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My progress
A good day today. I am down nearly 17 pound. I am at target weight (170 lb) on a journey started March 5. This week I started wave 2, fitness level. I started jogging this week. The plan is 3 ...
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started by Markhamdons.   
Nervous about starting birth control....
Hey all, Just a background. I have PCOS. I was losing weight on my own before I was actually diagnosed via very strict calorie and carb restriction. In summer of 2012 I started metformin for my PCOS. ...
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started by melibeli88.   
10-Day Green Smoothie Cleanse
Has anyone tried this ten-day diet? Success stories out there? :)
1 reply, last reply by JasminEmerald, 18 minutes ago.   32 views.
started by NanetteB.   
I am so addicted to sugar. I am trying to get off of it. I saw on Dr. Oz that you have to do it cold turkey. I started yesterday. I did not have any yesterday! Big success. I think today will be ...
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started by kacap.   
Right, so a glass of wine does not help my cause in beating my rude (and might I say I am convinced its wrong) scale! Even when I still have calories available to consume.... guess I am just going to have ...
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started by Robarb.   
How Often Do you weigh yourself?
Do you weigh in every day or just once week?
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started by gismusicelle.   
Have Times Changed for Better or Worse?
Just a thought - the entire article is here and is interesting about health vs 'the look and number'. [url=http://www.beautyre... Lies We Tell[/url] Perhaps the most well-known U.S. beauty ...
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started by FullaBella.   
OK, so I'm eating about Carbohydrate (7%) Fat (52%) Protein (41%) I've lost weight, but I would like to eat more fats. I can't figure out what foods to eat. Everything is either protein ...
1 reply, last reply by mummydee, 2 hours ago.   62 views.
started by demain2014.   
Avocados have lots of good fat, and I tend to cook with olive oil. Hope this helps
1 reply, last reply by mummydee, 2 hours ago.   62 views.
started by demain2014.   
HI All
My name is Emily and I'm new here. I need to lose weight, so I'm starting the Atkins diet. Will be happy to have tips from all of you :) Thank you!:)
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started by emily_edwards.   
The Challenge
My first challenge starts in 6 hours, to consume no more than 50g of carbs a day. This seems like mission impossible for a carb-a-holic like myself. Wish me luck!:shock:
2 replies, last reply by melibeli88, 3 hours ago.   31 views.
started by Mommyruns12.   
21 day fix
I'm looking for 3-5 buddies to join me in a 21 day fix challenge group. Any takers? Any questions?
5 replies, last reply by jlturner, 5 hours ago.   179 views.
started by jlturner.   
Hello there :) I am new here and I have some questions. I want to know if anyone has the same problems as I do. I eat pretty dang healthy. I have been off soda of two years, I don't really eat gl ...
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started by RastaIrieMon.   
Morbid Obesity Buddies Group (JOIN US)
Hey yall. Most know me as I've been on here FOOORREEVEERR. But if you don't HI! I'm Lovergirl. LOL. I am just writing to see if there are any FatSecret people out that there that needs another ...
128 replies, last reply by 2ManyCurves, 8 hours ago.   15,384 views.
started by lovergirl654.   
Carb Backloading
does anyone have any experience with carb backloading? I've just finished the cleanse phase and am actually trying to gain weight and have a diet that won't be too hectic to manage. curious if ...
1 reply, last reply by northernmusician, 9 hours ago.   293 views.
started by tflynn817.   
Do you have to do induction to lose?
Do I need to do the induction to lose weight? I know it won't be rapid, but if I don't eat any starchy veggies rice pasta etc. and enjoy veggies proteins etc. can I still lose?
18 replies, last reply by analisa1968, 14 hours ago.   412 views.
started by analisa1968.   
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My progress
Congratulations! That sounds like an excellent goal and a fitting plan!(pun defiantly intended)
by JasminEmerald on 23 Apr 14 08:39 PM
Nervous about starting birth control....
I've tried so many. Worst experience was with the Implannon implant in my arm. Gained about 20kgs in the 3 years i had it. I would go for days without eating and still couldn't lose weight. It ...
by JasminEmerald on 23 Apr 14 08:36 PM
10-Day Green Smoothie Cleanse
Don't know about doing it as an exclusive 10 day diet, but i use green smoothies as a supplement. I have one in the morning and one at night. Honestly, once you find a taste combo that works for you, ...
by JasminEmerald on 23 Apr 14 08:25 PM
Anyone can find an article or paper stating what they think is correct. Me and my sugar addict friends will just keep believing our insane thoughts.
by Kris AZ on 23 Apr 14 08:16 PM
It could be a simple case of water retention (in the short term). Alcohol is a dehydrator (which seems counter-intuitive). It will make your body hold onto water so that your liver and kidneys have a ...
by JasminEmerald on 23 Apr 14 08:06 PM
How Often Do you weigh yourself?
Once a week in the Doctor's office. Eventually, I will do it at home to maintain but will always have the backup support I need.
by Pippin20 on 23 Apr 14 07:29 PM

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This is tough......I,m spending 90% of my time trying to stay on meal plan and the other 10% going off it.....Resulting in an increase in weight..
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