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Calorie and Nutrition information for popular products from Hardee's:
Popular Items: Beverages, Breakfast Items, Burgers, Chicken, Desserts, Sandwiches, Sides, more...

Hardee's Beverages:

Hot Chocolate
Minute Maid Orange Juice
Bottled Water
Chocolate Hand-Scooped Ice Cream Shake
Chocolate Hand-Scooped Ice Cream Malt

Hardee's Breakfast Items:

Bacon Egg & Cheese Breakfast Wrap
Bacon, Egg and Cheese Biscuit
Biscuit 'N' Gravy Breakfast Bowl
Big Country Breakfast Platter - Bacon
Biscuit Holes Dipping Icing Cup

Hardee's Burgers:

1/2 lb Grilled Sourdough Thickburger
1/3 lb Bacon Cheese Thickburger
1/3 lb Cheeseburger
1/2 lb Six Dollar Burger
1/3 lb Frisco Thickburger

Hardee's Chicken:

Hand Breaded Chicken Tenders (3 Piece)
Fried Chicken Breast
Fried Chicken Wing
Fried Chicken Thigh
Fried Chicken Leg

Hardee's Desserts:

Apple Turnover
Hand-Scooped Shake
Hand-Scooped Malt
Orange Cream Hand-Scooped Ice Cream Shake
Orange Cream Hand-Scooped Ice Cream Malt

Hardee's Sandwiches:

1/3 lb Southwest Patty Melt Thickburger
1/3 lb Memphis BBQ Thickburger
1/3 Lb Jim Beam Bourbon Thickburger
1/3 lb Philly Cheesesteak Thickburger
Bacon Swiss Hand-Breaded Chicken Tender Sandwich

Hardee's Sides:

Bacon Ranch Fries
Beer Battered Onion Rings
Country Potatoes (Small)
Country Potatoes (Medium)
Country Potatoes (Large)

More popular types of Hardee's products:

Biscuits Burritos Cheeseburgers Chicken Breast
Chicken Drumsticks Chicken Thighs Chicken Wings Chocolate Chip Cookies
Cobbler Coleslaw Croissants Enchiladas
French Fries Fried Chicken Grits Hamburgers
Hash Browns Hot Chocolate Hot Dogs Ice Cream Cones
Ice Creams Iced Tea Jalapenos Malt Drinks
Mashed Potatoes Melt Sandwiches Milk Shakes Nachos
Onion Rings Orange Juice Pancakes Peppers
Potatoes Roast Beef Salad Dressing Sauces
Sausages Tacos Tea Turnover
Vegetables Water Wraps

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