FullaBella's Journal, 25 August 2014

One of those thousand word pictures deserving of it's own journal:

However, I had my 'real' journal ready to post but there's a timing issue so it doesn't GET it's own journal. So here's the rest :-)

Today, August 25th, marks the two year anniversary of my current ‘journey’, diet, health change, whatever you want to label it. So many changes in that time physically, mentally and emotionally. So much more ‘work’ done this trip than in the past. I haven’t lost as much weight in two years as I have in the past but as the Kellogg slogan goes I’ve gained quite a bit. And that makes me proud. Some of it may just be wisdom accompanying age but not all.

I truly know that had I not found FatSecret in October that same year I’d likely have kept doing the same thing I always did; disordered eating. I’m not anywhere NEAR perfect now, I know. I’m not recording this journal from a high horse.

I’m just recognizing the day and loving myself for the things I have achieved. Additionally, I thank each and every one of you for all of your love and support. You’ve taught me so very much.

My weekend was pretty nice. Friday afternoon ended on a high note with a really good sale in the shop. I went to an art class at the library with Grace on Saturday then lunch at Applebees. Some thrift store shopping until the triple digit temperatures took their toll. We finally got my dresser moved over here yesterday so that’s done and I managed to put the older one into my shop for inventory saving money there and really making that wall look nicer. Things are still going well.

All Things Food I feel are not going so well - I felt like I over ate yesterday. I’d made a large pot of chicken and dumplings and throughout the day ate the whole pot but in reality it was like six cups. I guess because I never ‘felt my hunger’ and was just eating because I liked the hot broth I feel like I messed up.

Calorically I was probably fine; I have decided to stop recording food again because I got back in that trap where seeing the number was turning on the ‘you can eat more food’ switch. Physically I’ve been active but my right foot, leg, hip are aching. Probably all the standing, bending and lifting this weekend.

This weekend is the lake cabin thing with Blondie’s crew. I’m kind of excited. I hope it goes well and everyone is safe. I’ve sent her about 300 different S’mores recipes … including one with vodka.

That’s about it. Some ‘picture worth a thousand words’ follow. Thank you for stopping to visit with me.


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Again I'm hunting for the like button... 
25 Aug 14 by member: wholefoodnut
Yes, there should be a like button. *Like* 
25 Aug 14 by member: Deb_N
Thanks Jeri & Deb .. I had to add the rest of my journal to this one as I can't post two too soon together. So there are so more inspiring photos now if you want to revisit :-) 
25 Aug 14 by member: FullaBella
Inspiration, shares and a hilarious and happy ending. Makes for a great novel.  
25 Aug 14 by member: ClassicRocker
Thanks for the journal, Bella. I got tears in my eyes on the confidence/arrogance pic, then laughed out loud at other pics, too. Bless you!  
25 Aug 14 by member: Deb_N
I never even know what to comment on your journals! This was just great! Very funny photos; I hope your rt side feels better soon! 
25 Aug 14 by member: Tulipgirl6
Your journal was great and loved the wonderful pics! Thank you! 
25 Aug 14 by member: kattay
"So much more ‘work’ done this trip than in the past." That - right there. That deserves it's own poster with pictures. SO flipping wonderful. The coolest part was not only that you've done the work, but you've acknowledged it to yourself! Thank you Bella.  
26 Aug 14 by member: Vickie 5966
I understand the so much more work done this trip. Wow it has been some journey, probably will continue 
26 Aug 14 by member: wholefoodnut
I sure hope Coco is right! Thanks for the updates and the calmness this journal entry exudes. I hear some acceptance and appreciation. Both characteristics I can adopt. Be well! 
26 Aug 14 by member: Sweet Ce
You've inspired others, too, Bella...I'm sure I'm not the only one. 
26 Aug 14 by member: mgrill
Happy Anniversary Bella. I am SO happy you found FS, not only for yourself but selfishly too because you have made MY journey more enjoyable. You have been through a lot of life in the last two years and graciously shared that with us too as well as your weight story. I hope - scratch that - I know you will continue to learn and grow, and being the wonderful person that you are you will share that with your audience. You are one of the people who keep FS interesting and pleasurable for me. It gets kinda quiet and a lot boring at times, but you can always count on Bella at some point for something interesting, funny, and things that make you go 'mmmmmmm, why didn't I think of that'. You will reach your goal, in life, in weight, of that I have no doubt. Ok the goal changes but that's what keeps us women interesting :) I know you aren't really a hugger but on this occasion I'm sending you one anyway :) Hugs Bells. Love ya girl. And oh yes, the pics .... funny as always, ironic and still getting a message across (even if the message is a little obscure at times ie dog can do yoga? another 'mmmmm' moment) 
26 Aug 14 by member: sarahsmum
Seems like you hit the nail on the head with many of us with the 'so much work done this time' statement. True for me too. I like to say I am in a good headspace, LOL. Maybe something in me finally got it. I do have to admit that chicken and dumplings are my downfall. If I made that I would eat the entire pot too. Love, Love it. 
26 Aug 14 by member: jaime30024
You're a trip, Bella! You got me with the dog video. I want to know how she trained that dog to do that. Just between you and me, I have days where I can eat a pot of chicken and dumplings also.  
26 Aug 14 by member: DairyKing
Happy anniversary, Bella! Being your FS buddy is such a privilege for me, I always learn so much from you :) 
26 Aug 14 by member: PepperMill
3rd line in and I missed it. To you I wish a belated Happy Anniversary and want to thank you for sharing your life experiences with us and adding that touch of humor that makes us smile. Hugs to you Sweet Bells. 
26 Aug 14 by member: ClassicRocker
Now chicken and dumplings do sound good. Also happy anniversary 
26 Aug 14 by member: wholefoodnut
That dog video...oh my ...I was laughing out loud. The crazy stuff my dog sees me do. You sound good Bella . Happy anniversary!  
26 Aug 14 by member: sharonfriz
FS has become my lifeline on this journey as well. Thank you for continuing to inspire me to do better! onward. 
26 Aug 14 by member: kclab
Bella, I have fallen into the same rut of "turning on the 'you can eat more food switch.' But then I have to keep going back to recording because I fall back into the rut of 'if it ain't recorded, it don't count.' You've been a regular machine with this dieting thing. I have no doubt that you are going to reach your goal, Buddy! 
26 Aug 14 by member: DairyKing


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