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Weigh Ins
How often do you all weigh in? I weigh usually every Wed. and Saturday but if Sat is up from Wed, I don't record it. I'll record Wed regardless of the result because that's officially a week ...
1 reply, last reply by howzat4u, about an hour ago.   19 views.
started by amyskids.   
Addicted to Coffee with creamer every morning!
Hello to all. I just joined this community today. I have a question: Every morning I have a cup of coffee, sometimes 2 cups. I use a pretty big coffee cup and fill it 3/4 of the way w coffee, and the ...
19 replies, last reply by starbrite01, an hour ago.   1,452 views.
started by bleedscubbyblu.   
Shake replacement meals
I love the Premeire brand chocolate shakes that you can find at Costco. Each shake is 160 calories and 30gr. protien. Tastes just like a wonderful chocolate milk.
2 replies, last reply by GoHorhay, an hour ago.   71 views.
started by Evywilliams.   
Feeling optimistic
Determined to change my eating habits and develop an all around MUCH more healthy lifestyle. I'm going to stay positive and take things one day at a time. I think I've always failed at losing ...
1 reply, last reply by Roblaw2b, 5 hours ago.   108 views.
started by desbaru.   
Google fit
How do I sync. I tried doing it and nothing shows up in my exercises
1 reply, last reply by zacali, 6 hours ago.   27 views.
started by zacali.   
Body Fat Percentages
Below is from Sorry for the jumbled look, fatsecret removes all my spacing and formatting when posting this. ------------------------------... Many people desire a "rating syste ...
5 replies, last reply by nicholaix, 7 hours ago.   587 views.
started by jmb3450.   
NutriSystems Diet
Hi - Just thought I would ask if anyone else has tried or is using the NutriSystem diet plan. I decided I had to use this diet to help teach me portion/calorie control as I have not been able to do it ...
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started by JodyR, 10 hours ago.   
Skipping breakfast? Binging?
Wow! for me it's exactly the other way around> If I skip breakfast I'm guaranteed to binge later. Or taking a LOT of will power NOT to binge. When I do eat a large breakfast I think it helps ...
3 replies, last reply by Roblaw2b, 11 hours ago.   209 views.
started by billtech66.   
Quick reference for carbs
Now I like to keep things simple. I follow a low fat diet and stick to the 'rule' that anything below 5% fat is considered low fat. Is there a similar guideline I can apply to carbohydrates?
2 replies, last reply by Roblaw2b, 11 hours ago.   75 views.
started by Bunty145.   
Looking for buddies
Hello all! I just joined this community yesterday and looking for buddies. I'm someone who really enjoys cooking and baking so looking for some cool new light and healthy recipes to try. Trying to ...
11 replies, last reply by sedaya, 13 hours ago.   764 views.
started by Nic Green.   
5 Health Advantages of Moringa
There is no question that the pure Moringa Tree leaf is the source of incredible health benefits. It’s the supreme, natural, organic, energy and endurance dietary supplement. There are plenty of studies ...
1 reply, last reply by dialla3201, 13 hours ago.   51 views.
started by timijones34.   
Giving up the scale?
Probably an odd question to ask on this site which is all about lbs/kgs lost, but has anyone given up weighing themselves for good, or tried it and decided it didn't work? If it was successful for ...
20 replies, last reply by dialla3201, 14 hours ago.   3,636 views.
started by starstar73.   
Agen Games Judi Kartu Poker Online Indonesia | Poker Keren
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started by Poker Keren, about a day ago.   
Linking in with My Fitness Pal
Hi, does anyone know if this can link in with MyFitness Pal? Thanks
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started by FreeSpiritJen, a day ago.   
I am amber quick and I have been doing the challenge of walking two times a day for 15 minutes each with my two dogs I am on day 4 and I am doing really good at it
1 reply, last reply by dialla3201, a day ago.   126 views.
started by Queen 33.   
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Weigh Ins
I usually weigh in the morning after a 'fast' day
by howzat4u on 29 May 15 06:10 PM
Addicted to Coffee with creamer every morning!
I was tired of buying half and half, tired of buying almond milk. Started using raw sugar and 2%, was finally able to go to dollar store and buy 1% for $1.00 32 ounce container that can sit on shelf till ...
by starbrite01 on 29 May 15 05:28 PM
Shake replacement meals
I drink these daily but never as a meal replacement. For me its a mid morning snack and a good way to make sure I keep my daily protein intake where I want it...
by GoHorhay on 29 May 15 05:12 PM
Feeling optimistic
Brilliant approach, I think. Long term life habits seems to be key - I've lost 32 lbs since coming here - then get in bad habits, and off I go again - but when I get back to it, modest reductions in ...
by Roblaw2b on 29 May 15 01:48 PM
Google fit
Google fit
by zacali on 29 May 15 12:43 PM
Body Fat Percentages
I have a Tanita as well. I find the fluctuations frustrating as well, though I can see PMS ramping up lol. Its nice to have it as a reference point but I am only tracking the body fat every other week ...
by nicholaix on 29 May 15 11:45 AM

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