DairyFarmersWife's Journal, 10 May 2018

Why does salad equal chocolate? Every single time I eat a salad I crave chocolate afterwards. It never fails. If I have the same combination of hot veggies and chicken then I wouldn't crave the chocolate. Maybe it's the dressing. Maybe dressing equals chocolate. Can you tell I'm craving chocolate right now?

Update on the 5K training. Last night I took the day off and walked the fence line with little man instead. It's finally time to let the heifers out into the fields so we had to make sure all the gates were closed and the 4-wheeler was at another barn so we walked it. My son now has a story to tell his class today about the time his mom got stuck in the marsh and almost died. The bottom of the property has a stream/swampy area. Normally the field isn't that bad. It might be squishy but you can walk across it. Apparently the water is higher then normal.. We were walking along. I found a hole, stepped in it with my muck boot. And could not get back out. It sucked me in. My son.. who was wearing running shoes freaked out because he didn't want his shoes to get muddy so he jumped on me. I sunk a little more. I finally convince him to just turn around. He would be fine. Then I got to try to unsuck my boot. Suction is a marvelous thing.. unless it's got your boot stuck in a marsh. Little man wouldn't pull me out for some reason... I'm kind of proud he's that smart already. I did eventually make it out with alot of muttering, pulling, and yelling "It's got me it's got me!!!" I may have cursed....

Today was rainy and it's also soccer night for the kids so I'm not sure if I will be able to go running. Instead I went to the gym. So did everyone else so the treadmills were pretty much claimed. I ended up doing my training on the elliptical and got 1.5 miles in at the 25 minute mark doing 1-2 minute intervals. As I was walking out. My boss walked in. I have NEVER seen my boss at the gym. He gave me a peptalk about 1 day at a time. It seems we are both really getting into this. His last 5K was 20 years ago. Should I be worried? I feel like I should be competitive about this but it's my boss. He's also in better shape than me but that only makes me feel more competitive. This could get interesting.

Inspired by the bulletproof radio podcast on inflimation and all these workouts and the scale refusing to budge.. I also started to really clean up my eating. If you count skipping the bun when you eat a brat clean eating. According to the bulletproof radio guy you also shouldn't use a microwave.. ever. Is that... possible??? Ours broke last summer and we went into panic mode. Seriously. It almost caused a riot when pizza rolls were attempted to be cooked and my steamables couldn't be steamed. It's amazing what some people manage to do for their health. Like.. give up microwaving food.

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No microwave? Wow. 
10 May 18 by member: abbadabba
I am reaching here, but i had a bout of severe anemia and when i was recovering i craved chocolate so bad i dreamed about it (usually i can take or leave it). Turns out dark chocolate (and red meat and dark greens) is a good source of iron. So maybe you need more iron and the salad is leaving you short? 
10 May 18 by member: jengetfit123
Dark chocolate 70% or higher is very beneficial I say go for some dark chocolate!! I know I love it! It's awesome against free radicals and an antioxidant!  
10 May 18 by member: um_autaviah
I could not live without a microwave. I don't know how people lived before they were invented. I started cleaning up my eating and it seemed like all sweets were all I wanted. Once I got through about a week the cravings started going away. I also use chocolate slim fast or a healthier or low cal treat if I need it and that seems to help with the cravings, as long as it fits into my calories for the day. If you stick to the clean eating you'll get over the big cravings eventually. I still crave things sometimes but it's only once in a while, not every day and like I'm going to eat my arm if I don't get a donut or chocolate. I love your stories. I think walking through the marsh, getting stuck, and having to pull yourself out probably burned a bunch of calories. ;)  
10 May 18 by member: mars2kids
You probably crave chocolate because you’re not getting enough carbs from your salad. Add some quinoa/bulgur/lentils -complex carbohydrates are good for you and give you stable energy-which means you’re less likely to crave a ‘pick-me-up’ 
10 May 18 by member: olya rostova
are you using a sugary dressing? Sometimes if I have sugar it triggers further sugar craving 
10 May 18 by member: Sharons Victory
Without a microwave most of the decent nutrients i get would be no more.  
10 May 18 by member: cjodyssey
You could be craving chocolate because your body is expecting to get magnesium rich leafy green veggies in your salads and isn’t so when it’s disappointed it makes you crave a highly compact source of magnesium, cocoa. Try putting raw pumpkin seeds and avocado on your salad and it might stop the chocolate craving. 
10 May 18 by member: smprowett
Do you eat salads after a more stressful or tiring time? Is there something in your salad that you only eat when having salad? Or, is there something you usually eat in a given day that you don't on salad days? Maybe your body is more thirsty when eating raw vegetables. Thirst may sometimes bring on cravings. I've read that chocolate cravings can occur when you need magnesium and any craving for something sweet can indicate tiredness. You might try adding a few nuts to your salad, or a few more if you already use them. Also you might try having just a few cacao nibs with or after your salad. Lastly, i don't think I've ever used the word 'salad' more than i just did in this post. Sorry for being so redundant. I hope this helps. 
10 May 18 by member: cjodyssey
I found ChocZero on amazon - it is 40 calories, 0 sugar and no sweeteners, 1 net carb. they have 70%, 85% and 92% (others too but I am trying to stay focused...squirrel) and it is reasonable in price on amazon. the little squares do the trick for me when I need chocolate - because...well... you need it - right. for the muck boots - if you take a walking stick you can slide it down next to your boot and break the suction...or knock out a neighbor and climb up on them. either way you win. Have a great day on your adventure.  
10 May 18 by member: tahoebrun
You are hilarious! I'm going to check out your blog. And good for you for doing what you can right now in order to improve your health. Oh and did your son get extra points for his story? 
10 May 18 by member: Becc@
As others have already mentioned, try eating some dark chocolate (70%+ cacao) as it is good for you when eaten in moderation. I've been eating 2 squares of 85% cacao dark chocolate (serving size is 3 squares) as a dessert most nights for the past 3+ weeks and it really takes that craving away. Although I've always liked dark chocolate, the 85% took a short period to get used to. I've been able to keep my net carbs at or below 20 grams even if I eat some dark chocolate. Good luck! 
10 May 18 by member: theWolf56
Carbs of any kind other than veggies that grow above the ground are no good. If you’re craving chocolate, have it...70% cocoa or more. Just don’t go nuts. Take a look at LCHF combined with Intermittent Fasting. Your cravings will diminish and you will see results. 
10 May 18 by member: AnneSion
Chocolate is made from a plant. So, is eating chocolate equivalent to eating your vegetables? ;-) 
11 May 18 by member: TomLong
And steak is made from plants, too, sooo...... ;) 
11 May 18 by member: HardDaysKnight
Plants eat animals so it's all mixed up there together. 
11 May 18 by member: cjodyssey


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