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creating and saving my recipes
Hi all ...I saw the feature 'my cook book' or something like that in the right hand sidebar I figured this would be where I could fill out my own recipes and get the food values ...I don ...
2 replies, last reply by diehard3, about an hour ago.   45 views.
started by loribe1.   
Any Other Teens?
Hey!!:D So, I'm kind of looking for a diet buddy that's close to my age. I'm 18 btw. I don't have any diet buddies in RL, because none of my friends are overweight. I'm hoping to lose ...
1 reply, last reply by makaylastowers, 3 hours ago.   598 views.
started by SakuraAkuma16.   
In it to Win it !
Well 10 years ago I went on the Atkins diet and lost 120 lbs in 18 months. I since managed to gain it all back plus 20 lbs. I learned a major lesson here. It's not about just losing the weight. It ...
2 replies, last reply by Forbes1960, 3 hours ago.   41 views.
started by Forbes1960.   
Math help with Keto diet
To start off not sure which section this goes to but I have questions on DIET. THE KETO diet that consist mostly of fat. Okay so the rule to enter the body state of keto is 35% protein, 65% fat, and ...
12 replies, last reply by shadow451, 3 hours ago.   1,414 views.
started by alexvue.   
Need Your Opinions...
I know that I need and have to lose weight, but motivation has been my biggest roadblock. My doctor is working with me to get my A1C down but unless I can lose weight I know it's not going to happen ...
13 replies, last reply by shadow451, 4 hours ago.   664 views.
started by Byron54.   
Healthy Snacks
can you please share some of your healthy snacks ,as sometimes specially on a Sunday afternoon I feel like having a desert. at this stage I'm only eating fruit , what else do you make and have. thanks ...
9 replies, last reply by shadow451, 4 hours ago.   548 views.
started by Saige18.   
Best free youtube videos for 30 minute varied workouts?
Hi all, What are the best youtube channels or other free online videos for varied, general fitness workouts? I know there are tons of videos available, I'm just trying to sort through them and t ...
1 reply, last reply by shadow451, 5 hours ago.   25 views.
started by Herbie.   
Sunflower Microgreens, NOT sprouted sunflower seeds
I can't seem to find this food, which is basically sprouted sunflowers, the young tender greens that become the plant. I decided to add this and apparently I can add a recipe, but I can't cus ...
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started by DurianChomper33, 9 hours ago.   
Well I gained weight but I'm not surprised. With me near the end of my period I was expecting to gain some weight. It sucks to gain BUT I also know that it's nothing I can help since it's ...
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started by cherylekirchner, 10 hours ago.   
I am a couch potatoe
Hi, My name is... does not matter. I am couch potato and I don't like anything physical. I love beer. How can I lose weight?
11 replies, last reply by wholefoodnut, 11 hours ago.   4,587 views.
started by Gossips City.   
Fitbit app for FatSecret Link your fitness and food and weight.;)
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started by Lifesatrip, 13 hours ago.   
Probably Gained Weight
I have a feeling I have gained weight this week because not only am I near the end of my period buy I think I ate a little to much on my vacation with my family though I did do a LOT of walking around ...
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started by cherylekirchner, about a day ago.   
Football is looming ahead
I have been preparing myself for company and what I am going to eat compared with what I am going to feed everyone else. My daughter and her family are coming over for potato soup and snacks to watch ...
1 reply, last reply by Sweetalot, a day ago.   127 views.
started by diehard3.   
The other day i posted about having a problem taking a deep breath all of your responses scared me enough to see my doc. After all testing could not find out why i couldnt breath. Then i told him i was ...
1 reply, last reply by Sweetalot, a day ago.   160 views.
started by rambler747.   
Wondering if Diet Pills are Dangerous for your Health?
I am not sure if I should consider diet pills or not. I know that supplements are not regulated and makers pretty much do whatever makes them money. Any recommendations of "safe" products?
15 replies, last reply by MikeS2323, a day ago.   7,440 views.
started by Gossips City.   
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creating and saving my recipes
I have a lot of pending recipes. It doesn't mean anything except they wont post to the public for viewing. this is a great tool for figuring out the calories /fat/carbs/fiber. You can click on any ...
by diehard3 on 06 Feb 16 06:50 PM
Any Other Teens?
by makaylastowers on 06 Feb 16 04:44 PM
In it to Win it !
Thanks Patty.. it's a journey leading to a new lifestyle :-)
by Forbes1960 on 06 Feb 16 04:28 PM
Math help with Keto diet
alexvue, I'm not following your diet. You BMR is 1633.45 (I assume from a calculation vs. lab produced). This BMR is the amount of calories you need to eat per day to maintain your weight. Exceed ...
by shadow451 on 06 Feb 16 03:55 PM
Need Your Opinions...
Byron, Read the labels of all pre-packaged foods, most have a lot of sodium to maintain their shelf life. Some of the "low-fat" products have a lot of sugar added when the oils were removed ...
by shadow451 on 06 Feb 16 03:20 PM
Healthy Snacks
I use raw seeds (sunflower and pumpkin) as well as raw almonds and cashews. I'm a muncher so I do use portion control with my snacks. I bought a pound of shelled pistachios and I ate way to many b ...
by shadow451 on 06 Feb 16 02:51 PM

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