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Learn what foods to avoid and what foods to eat in order to get off medication and life a full and health life.


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Anti-inflammatory diet?
@kate1959...Well done on your weight loss, that is brilliant! I find when I cut out milk, butter, eggs any dairy products, which I have done for a long while and I feel much better in myself. I don't ...
by Astra1547 on 04 Mar 16 03:10 AM
Anti-Inflammatory Diet - - how to?
No Dairy and no sugar were most helpful to me. When I stopped dairy I felt better within a few days and increasingly better as time passes.
by ehmann on 29 Mar 14 02:37 PM
Questions from a Newbie
I am new to an anti-inflammatory diet. I'd like to know ANY of the following: 1. What type of anti-inflammatory diet are you following? I'm using Idiot's Guide 2. Has following this diet ...
by chaeli55 on 24 Aug 13 04:38 PM
Anti-inflammatory Diet
Cumin is reportedly helpful as well, though I wonder how one would get sufficient quantities just by diet. Maybe supplements? I just started taking Tumeric oil as a supplement. Very spicy, but seems ...
by cerobit on 28 Jul 12 04:14 PM
I have started the Anti-Inflammatory diet
Hi - I've been doing a loose anti-inflammatory diet to help with Fibromyalgia and digestive problems. The simple carbs and sugars are part of it (and trying to make sure you don't have any sy ...
by arianek on 08 Dec 11 03:21 PM

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