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Water Fast
]I have been on a water fast for three days now and have lost 8.2 lb./3.7 kg. :)
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started by loudinis.   
I need help I need to lose 50pds. I am looking for easy recipes that are low carbs, low fat, recipes that will keep me under 1500 cals. Any recipes would be great.
2 replies, last reply by amia1013, 7 hours ago.   178 views.
started by veracrane.   
Intermittent Fasting (IF) for women
Hey all! I am new to Fat Secret and am looking for advice on a new diet I have been trying, which is 16:8 IF (in which you fast for 16 hours with an 8 hour eating window). There seem to be many studies ...
4 replies, last reply by amia1013, 7 hours ago.   236 views.
started by LiffAM1.   
Getting started with fatsecret
I'm finding it exhausting to look up every ingredient in a salad and in my dinner recipes in order to find the nutritional value in each item. How do I make this easier? Do I need to list each spice, ...
3 replies, last reply by T8U9, 8 hours ago.   149 views.
started by carolkw.   
Should you weigh yourself with or without clothes?
I've been weighing myself without clothes, and it seems like when I wear clothes while weighing myself, it adds two or three pounds. Do you weigh yourself with our without clothes?
13 replies, last reply by Starstone142, 12 hours ago.   2,683 views.
started by Britnii.   
Food list
Does anybody know why the food list doesn't do the 'net' carbs on food. Example, I entered 1 Crabfree tortilla for lunch. There are 17 carbs but 17 grams of fiber, hence, zero carbs. Pr ...
4 replies, last reply by minniethekitty, 15 hours ago.   167 views.
started by Bluper.   
Fitbit - New App Download at 7/19/17?
This morning I downloaded an iPhone app update for FatSecret that mentioned connection to Fitbit. But I see no way to connect them anywhere. Anyone know how to do it?
1 reply, last reply by Keith_knight, about a day ago.   74 views.
started by Doveman.   
I was just diagnosed with hypothyroidism...
I was diagnosed in September 2016. i am 16-20 lbs. overweight most days and want to lose it. I am on levothyroxine 62.5 mcg a day. I am trying to get my doctor to prescribe liothyronine because my Total ...
4 replies, last reply by crstlgls, about a day ago.   791 views.
started by crstlgls.   
How do I get off the Plateau I find myself stuck on ?
I was 105kg and went down to 91kg a month ago. I am at 93kg now and have been there for over 3 weeks. I'm developing muscle and loosing fat so the owner of the gym says gain is ok and will balance ...
6 replies, last reply by Sandy Backen, about a day ago.   696 views.
started by Rose Hala.   
Embrace diversity
Each one of us is on a journey. 'A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.' Each one of us chooses the path we follow and chooses to support and encourage the paths of others on ...
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started by paulanavarette, a day ago.   
Cannot create food with fiber more than carbohyrates
Hello, I'm trying to add a food, more specifically some seed's mix and I have the following error : Dietary fiber cannot be greater than total carbohydrates. Why is this rule applied ? I a ...
3 replies, last reply by Somew1978, a day ago.   256 views.
started by virfaure.   
I entered my beginning weight in wrong, is there a way to change it?
2 replies, last reply by neilbateman, a day ago.   122 views.
started by Krissy65.   
I have lost 5 kg since I started 26 days ago. I am so happy and feeling good that willpower, commitment and healthy eating is working. Yay
2 replies, last reply by neilbateman, a day ago.   133 views.
started by kibbutz.   
How to Add A Food Brand
How do you add a food manufacturer to the data base? I tried to add and share TexJoy Steak Seasoning by Texas Coffee Company in Beaumont Texas. But this manufacturer is not in the data base. The response ...
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started by JohnnyDen, a day ago.   
I entered my beginning weight in wrong, is there a way to change it?
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started by Krissy65, 2 days ago.   
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Water Fast
Hello, I have not read The Obesity Code but I discovered some of his youtube videos as I posted one of them on this thread. I will start the resistance training soon. I am on my 4th day today and I feel ...
by loudinis on 20 Jul 17 12:43 AM
Low fat and low carb leaves you with a high protein diet and eventually kidney damage. Whatever diet you do, whether you go Low Carb High Fat or High Carb Low Fat keep your protein moderate. I would s ...
by amia1013 on 20 Jul 17 12:25 AM
Intermittent Fasting (IF) for women
I love IF, and periodically I'll do a 1-3 day water fast if I feel a little groggy after eating or if my food isn't digesting right. I'm almost finished The Obesity Code by Dr. Jason Fung and ...
by amia1013 on 20 Jul 17 12:19 AM
Getting started with fatsecret
I'm new here, so no expert. But as I see it, FS is a tool not a tyrant. So it's up to you to decide how to use it. For now, I'm tracking everything. (Not a spice sprinkled on top, though.) ...
by T8U9 on 19 Jul 17 11:29 PM
Should you weigh yourself with or without clothes?
For me, it depends on the clothing. If I'm wearing something loose and light, I weigh myself with clothing. However, if it's winter, and I'm wearing a heavy sweater and fleece leggings, I ...
by Starstone142 on 19 Jul 17 07:54 PM
Food list
You can add net carbs to your nutrition list. Go to My Settings, and at the bottom tick "Net Carbs" under Food Diary Nutrition Facts. You can have up to 6 data types in your food diary. I ...
by minniethekitty on 19 Jul 17 04:12 PM

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