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Hi, I have been very overweight for about 20 years. A couple of years ago I lost 5st and have since put it all back on again! I need to get it off for good now. My question is this, I absolutely hate ...
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FOR WOMEN ONLY! ...What is your problem?
What is the #1 single biggest problem you face as you try to reduce your stubborn body-fat? What is the opposition? What is the roadblock? Do you have more than one "biggest problem?" Feel ...
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started by Afurakani.   
never lose weight
Back with fat secret. I never lose weight just go up and down .Fed up. Over 60, I exercise. I usually do 2 fast days a week.Then put weight on over weekend. Every time I go on holiday I gain weight. I ...
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started by mumperry.   
Ok, so I have been on this Keto diet now since 9/2/18 and I have adhered to the diet pretty religiously and I am still not in Ketosis. Does anyone have any ideas on this? It's been 8 days.
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well, I've decided to go back on the 5:2 diet (tho not as low as 500 calories) as it worked for me 2 years ago. My weight has crept up so far that my wedding ring won't fit :( - so action is ...
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started by TPRose.   
Why Overweight when calories in are less than calories used?
Can anyone shed any light on why i would be about 3 stone overweight when I eat very little and surprised just how little after tracking everything here. After tracking i'm only taking in around 1600 ...
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started by SlimboJimboo.   
Mid section
I have trouble losing in the mid section (stomach area). Everything is slimming down except that area. Any suggestions?
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started by MsAnn57.   
Low carb high fat. - see
Instead of questioning yourself. Check an alternative view You’re probably correct just too much physics not enough biology with calories in/ calories out Good luck.
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started by njhou, about a day ago.   
I have been following ket o diet for about a month now. Problem is, I am not making progress. My history looks more like maintenance rather than weight loss. If anyone has insight, I would sure like to ...
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started by gigiphilby, about a day ago.   
what is your goal weight, 5'3 and 5'4 ladies?
I'm 5'3 and a half. CW:134 GW:120 UGW:115 what about you?
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started by SailorEarth.   
Recent activity news feed
Hi! Just a question! What determines what I see on the recent activity news feed on my fat secret? I see the same people's posts all of the I me and they are no diets that I'm interested in, no ...
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If anyone finds my motivation wandering around, could you please send its lazy butt home i have stuff to do thanks its been cloudy all day and gray . I dont feel like getting out of bed but I am going ...
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started by wendella1294.   
Vitamin Nutrient deficiencies?
Have any of you experienced vitamin or nutrient deficiencies after dieting for a while? I've recently noticed a couple things (ridges on my toenails, little random bruises on my legs) and just won ...
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started by mrsroboto.   
Not very happy with FatSecret right now! Just had a pop-up warning me that I was gaining weight at a rapid rate (7 lb/week)! I entered a 1 lb higher weight to yesterday. FS has weight records from me ...
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started by allisonmcpherson, 3 days ago.   
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Spacey48 that may be true but changing my lifestyle is not a great option for me due to heart problems, therefore I need to try and change the way I eat and eat more healthily. Yoghurt appears in about ...
by JFeat on 24 Sep 18 01:38 AM
well better a smartie pants that takes the time to answer your question eh? my ego is not so fragile that I need a 'treat' because a random internet person typed in caps
by spacey48 on 24 Sep 18 01:02 AM
FOR WOMEN ONLY! ...What is your problem?
how can you have more than ONE BIGGEST problem?
by spacey48 on 23 Sep 18 04:03 PM
never lose weight
you do lose weight if you go up and down, you just don't keep it off keep doing what makes it go down and stop doing what makes it go up you are swinging from extremes fasting too over eating/bi ...
by spacey48 on 23 Sep 18 04:00 PM
I heard that eating sugar can raise blood sugar
by spacey48 on 23 Sep 18 02:15 PM
if you cant do it all the time forever, whatever it is you do it wont work
by spacey48 on 23 Sep 18 02:13 PM

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