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Start Weight
231.7 lb
Lost so far: 0.7 lb

Current Weight
231.0 lb
Performance: losing 4.9 lb a week

Goal Weight
200.0 lb
Still to go: 31.0 lb
Goal: lose fat and maintain/gain muscle.

I follow a LCHF diet, see The Art and Science of Low Carbohydrate Living (Volek and Phinney). For exercise, I follow the weightlifting protocol found in Body By Science (McGuff).

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last weighin: losing 7.0 lb a week Down
last weighin: losing 0.4 lb a week Down
last weighin: losing 2.6 lb a week Down
last weighin: steady Steady

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Why do you think cholesterol *in your diet* is to high? My understanding is that your body produces 75% of the cholesterol and 25% comes diet, and that if you raise or lower your cholesterol intake, your body will adjust as well. Second, as far as health, there is no science based recommendation as pointed out by others. I saw a documentary the other day indicating that particularly as we age, cholesterol and high fat diets protect health. If searching on google, you may also want to include "statin" too.
posted 21 Apr 2018, 06:30
The Science of Fasting
Thanks! Watching it now!
posted 14 Apr 2018, 13:11
What is your basic work-out routine?
With some exceptions, I follow a weightlifting protocol as outlined by McGuff in Body by Science. So, I lift weights once-twice a week. I use a super-slow technique, monitor/record time under load with a stop watch (rather than counting reps) and do only one set (rather than the traditional three), and move from machine to machine as rapidly as possible. The big five: shoulder press, pull down, chest press, row, and leg press. To those I add a few others: leg extension, fly, bicep, calf. Rest is essential, and McGuff recommends a full week as necessary for recovery. (I do twice a week usually just because I want to but it's not best.) Apropos Phil's comments (and even though he mentioned free weights, and I use machines), injury is possible and this protocol plus adequate rest, is designed to lower the risk. Proper form and the speed of the lift are critical in avoiding injury. I have yet to sustain any injury following this approach.
posted 01 Apr 2018, 07:59
Undoubtedly, grams. It's up to you, but I would ditch the sugar in the coffee (and not use any added sugar in anything). Assuming you went the low carb route, so-called "bullet coffee" would be fine (and tasty). Good luck!!
posted 27 Mar 2018, 12:30
Intermittent Fasting & Weightlifting
What is your experience with intermittent fasting and weightlifting?

Do you lift fasted?

When do you break your fast?

What are your results?

How much protein?

Do you have any other advice or comment about IF and weightlifting?
posted 23 Mar 2018, 07:23
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