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by squirrel77 on diet squirrel77's own diet, losing 5.6 lb a week Down

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Any recipes or Groups on here for people following LCHF Diets?
Phil wrote: I don't know, they just disappeared. Mahjohn, Fred, and Knuckles, to name a few. I stopped logging in for months. Kind of hard to feel inspired or want to inspire others when you've ...
by fred4win on 18 Dec 18 04:00 PM
New Study suggests a metabolic advantage for low carb diet
Sorry diablo I deleted my grumpy comment. Thanks for taking time to get to me anyways.
by liv001 on 18 Dec 18 09:51 AM
Work out plans for Tuesday!
Planning on what I call HIIT (but it is not that intensive) Run, walk, run, walk. It is my cardio day.
by liv001 on 18 Dec 18 08:58 AM
Hesap silme
Kullanmak istemiyorum
by degisenadam on 17 Dec 18 03:53 AM
New Out Look
FYI— “real” black licorice like what is made and eaten in Germany, Sweden, etc. can raise your blood pressure significantly. The stuff we eat here, aka “twizzlers” and the like, not so much. So if blood ...
by Kenna Morton on 16 Dec 18 03:35 PM
I am stealing this. This is awesome! I feel like I've probably read similar things but this is all of it...right in one post! Where did you find this? Did you write this??
by katies71 on 16 Dec 18 02:38 PM
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