DairyFarmersWife's Journal, 22 March 2018

Today I could only get through about 2/3rd of my workout because either my shoes are crap or I'm just that badly out of shape or maybe I'm just that heavy and my ankles are going on strike. I kinda suspect it's a little of all 3. I traded in the elliptical for the treadmill earlier this week to mix things up a little bit. Plus the corporate challenge is in June so I thought signing up for that and doing a couch to 5K kinda thing would give me something fun to do and work towards. Seeing as I did the 5K last year with zero training and I signed up as a walker but it rained so I attempted to run in short bursts before being convinced I was about to die.. well I figured by training now I would have a good chance of increasing my time, not feel like I was dying by the end, and maybe even look like I knew what I was doing.. not just some crazy chick attempting to jog frantically through the freezing rain.

Anyways.. the treadmill and I DO NOT get along. I'm ok for the first 3 minutes and then my ankles start to throb. But 30 minutes in the pain turns into delirium and I'm ok although I totally walk funny when I get off and attempt to walk to the locker room. I'm kinda thinking it's one of the reasons I mentioned before and my shoes are old and have no laces and I'm not positive but I think they are bike shoes... because I decided shoes with no laces seemed functional and the design was cute. I'm probably lucky I couldn't find Velcro shoes that looked cute when I bought these. And there is limited impact on the elliptical so ankle strength I'm thinking isn't the greatest. It could be something else but I have no clue what other excuse/explanation I could have.

I think I'm just whining. Any advice is welcome though.

Ooooh and in case you didn't already think I was weird I had a dream last night I was in a thrift shop and the only exit was through an upper cabinet with a vent in the back. I could neither lift my butt into the cabinet or fit through the vent. There were kittens in the cabinet though. They were cute. I'm not positive but I think my dreams are telling me to get into better shape. My ankles may be sending subliminal SOS messages.

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I can’t help with advice, I’m afraid. My knees stop me running ... well them and the fact I can’t find a sports bra in H. Good luck though, I’m sure someone will help with advice 👍🏻 
22 Mar 18 by member: Phooka
haha I love your posts! running always kicks my butt.  
22 Mar 18 by member: momma6224
wow good for you! 
22 Mar 18 by member: liliannoffsinger
I just bought new shoes and new sneakers yesterday! Desperately needed a roomier toe box and good support. Haven't had foot pain all day!  
22 Mar 18 by member: WendyMaq
Getting fitted for proper running shoe might be a good thing for you, it's so very important how your foot meets with the ground. And . . . Kittens!  
22 Mar 18 by member: dhatura
take a holistic approach. do some core work, weights and non impact cardio. rest your joints, especially if you are heavy. professional rugby forwards (250lb, built for strength) are discouraged from running to get fit because of the impact leads to joint issues, so use rowing as low impact, but better for fitness alternative. 
22 Mar 18 by member: mbanje
Awesome that you are working your plan. good to have goals. I will say that new shoes made a world of difference for me. I alternate between the elliptical and the treadmill to keep the muscle confusion going (or maybe just my confusion) through the workout.  
22 Mar 18 by member: tahoebrun
If you are a “dairy farmer wife” I am assuming that you live in one of those places where it is cold and maybe snowy in winter. If not, just walk. Easy on the joints. Good shoes are crucial. There are walking shoes and running shoes. They do each have a function. Consider buying shoes that are about 1/2 size longer than you might normally wear so that your toes don’t jam on the end of the shoe. Prevents toe blisters. Also, if your feet are wider, consider a shoe like ASICS that have a wider toe box so that your toes have a chance to splay out as your foot hits the ground. That also helps prevent blistering. That’s also important if you tend to get swelling in your feet with activity. Good luck! 
22 Mar 18 by member: Kenna Morton
I agree with Mbanje concerning the low impact weight training. Additionally, I would walk in the neighborhood, starting with a distance that doesn't hurt, and then as you build strength and lose some weight it will become easier. Please don't hurt yourself trying to move along the weight loss too fast. 
22 Mar 18 by member: adamevegod1
Good shoes, keep it low impact with any ankle issues, so walking good running is not, work on some strength and do some ankle exercises. My gym has a strength training machine that focuses on calves and ankle, that has helped mine a lot. Course losing weight probably helped more than anything.  
22 Mar 18 by member: wholefoodnut
I know this is serious and you are working hard to get in shape, but your description of running short bursts in the rain is humerous. So I sure give you an A for effort and dedication. I hope you find good shoes with good support.. I had a broken ankle and when I walked I wore my hiking shoes because they came high on my ankle for support.  
22 Mar 18 by member: Fishingwidow
I was having knee issues which cleared up immediately after I was properly fitted for the right shoes! Definitely go to a proper shoe store, and they'll get you set up with a shoe made for your gait. 
22 Mar 18 by member: Toumina
bike or stationary bike, until your ankles get adjusted.  
22 Mar 18 by member: getoffofme
I had knee issues on the treadmill, and my personal trainer had suggested elliptical (lower impact) Maybe back to elliptical, and switch up something about that - more resistance, more speed, vary it up 1 minute with high resistance, 2 minutes low, repeat.... things like that. Other than that.... your feet carry you... good shoes are important. :) 
23 Mar 18 by member: StarzIna
Shoes are huge!! 
23 Mar 18 by member: wholefoodnut
My trainer says if it hurts don't do that. So if I were you, I would go back to the elliptical. Pain in a joint is very bad. On the shoes: I go dancing twice a week and usually have to ice my feet afterwards because I have arthritis in my big toes. My shoes were close-fitting because my theory was that a tighter shoe would be good keeping my feet from swelling. Last week I bought shoes with a wider toebox and a more solid sole. Last night my feet did not bother me at all. I danced an extra half hour because my feet felt great. I highly recommend going to a shoe store where they help you pick out what you need for your feet because you are not doing yourself any favors. 
23 Mar 18 by member: abbadabba
PS may there be cute kittens wherever you have to go! 
23 Mar 18 by member: abbadabba
Yeah! So I had a chronic hip flexor thing last month, realized I had not changed shoes in a long, and got new ones - pain gone. DO it now! 
23 Mar 18 by member: HCB
I attempted and failed the typical C25K program many times. The rapid increases are just not realistic for those who truly start out walking. If you have facebook, check out the group 'From Fat to Finish Line'. They have created a free 'Run Your First Mile' program where you are emailed the next step weekly. Doing that last spring really made me into a runner. I still cannot run a 5K totally without stopping but have shaved about 20 minutes off my time. Plus it's another uber supportive community like this one. Happy trails to you! 
23 Mar 18 by member: Time2FixMe


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