcal | Carb: 28.79g | Prot: 6.56g | Fat: 16.10g
Oat Flax Waffles
by member: mattdjohnson1976
Low-calorie breakfast or snack.
Per serve - Energy: 228kcal | Carb: 26.70g | Prot: 12.11g | Fat: 9.51g
Viennese Waffles
by member: NataliiaSolo
A low-calorie breakfast or snack with no added sugars.
Per serve - Energy: 113kcal | Carb: 7.77g | Prot: 4.30g | Fat: 7.40g
by member: junedeff
A delightful, gluten-free breakfast using only 3 ingredients.
Per serve - Energy: 179kcal | Carb: 27.21g | Prot: 7.41g | Fat: 5.17g
Protein Waffles
by member: agammons09
Tasty breakfast or snack with low calorie content.
Per serve - Energy: 271kcal | Carb: 49.74g | Prot: 9.80g | Fat: 3.62g
Waffle with Banana and Peanut Butter
by member: kschn
A great low calorie breakfast.
Per serve - Energy: 213kcal | Carb: 29.48g | Prot: 6.14g | Fat: 9.19g
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by: Dinizar
Simple but tasty breakfast for the whole family.
by: paint8
Healthy side dish with no added sugars.
A low-calorie breakfast or snack with no added sugars.
Savoury dish for brunch with low calorie content.
Delicious post-workout snack fresh from the oven.
by: bunksjunk
Sweet baked treat for snack.
by: eabdodds
The most perfect bars consist of peanut butter and chocolate chips.
Quick and simple dish for dinner.
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