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29 August 2014

My actual Friday; well, everyone’s I suppose. Not like I own Friday. Not yet anyway. Someday when I master world domination maybe. But not today.

Yes, I’ve been up since 2am. Well, up and down and back up again. Before you blame the coffee, that’s actually how I’d get back to sleep. Yep, nothing works right on me. So I guess I’ll swallow a bottle of Nytol before hitting the road. Just kidding.

I think the full gravity of what I’ve done is finally sinking in on me. I’ve booked a cabin for all 8 of us (counting Mushy) for four days. Four days of people. Constant Noise. Late Night Conversation. Beginning with Blondie riding up with me (the guys are coming later) and will want to tell me all about her most recent ‘thing’ - she’s enrolled in college online.

Calm down. Many people do it including several of my buddies here. But this kid, I know this kid. Maybe she’s changed and will finally follow through and finish ONE thing in her life she’s started. And I will smile and be the best cheerleader I can because I’m not new here. Twenty five years of wasting breath with advice only to be told later ‘I’m sorry, you were right. I should have listened.’ It get’s old. And I’ve changed where she hasn’t. So the whole drive up to the cabin she’ll be chattering about this ‘rent-a-center’ version of college courses she’s taking and I’ll be smiling and nodding while but inside I’ll be

It’s raining here which can mean two things. Well, three actually. The rain will cool the temperatures down a little and make for a nice weekend. It can continue raining and make for a weekend indoors with teenage boys who’ll smell like wet dogs. It can elevate to storm and wipe out the cabin. Or I guess, four things… it hasn’t rained up there at all. This is the south where it can rain and only half the yard gets wet.

All Things Food ~ I’ve decided ‘this’ will be the weekend to refocus on my eating habits, intake, and portions. NOT because I’m expecting any great change, although that would be nice, but it will give me something to do to occupy my thoughts whenever I want to run screaming into the woods or hide out in my room. I’m the ultimate introvert when there is a group around. I just want my peace and quiet. So it’s that… play ‘count the calories’ in my head all weekend or double the xanax.

It’ll be especially easy as the trade for me footing the bill for the cabin for everyone is Blondie’s crew is supposed to do the food. Which means Mr. Blondie does the cooking. Yep, they’ve got one of those marriages. While I’m not crazy about her absence of domestic skills I do have to hand it to her on figuring ‘that’ one out. I sure as heck didn’t but will certainly sit her down and ask for pointers if I ever get another ‘fella’. The only bad part about it is, his cooking is bad. Really bad.

I’ll just stick to ‘my food’ and consider myself brilliant I thought of this ‘get out of food-poison-jail free’ card.

I’ve taken a couple of ‘real books’ with me and have already prefaced I need to catch up on my reading so anytime anyone walks into the same room as me I’ll just

And .. then I’ll come home and tell y’all all about it (unless there’s WIFI and I get desperate to type on a kindle; I’m not taking a laptop .. that’s as unplugged as I get)

Well, I’ve packed everything but the kitchen sink because they promise there’s one of those there. Not really, I just packed some ‘staples’ in the event they pull the old ‘we left our wallets at home’ trick. Waffles and oatmeal with peanut butter it is, is it? Bon Appetite.

I truly am roughing it myself. I’m not taking the Keurig OR my coffee frother. I shouldn’t. I hate that I always enjoy the coffee ANYwhere better than I do at home. I’m not sure if it’s the water, walls, or what. It isn’t the brand.

Anyway, time to rattle B’s cage ~ get her up and on her feet. Get outta here before I change my mind. Get going and doing something before I start making up reasons to cancel.

Here I go…..

Bella Battles Beavers Bend

28 August 2014

I'm dazed and confused ~ as usual. This always happens on those days that end with the letter 'y'.

I was 5 minutes late opening my shop... had people LINED UP on the sidewalk! One guy even called and rudely asked 'what time are you planning on showing up today?' I live behind my shop and nearly answered 'NOT!' because, well, we old ladies get a little cranky about being rushed. After that mad rush though ...nothing. One decent sale. But that's okay ... I'm PACKING.

We leave for the lake cabin tomorrow. Four Days. I grew up in the country so I don't generally consider it a vacation to be anywhere that involves woods, retreat, quiet, etc. I'm more 'dahlin ... gimme park avenue' in my later years.

But with Blondie's crew it's a necessity to have a place big enough to spread out. I'm looking forward to the experience of 'unplugging' from the phones, sidewalks and traffic. Oh yeah, need to pack sneakers. And... bug spray. And Rum.

If it's as nice as the photo's online look, it should be okay. Here are a couple:

So today is my Friday and Tuesday will be my Monday so I'll be in complete Dori mode for at least half of September.

All things food... not bad. Not perfect but not horrid.

Just kidding. They still fit.

My focus this holiday weekend will be to just eat mindfully.

Not overeat but not sweat every single bite. Water of course. And yep.. coffee.

I'll hopefully get a little walking in ... running from the axe murderers who hang out in the woods.. things like that.

I'm taking my kindle ... there's supposed to be internet but just incase I go MIA don't hold services or pay ransom before Wednesday. However... if I stop in and blow it all on the crap tables.. I may be phoning collect for a little help. Y'all be sure and post your phone numbers below okay?

Otherwise, you all have a safe, happy and healthy holiday weekend :-)


PS - this has nothing to do with anything but it's amazing how many of these with which I agreed...

28 August 2014

Weigh-in: 190.0 lb lost so far: 95.0 lb still to go: 10.0 lb Diet followed reasonably well
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27 August 2014

26 August 2014

Such nice things you all commented on my anniversary journal yesterday. Thank you. I am truly blessed. I have wonderful, supportive, encouraging friends. What more could a gal want? Well............ nah, I'm good.

Homemade chili for dinner last night; a cup of it today for lunch. There, that's the All Things Food part of my journal. The rest is life because I consider Fat Secret my 'FaceBook' too.

So this is a vent; make some popcorn if you're bored and want to continue reading.

My youngest grandson's birthday's on Monday so we'll be recognizing it while up at the cabin this weekend. My gift to him is paying for his driver's education. Geezy peezy. I'm so glad I only have the two grandkids. I don't know about the state's y'all live in but here in Texas it's $400. Crazy.

But instead of just giving him a receipt in a birthday card I got pinterest inspired and decided to put it in a photo album with some photo's of him throughout the years and some $1 bills and little cute inspirational things. So I dashed off to get the driver's ed certificate and go to the dollar store early this morning before opening the shop while I was still inspired. Or high on caffiene. Or both.

BTW ~ for those of you who always suggest my intermittent sleep may be due to the bedtime coffee, please know it (isn't). I've skipped it for weeks at a time; no coffee or any other caffiene after 8am; no stimulating TV, nothing... and still have the insomnia. It's been lifelong. And now I'm going through the wonderful phase of menopause. But thank you for caring and your suggestions. Now, please stop bashing my coffee, LOL.

Anyway, I went to the dollar store for the album and stickers blah blah to make his little presentation. We also wrap all of our presents redneck style meaning wrapping in the wrapping in the wrapping and each package secured with everything from masking tape to wire to duct tape. Well, they never used wire. I decided Nana would step it up a bit.

He's lucky they don't sell barbed wire the dollar store or that I'm not technical enough to use electric fencing.

Anyway, there were two ladies in front of me at the checkout line each with the full shopping baskets on wheels, mounded up with items. It was obvious they were making bags of something for someone or just hoarders because they had 25 of each different item; probably about 400 different things.

I stood there behind them with six, count 'em, SIX things in my HANDS. Now, *I* always insist the person behind me with fewer items go first. I just do. I'm just that freaking nice, damnit. LOL.

They actually looked AT me... then turned back and started loading up the register. Seriously. On PURPOSE. No other register's open. I told myself to behave, stand still, and take that moment as a sign of something. The universe wanted me to wait in line for a reason. Breathe.

About halfway through their checkout one of the women actually looked at me and said 'I bet you wished we'd let you go in front of us, huh...' and I thought 'what, are you now concerned with how you look? Trying to ease your conscience now? Is this the part where I say 'no, no worries.. I'm in no hurry?'

Sorry. No. Not today lady.

I answered, 'Yep'.

Because, let's face it, all opportunities to be polite ended when she purposely began unloading those carts AFTER looking at me with my pitiful six hand held items.

Her response? A total FREEZING GLARE and you could see icecicles drip from her mouth when she defended her actions saying, "We're doing this for the HOMELESS."

Again, my mind goes into overdrive as I bite my lips to just nod but I forgot to breathe and said, 'Well, that makes sense... who else would want 35 cans of vienna sausages?'

Another haughty 'well!' and if looks could kill.. well, I'd not be journaling this now.

She's lucky... I wanted to say 'oh, really... what are the freaking homeless going to do with FREEZER pops? Do you really think they need all those pocket kleenex? So lemme get this straight... you think the homeless need koolaid?'

She's also lucky she didn't get my opinion on a person that can be kind to a multitude of strangers but not nice to one standing less than 3 feet away. That EVERYone deserves politeness, not just those in a compromised position. And so on...other such ranting type stupid things but I guess the cashier finally signaled for backup because they finally opened the other register.

Generally, I'm nice. Normally, I'll let the other person get away with the self effacing weak excuse. Just not today.

Man, first I'm ordering lunch.. alone.. and next thing you know I'm not taking crap from older ladies at the dollar store. Y'all may need to start taking up a collection for me in case one of you has to bail me out of jail for being 'disorderly'.

Bella the Bruiser

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