maxie4's Journal, 24 April 2018

I apologize for the misunderstanding
Hey everyone I just wanted clarity on this mornings post...
Im not leaving the FS site Im just not going to be on daily ...
I will be here for all of you plus I need to be on my maintenance plan and learn how to do that soon ha ha.... and also you are here for me...
there is no (i) in team and Im going to be here for you when you reach your goal..
So that being said even if Im off a day or two I will be on to check on my friends 3 -4 days a week...its a busy time for me but that doesn't mean that I would just take off and forget any of you lovely hearted people ...
what kind of friend is that? besides most of you I consider my family...
so I apologize for creating that post that made you feel I was leaving...
thats not happening or what I meant to say at all...
your not getting rid of me pestering you all that easily....just making my sentiments more clear here...your my dear friends and I hold tons of love in my heart for you...Ok? xoxoxo

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24 Apr 18 by member: abbadabba
Yes, please don't go away! 
24 Apr 18 by member: Fritzy 22
Thanks for the clarification.  
24 Apr 18 by member: chesgreen
you have always been super supportive and a delight. I can understand daily posting and the all the support you send out takes a lot of time and you might not always have that time to give. Thank you and I'm glad to hear you'll be still hanging out here. Stay happy and healthy and keep in touch when you can πŸ‘ 
24 Apr 18 by member: Kevinlyfellow
Well don't make me cry Kevinly sweetie Ive got mascara on lol and that will look lovely after 16 hrs of work ha ha I will support you my friend and be there hopefully at yourgoal ...your worth the effort I put in here plus its friends like you that makes it a pleasure to be here:) 
24 Apr 18 by member: maxie4
drats.....thought you was leaving....o darn 
24 Apr 18 by member: wannabhealthier
Wow I'm glad I missed that other post. I'm glad you aren't going anywhere!! It is better to have you a few days a week than none at all. You are a great supporter on here and we all really appreciate it and your role model. When I was growing up we raised Beagle puppies so I can appreciate your picture a lot! :) 
24 Apr 18 by member: ny_shelly
Well still congratulations on your success. That really helps others to see that. 
24 Apr 18 by member: adefwebserver
Our dearest FS warrior, Maxie4! What an inspiration with the high's and the low's we all face. I am humbled by your passion to stay the course, achieve your goals and keep your eyes focused forward. Myself, as life goes, I'm at my busy season and won't be on FS as much. I've got a way to go, I'll be looking forward to your posts when you can. Love you Maxie4. Congratulations and wishing you the very best! 
24 Apr 18 by member: RiverratJ
Riverrat my warrior friend you are an inspiration to me too and yes when the weathers nice some of us just get very very busy but I will still be here at times and especially to be able to connect with my family like you...I love you very much dear girlfriend.... we are friends forever...xoxoxo;) 
24 Apr 18 by member: maxie4
ny-shelley thank you doll yeah when I received post and pms that I was going to be missed I realize my message wasn't clear...just don't want everyone to feel I don't care so I was informing them I wont be as much for now....your a dear friend to me too sweetie and I appreciate your kind words xoxoxo;) 
24 Apr 18 by member: maxie4
Maxie4 live your life. Do U! I want to thank U for all your support this past 3 months. I look forward to the days that U check in on us. Much continued success to U and your journey. I know 1 day I will have my food addiction in control and I won't have to use this fascinating FS tool EVERY DAY. But I currently appreciate it now! 
24 Apr 18 by member: marshakanady
I get you and understand and of course I love life and live it to the fullest especially during the spring through the point is Im not leaving but Im not depending on FS all the time either..i must learn my new journey eventually on my ride into my sunset and be positive I wont fall again lol;) 
24 Apr 18 by member: maxie4
See how much you’re needed and loved?! 😁 I agree with Marsha your life and do you! We will be here when you check in. Huge hugs!! 
24 Apr 18 by member: momma6224
Maxie, I'm ecstatic that you reached your goal and that you don't need to be on here daily, for your sake. I totally understand the being too busy to be on here. Social media can be a distraction at times. I hope maybe someday I can meet you and your husband in person, especially since you will eventually be closer to us!! Oh, and my hubs traded both of his bikes last Thursday, before our mess started, on a Goldwing!! It's a 2003, but it's a Goldwing!! We must enjoy life while we have it. Even with all the hardships we face, no, especially with all the hardships. I have no doubt you'll breeze thru with the maintenance part of this journey. Glad you aren't leaving us totally, tho, cuz you sure are a bright spot, inspiration and wonderful friend! xoxoxox 
24 Apr 18 by member: LSG417
LSG that would be wonderful to be able to meet we would have a blast...Im excited for you and hubby the Goldwing what exciting news....hey doesn't matter the year its a Goldwing yee haw.... Im looking at classic cars and they are older ha ha ...I will definitely want to be apart of your life my dear sweet friend some people you just know they are to be in your momma 6224 I really connect with you...Im sending my love to you sweetie and the family these hardships your goig through now will resolve very soon ...I can feel it...ride like the wind my sweet sister its going to be a wonderful weekend... just breathe in all that fresh mountain air and know your peace is coming your way again soon xoxoxo;)  
24 Apr 18 by member: maxie4
Mike your always saying to get off FS and go do something silly ...Im just doing things and assisting others in need while the weathers nice...your stuck with me when we became friends...cant go back on our friendship now buddy boy lol ;) 
24 Apr 18 by member: maxie4
I've seen a lot of friends come and go over years as they achieve their goals and I know that you got to go out and try to stick with what you've learned here on FS and I hope you succeed and keeping with those things that you've learned but I'll miss you when you're not here so do check in from time to time cuz I'm sure it's going to get boring when you're not around to give me hell 
24 Apr 18 by member: wannabhealthier


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