Phil's Journal, 26 April 2018

I built this fire for one reason, to smolder and smoke and smell as bad as possible. Why would I do that? Because my neighbors pushed me into it. They are constantly burning leaves and trash and stinking up my house so I finally moved my burn pile so that it blows right into their back yards and returns the favor. I've had this fire smoldering and putting out thick, stanky, heavy smoke for the last two days. I could keep it going for a week and might. I hate it when people push me into being petty and vindictive.
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***KARMA*** :) 
26 Apr 18 by member: marshakanady
Neighbors did that with their three 4-wheelers. They just let them idle in their back yard and my whole house filled with exhaust.  
26 Apr 18 by member: ny_shelly
I used to have a neighbor that would pick the nice beautiful fall days, that we all could open our windows up, to burn 😡. And it always blew across the street right at my house! I've since moved and am in city limits, although still rural, so no one can burn! 
26 Apr 18 by member: jenniferl12003
My house has 8 abutters plus town land to the north and conservation land to the south. I think about moving because I have so many neighbors. 
26 Apr 18 by member: abbadabba
Good job 
26 Apr 18 by member: isidletchi3
I would say start a compost pile...then, after it’s good-n-stinky, light it on fire....but, that’s just me, Phil, you bring out the beast in me ! 
26 Apr 18 by member: DoubleDeedle
Am I the only one that sees a pair of red eyes peeing out from the embers? 
26 Apr 18 by member: DoubleDeedle
My neighbors were playing good music on their cell phone when I stepped outside. I have no complaints. If anything, I am the bad neighbor when it comes to my little dog pooing all over their yard all winter :( 
26 Apr 18 by member: KayseaLove
I literally laughed out loud seeing this. Although, I'm sorry you're dealing with awful neighbors. I had some neighbors until last year, who treated their pitbull so terribly, dealt drugs and got in seriously scary fights... they ended up being forced to move out and was sued by the management because their place was so disgusting and trashed. Took months to get rid of the bugs that came from their house to mine... Good luck with your neighbors. 
26 Apr 18 by member: CarrieV.
We have a neighbor who whenever I think, "beautiful day let's open the windows" thinks, "beautiful day let's burn trash while everyone has their windows open". Last year, the neighbor on the other side of them got so pissed about it he built a trash pile that was 12 feet tall, and it smoldered for 2 weeks. I know Neighbor #1 went over and complained about it, and I don't what was said, but I can just imagine knowing Neighbor #2. Whatever it was, it must've gotten the message across cause we've had no further problems. Hope you have as good an outcome! 
26 Apr 18 by member: Toumina
@doubledeedle, i see what you mean. 
26 Apr 18 by member: jengetfit123
Some people ask for what they get in return. 
26 Apr 18 by member: dlewis1234
My dad got a neighbor across the street who was constantly raking up leaves in his yard and burning them. It was a trailer that was moved in after we moved in and the residents of said trailer over the years were always trashy. He was thrilled because he though finally someone was going to keep the place clean, and yard work was something that was never done. A few weeks later he's coming home and he see's cops and hazmat people all over the place. My uncle was the police chief at the time(of the closest town anyway, this was out in the country a little) and he was outside, so my dad asked him what the hell was going on. Turns out the guy was burning leaves as a means to cover up the fact/smell he was cooking meth. My uncle just kind of shook his head and said - man you gotta watch out for that kind of stuff.  
26 Apr 18 by member: itzclay
Phil...Phil...Phil 👹 
26 Apr 18 by member: Sarah1950
Oh, that was not me but I cannot tell you how many times we start to burn fallen twigs when the wind is low and blowing away from the house and the wind switches on us as soon as we get it started. I assure we don't try to get the neighbor's house because that would mean we would get our own house. LOL! 
26 Apr 18 by member: Gingerk65
Thank you so much for posting something like this!!!! for quite some time we've had a house next us which persons move in - tear things up at there place and ours - then move away. Next set of persons come in we think things get better and they end up just as bad. I can't stand persons like this, they are so ignorant that it pisses me off to no end..... Many words exchanged, many police visits, and more. I'm with ya on this one ----I hate becoming a person filled with angst. I've held back, i've exploded, it does no good as they are too stupid to understand their follie. (PERHAPS THIS IS WHY I"M FAT MY CORTISOL IS THROUGH THE ROOF)......My wife always says let it go, were not the only ones with this type of problem ------I get more upset and say no I'm pretty sure we're the only ones.....(haha) --Persons don't understand how to be neighborly nowadays, and they certainly don't understand how acting and doing stupid stuff devalues surrounding properties. Hate the thought of someone devaluing my home ownership for being an A##. But we're livin' it just like you..... Sorry you have to go through that.... I would like to say while I'm not revelling in everyones demise, it is refreshing to know WE indeed are not the only ones experiencing stupidity in our neighborhood.  
26 Apr 18 by member: wright2018
Thanks to everyone who commented. Both of my neighbors threw tantrums today over my stanky, burning, smoldering pile of yard trash. One of them got outside and sat his pile on fire with a good douse of gasoline, too bad for him the wind wasn't in his favor and the whole thing just blew back his direction. I lol'd. The other one hopped on his motorcycle and sped up and down the road and around the block about fifteen times. I lol'd more. Geez. I let my fire die down this afternoon, but if the wind is right, out of the North West, I'll fire that sum'biscuit back up in the morning. lol  
26 Apr 18 by member: Phil
27 Apr 18 by member: Keilin_4
@Phil-glad U used the delete button a couple of times. People can be UGH! Do U! 
27 Apr 18 by member: marshakanady
Yeah, hey, you know I don't take anything personally. I'm a happy guy, have a great family and blessed more than I deserve, some people are just easily offended, don't get my sarcasm and occasional dark humor, or are just unpleasant and I don't need that kind of drama or downer in my life! Everyone's welcome as long as they're nice!  
27 Apr 18 by member: Phil


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