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Posting my formula for pain relief here also
My pain formula works for me MUCH better than prescription drugs like oxycodone!
It's amazing and NO side effects.

I take 12grams of Turmeric, 15g of ginger juice, 10g lemon juice in warm water EVERY night. Lemon juice cancels out the bitterness of the turmeric. Smile

I have serious cervical spine damage at c5 through c7, causing very bad headaches.

I start with 3oz hot water, which works best for dissolving the 12g (HEAPing tablespoon!) of turmeric.
Then I add the cold ginger juice and lemon juice, and drink with a straw.

BTW: ginger kills cancer. look it up.
and is a pain reliever, analgesic.
The turmeric has numerous benefits, INCLUDING ANTI INFLAMMATORY, which is what I use it for in this case.
It COMPLETELY gets rid of my head aches (radiated neck pain) for 8 plus hours!!!!
where numerous times oxycodone failed to work at all.
This pain I get is very debilitating, and constantly there all day, usually starting middle of the night, lasting all the next day.
So, I take my pain formula (Turmeric, ginger, lemon) EVERY night, and rarely have to take the next day, until bedtime for it's pain prevention, and many other benefits.
posted 01 Sep 2014, 11:03
Switch from worry of eating too much to worry about GETTING enough good food.
When we don't eat a big breakfast, we train our body to think we are in a famine.
It gets very very good at RETAINING fat, for survival.
When we eat a big huge breakfast, it fuels us until our big healthy lunch.
Then for dinner we don't need to OR WANT TO gorge, or to crave cookies, cake, steak & potato, snacks before bed.
We burn fat when we sleep.
But if we eat a huge dinner or snacks before bed, our body spends a lot of time storing fat while we sleep. Since sleeping we don’t need a ton of food (a full belly). We need that DURING the day while we work.
Exercising before the huge breakfast is the best time to burn fat, since we are already in burning fat mode.
So as little as 10 to 15 min light to medium exercise is equal to 25 to 30 min later in the day.
We don’t need to kill ourselves with aerobics to lose or maintain weight.
ANYBODY can easily get fat with todays common diet and stressful lifestyle, but at 70 years old I'm still lean and healthy.

How about how corporations have contributed to this?
Corporations produce the same basic poor quality foods, processed foods, Loaded with salt and fat, cakes and cookies with very little nutritional value (white flour, main ingredients SUGAR & FAT, then some spices or blueberries or chocolate to tempt us. And everything including cosmetics filled with supertoxins, which overload the liver with false estrogenetic chemicals )

Yes, and it's also due to us having so little time (commuting, working, rushing around doing things that need doing) that we don't have time to eat a good breakfast, leisurely to properly digest our healthy food choices.
But, we are smarter than that.
We can make GOOD-for-us choices.!
posted 30 Aug 2014, 10:27
Self Esteem, Truth & Temptation.
NowIunderstand wrote:
...I don't think not being truthful can cause loss of self esteem. People lie to themselves all the time to get what they want. They twist the truth around to fit their conscience. They justify their acts with tales.

I agree, and perhaps mainly true of a sociopath.
However I believe that most people UNCONSCIOUSLY will know the truth of what they do. It may show up in nightmares for them, or in their behavior in some way. (Subtle passive aggressive 'jokes' or any number of leaking negatives, visible to others, but not to them.)
AND they may 'project' their behavior on others.
But we all do that, none of us are perfect Smile We all have a Shadow self we are not aware of. This Shadow is the part of our personality that we don't like. But we are NOT consciously aware of.
So instead, we clearly see it in others.
You know: when you see that person that somehow rubs you the wrong way? or one you just can't stand?
They may be exhibiting behavior that mirrors our own Shadow self. Even if our shadow self would never go to their extreme.

My first therapist said: "Our Shadow is mostly pure Gold." Meaning that the behavior we are hidden from, if brought to the light and 'gentled' & used appropriately, can be a gold mine of useful positive energy.

For instance: one of my Shadows is ANGER, but I often can recognize when it happens and gentle it down from rage to just asking questions.
Using the energy of the anger to motivate me to make the call to a person or business, talking calmly instead of heated, and asking them for solutions for my concerns. Or what I had perceived as unjust behavior on their part.

Back to Sociopaths: look it up?
But in brief: they are;
1. likable, charismatic, manipulative.
2. they feel entitled.
3. they have NO remorse.
In fact they are INCAPABLE of feeling remorse or even disgust. That part of their brains have been shown to be completely inactive. (I have no idea if their unconscious is aware of it or not.)
They are also pathological liars, who BELIEVE that they say when they lie.
Sociopaths manipulate using fear, doing EMOTIONAL damage, and they don't care.

Psychopaths are the same, except they go one step further to doing and feeling nothing when doing physical damage to others.

My childhood, like most of us, was not ideal.
Anger is always there below the surface, so I never married. Good choice for me. Smile
But I'm thankful to my cruel father in that he motivated me to try to understand humans, myself, and him.
It's been a lifelong pursuit, and I use Psychology, Astrology, therapy, & countless books, to help me understand humans, and myself.
posted 13 Aug 2014, 12:36
Self Esteem, Truth & Temptation.
Well, thank you for all the responses, ! and keep them coming if you are so inclined. Smile
Need to get to bed, but just want to say:
My mom was a good dad. Good at guiding us, gently correcting us, & always very focused on doing what's right.
She was not, however, loving or delighted with us kids. Never hugged us. Or praised us.
Not complaining, she was my mom and a very very good parent.

My dad was an alcoholic, which came about after a little girl ran out in front of his car on a highway.
He had to carry her broken body back to her parents.
He started drinking. that was before I was born.

He thought he didn't deserve to have kids (My interpretation of his behavior), and we clearly got the message we didn't deserve to eat, or to LIVE.

He critisized us, hit, kicked or whacked us with whatever was at hand.
Once he was drunk and couldn't find his slippers. I was there so he asked where they were. NO idea!
So, he accused me of hiding them.

Took me up to my room, pulled my clothes down, hooked my feet under the bed end, and beat me until he was exhausted using his special strap, thick cow belly, and holes punched in it "to make blisters" he told us.
I was 7 or 8 about then at most.

So, my self esteem came from my SELF.
and it is ALWAYS THERE. never fleeting. Smile

and that is the Truth. Smile
posted 12 Aug 2014, 23:29
Self Esteem, Truth & Temptation.
After reading others posts, and particularly Eddie1261's posts and responses to them;
I've been meditating and came up with: Self Esteem, Truth & Temptation.

I'm a Scorpio, so I'm good at getting to the root of things.

so, think about this:

1. Self Esteem. Where do we get it?

2. Truth. How often do we see it? or Speak it?

3. Temptation. Are we not overwhelmed with this in this modern world?

4. and are question 1 and 2 and 3 closely linked?

I do hold Corporations responsible for most of the Temptations. Which side tracks us and has shifted so many of us into loss of self esteem.

I think Self Esteem can only come from within, from the Self.

Not being truthful can cause LOSS of self esteem.
If we LIE to ourselves, who can we trust!?
Then we look OUTSIDE our self and try to get trust, &/OR supportive feedback that we are a good person? When we don't really believe we are?

Loss of Self Esteem can cause eating disorders. Duh!

I truly believe Self Esteem comes from being Honest, ALWAYS to ourself.
Lie to others if need be, but personally, being honest to myself that I'm LYING to them is very important.

Best way to change our lack of success in losing weight is to shift into ALWAYS being honest with ourself.

Not overdoing exercise;
Not overdoing crash or excessive dieting, like cutting back on too many calories.

With a healthy self esteem we are powerful!
and I'm NOT talking about having a huge powerful EGO.

Healthy self esteem is:
calm, centered, serene.
Smile & as Eddie1261 says: OWN IT. Smile
posted 12 Aug 2014, 15:53
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