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Breakfast: Maruchan Instant Lunch - Hot & Spicy Chicken, Jimmy Dean Fully Cooked Sausage Links. Lunch: Safeway Homestyle Meatloaf, IGA Onion Buns.
Breakfast: Adria Bolacha Água e Sal, 3 Corações Café Com Leite, União Açúcar Refinado, Sadia Patê de Presunto. Lunch: Substancia Strogonoff de Frango, Batatas Fritas, Arroz Integral.
Breakfast: Skim or Nonfat Milk (Calcium Fortified), Fiber One, Nestle Coffee Mate French Vanilla Creamer Sugar Free, Splenda No Calorie Sweetener Packets, Coffee, Strawberries. Lunch: Dulce de Leche No Sugar Added Pudding, Greek Yogurt Bluieberry Frozen Yogurt Bar. Dinner: Green Giant Summer Sweet Peas 100 % Natural, Whole Grain Brown Rice, I Can't Believe It's Not Butter! Original Soft Spread, Carrots, Skinless Chicken Breast. Snacks/Other: Yoplait Source 0% Pineapple-Coconut-Banana, Strawberries.
Breakfast: Egg, Oscar Mayer Traditional Bacon, Egg Beaters Egg Beaters - Original, Kraft Velveeta Cheese Slices, Coffee (Brewed From Grounds). Lunch: Hormel Oven Roasted Deli Turkey, Arnold 100% Whole Grain Sandwich Thins. Snacks/Other: Peach, Cookie.
Breakfast: Tesco Everyday Value Low Fat Fruit Yoghurt. Lunch: Tesco Wholemeal Bread, Tesco Cheddar Medium, Onions, Asda Buttery Spread. Dinner: Mashed Potato (from Fresh), Smoked Haddock (Fish), Broccoli. Snacks/Other: Raisins (Seedless), Almonds, Semi-Skimmed Milk, Aldi Orange Juice, PG tips Tea with Semi-Skimmed Milk & 1 Sugar.
Lunch: Safeway Great Western Sandwich, Best Foods Real Mayonnaise, French's Classic Yellow Mustard, Cheetos Crunchy Flamin' Hot, Boston Cream Pie Cake. Dinner: Schwan's Family Meat Lasagna with Four Cheeses, Chompies Sourdough Bread, Smart Balance Original Buttery Spread, California Avocados, Yoplait Light Fat Free Yogurt - Very Cherry. Snacks/Other: Fuji Apples, Peach, Nestle Crunch Candy Bars (Fun Size).
Breakfast: Flora Creme Vegetal para Barrar, Pão Multi-Cereais, Café Instantâneo (em Pó), Pão Multi-Cereais. Lunch: Peito de Frango no Forno, Grelhado ou Assado, Batata-Doce (sem Casca, Cozido, Fervido), Cerveja Light, Pêssego. Dinner: Ovo Cozido, Couve-Flor Cozida (de Couve-Flor Fresca), Maracujá, Chá Verde.
Lunch: V8 V-Fusion Energy Peach Mango. Dinner: Sargento Deli Style Sliced Gouda Cheese, Roma Tomatoes, Red Onions, Nature's Own 100% Whole Wheat Bread, Oscar Mayer Deli Fresh Mesquite Smoked Shaved Turkey Breast.
Breakfast: Coffee.
Breakfast: Coffee, Strawberries, General Mills Cheerios Protein Oats & Honey, Post Grape-Nuts Cereal, Milk (Nonfat), Kellogg's Frosted Mini-Wheats Bite Size - Original, Odwalla Nourishing Food Bar - Choco-walla. Lunch: Lou Malnati's Deep Dish Cheese Pizza, Little Caesars Sausage Pizza, V8 +Energy Original 100% Vegetable Juice, Yoplait Greek 100 Yogurt - Key Lime, Nature Valley Protein Crunchy Granola Oats 'N Honey. Dinner: Chobani Flip Salted Caramel Crunch, Kung Pao Chicken, Sticky Rice, Egg Roll with Beef and/or Pork, Soy Sauce, Dynasty Chinese-Style Mustard. Snacks/Other: Blueberries, V8 V-Fusion Energy Peach Mango, Grapes (Red or Green, European Type Varieties Such As Thompson Seedless), Coffee, Coffee.
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