DairyFarmersWife's Journal, 08 May 2018

I figured out how to link my fitbit to fatsecret! Ok. That wasn't really the hard part. The hard part was remembering what my fitbit password was and attempting to find my forgotten password while typing on my phone while walking on a treadmill. This for me is American Ninja Warrior level. Especially since I'm trying to be more peaceful and not curse as much. But! I did it.

I decided over the weekend that I need to curse less. That challenge I had a couple years ago to stop cursing in front of the Amish didn't stick. I think I may curse more now than I did before. I blame the tiny humans. How do you witness a tiny human attempting to help a tinier human by strapping blocks to the lawn mower so they can push the peddles on the lawnmower so they can retrieve a tiny tractor from the mud pit of a stream with a cow halter and not drop a couple of F bombs? There was also something with bungie cords and catching a cat... I didn't even ask. I just screamed STOP. ALOT. These are farm children. Yes they are monitored. They are also fast, sneaky, and constantly wondering how they can make x, y or z better. I blame their father. Yesterday the 3 year old told me he was going to put a new engine in his battery operated tractor so it would pull more and go faster. Five minutes later.. his father told me he was thinking about replacing the engine in the big tractor. You get the idea.

Over the weekend I found myself screaming. Yes screaming. Loud enough for the amish to hear me. I found myself screaming things a person should not yell in front of the Amish or tiny humans. Once I calmed down I was kind of embarrassed and wondered what the neighbors were thinking. Sure... I gave up on them thinking good things when my 3 yr old happily declared he pooped outside. Right.. in.. front.. of the neighbor. Who was mowing his lawn. Here I thought he went behind the tree to pee. Nope. Poopin. I hope he figured out leaves were natures TP. I doubt it. Maybe I shouldn't say that.... I haven't seen any poison ivy but I'm not going to risk it.

My first day of no cursing, attempting to be peaceful, and not completely lose my crap like a crazy lady who lost her box of donuts went pretty well. When my son asked me 300 times for a new xbox game I calmly told him no 10 times then ignored him. When he decided to call me mean I told him I was sorry he felt that way. The answer was still no and since I was mean I didn't have to get him any cookies. Mean people do not share cookies. Then he loved me. By the end of the night my family was completely and utterly TERRIFIED. I'm not sure if it's because they think I'm really really mad or if it's because they are waiting for me to finally snap. Either way they stopped giving me so many reasons to drop F bombs. So... win win.

Now all I have to do is figure out how to lose weight and I will be in pretty good shape. Working out and not losing weight is like getting sugar free, fat free ice cream. It sucks and not in a good way. Today I gave my pita crackers to the break room. Bye pita chips! I will miss you!!!!! Addictive little monsters.

Diet Calendar Entry for 08 May 2018:
1347 kcal Fat: 53.53g | Prot: 83.34g | Carb: 146.99g.   Breakfast: Coffee-Mate French Vanilla Liquid Coffee Creamer, Coffee, Bruegger's Sausage, Egg and Cheese Bagel. Lunch: Lean Cuisine Culinary Collection Chicken, Spinach & Mushroom Panini, Cabot Serious Snacks Sharp Cheddar Cheese, Cuties Clementines. Dinner: Frankfurter or Hot Dog on Bun, Tyson Foods Chicken Breast Tenderloins. more...

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😁love your posts!! Being a parent is tough work. You’re doing a great job! Keep going...the weight will yield! 
08 May 18 by member: momma6224
Love the humor & honesty in your posts! Keep up the good fight! 
08 May 18 by member: lilpurplebug
Glad you can focus on yourself for a few minutes even if it is just to donate your pita chips! If it makes you feel better, cussing is supposed to be a sign of intelligence. 
08 May 18 by member: abbadabba
Picturing it all...lol 
08 May 18 by member: Fadedbluesky
Your sense of humor is wonderful!! Keep up the positive thinking, get started and it will become easier! AZ Grams 
08 May 18 by member: KSumerwell
What is the secret for linking the fitbit? 
08 May 18 by member: abbadabba
Lolololo!!! Now, you just have to tell me how you connected your Fitbit to FatSecret so I can do it!  
08 May 18 by member: Johanne
Farm kids are fun...it is also a great way to grow up - I remember my cousin and I crashing a truck from the hay barn into a tree in front of the main house. I think we set a world record sprinting that day - Oh - I remember the colorful language my Parents had during those fun events...it just prepped me for the military.  
08 May 18 by member: tahoebrun
Lol! Great post. Linking Fitbit an accomplishment too! 👍 
08 May 18 by member: Becc@
people who curse live longer 
08 May 18 by member: Vickiauntmick
Hell if that is the case Vickiauntmick i'm gonna [bleeping] gonna live for ever. DairyFarmersWife my kids were not 'farm kids' but have provided may WTF moments through their years (and I'm sure more to come with my son entering HS). I pretty much assumed they would inherit my propensity for well thought out stupidity and so taught them two things early. 1... there is a time and a place for earthy language so make sure you can tell when and where its appropriate 2.. If you have done something stupid and I'm not cussing then you are well and truly in deep [bleep]. Good job on the fitbit and giving up the pita chips. Keep paring away insidious little diet land mines like that and you will for sure get where you want to be. 
08 May 18 by member: JLente
When my children called me mean...I’d tell them, “that’s how I know I’m doing my job”. Great post.  
08 May 18 by member: Sarah1950
I just want to take a moment to tell you that your kids rock! lol the kind of ingenuity they are showing now will benefit them greatly in life. good job Mom :) and screaming at the tiny humans is normal and I believe a good work out on its own lol 
08 May 18 by member: MrsRandySteeleJr
Fun .... can you be my neighbor?  
08 May 18 by member: glen
Love your post. Your tiny humans are awesome. When my son was a boy he as a "Mr. Fix It" The list is endless of the stuff he would take apart to see how it worked and try very hard to put it back together. Of course, That didn't usually work out! Forget about having radios. Lucky he didn't do the TV. All those experiments did help him as an adult with his own family. Its all good. 
08 May 18 by member: kattay
Love reading your posts. You are one step ahead of me on linking your fitbit. I really need to do this. I remember screaming at my kids too, it seemed the only way to get through to them and my kids turned out to be great adults. I wasn't a farm girl but we did have horses, my kids were not farm kids either. All the farm kids I grew up with and also my kids friends who were farm kids turned out to be respectful and hard working adults. Sounds like your doing a great job with your tiny humans.  
10 May 18 by member: rubytaylor


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