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Salade au Taboulé
by member: Artemisia27310
Salade copieuse mais légère.
Per serve - Energy: 251kcal | Carb: 29.17g | Prot: 15.55g | Fat: 8.18g
Not yet rated.
Cookies de Aveia
by member: Vanilua
Estes cookies são uma solução perfeita para dias que você está enjoado dos mesmos pratos e quer muito “beliscar” algo,
Per serve - Energy: 128kcal | Carb: 21.25g | Prot: 5.44g | Fat: 2.60g
Not yet rated.
Cheesecake Light
by member: Honguito.Mendelius
Postre clásico bajas calorias.
Per serve - Energy: 111kcal | Carb: 15.00g | Prot: 5.83g | Fat: 3.09g
Not yet rated.
Gefüllter Hokkaido mit Pilzen und Knoblauchdip
by member: simone3009
Gefüllter Hokkaido.
Per serve - Energy: 450kcal | Carb: 33.89g | Prot: 34.47g | Fat: 21.03g
Not yet rated.
Dandelion Tuna Salad
by member: sepherick
Dandelion leaf tuna salad with egg whites.
Per serve - Energy: 156kcal | Carb: 1.96g | Prot: 23.47g | Fat: 6.40g
Not yet rated.
Sopa Detox de Abobrinha
by member: Fernanda Ielpo
Uma sopa detox super nutritiva e que tem como objetivo limpar o organismo eliminando todas as toxinas.
Per serve - Energy: 109kcal | Carb: 16.40g | Prot: 5.03g | Fat: 4.23g
Not yet rated.
Rillettes de Poulet Rôti
by member: Frisk99
Poulet rôti mixé à du fromage crème et des herbes.
Per serve - Energy: 63kcal | Carb: 1.33g | Prot: 6.97g | Fat: 3.34g
Not yet rated.
Massa de Panqueca
by member: giugiagarguo
Muito leve e saborosa.
Per serve - Energy: 233kcal | Carb: 13.90g | Prot: 16.93g | Fat: 11.56g
Not yet rated.
Mousse de Gelatina
by member: giugiagarguo
Uma receita facil, para uma sobremesa deliciosa.
Per serve - Energy: 266kcal | Carb: 36.00g | Prot: 28.00g | Fat: 0.00g
Not yet rated.
Brigadeiro de Chuchu
by member: giugiagarguo
Essa receita vai te surpreender.
Per serve - Energy: 412kcal | Carb: 67.53g | Prot: 26.62g | Fat: 7.80g
Not yet rated.
Pão de Queijo
by member: giugiagarguo
Prática, rápida e com todo o sabor que se espera de um pãozinho de queijo.
Per serve - Energy: 74kcal | Carb: 8.25g | Prot: 6.04g | Fat: 1.72g
Not yet rated.
Peachy Chicken Salad
by member: bamudpi
A healthy and simple salad to make, even for non-cookers.
Per serve - Energy: 334kcal | Carb: 45.68g | Prot: 23.45g | Fat: 7.12g
Not yet rated.
Quiche de Atum
by member: Snotr4
Uma quiche saborosa de atum, alho francês, pimentos, cenoura.
Per serve - Energy: 184kcal | Carb: 10.65g | Prot: 14.21g | Fat: 9.34g
Not yet rated.
Zuppa di Cavolo Cinese allo Zenzero con Tofu
by member: Shayra77
Zuppa all'orientale disintossicante e purificante.
Per serve - Energy: 83kcal | Carb: 7.62g | Prot: 7.83g | Fat: 2.58g
Not yet rated.
Shake de Linhaça
by member: ydnes
Emagrecedor. Saciedade por mais tempo.
Per serve - Energy: 176kcal | Carb: 25.84g | Prot: 9.18g | Fat: 4.68g
Not yet rated.
Buttermilk Ranch Dressing
by member: luvinlife09
An easy, low calorie, homemade ranch salad dressing.
Per serve - Energy: 62kcal | Carb: 1.40g | Prot: 0.93g | Fat: 5.83g
Not yet rated.
Energi Balans Dryck
by member: TinnaGeneve
Urindrivande samt balanserande.
Per serve - Energy: 64kcal | Carb: 16.90g | Prot: 0.40g | Fat: 0.16g
Not yet rated.
Cannelloni de Atum com Espinafres
by member: PPLopes
Deliciosa receita de canelones com atum.
Per serve - Energy: 125kcal | Carb: 11.15g | Prot: 8.94g | Fat: 4.79g
Not yet rated.
Zucchini Muffins
by member: Muscles Magoog
Super moist and yummy healthy muffins made with coconut flour and honey.
Per serve - Energy: 126kcal | Carb: 16.99g | Prot: 3.54g | Fat: 5.09g
Not yet rated.
Granola Cereal
by member: cjtedd
This is a homemade breakfast cereal with no preservatives. It has unsalted nuts, raisins, oats, maple syrup and cinnamon to give it a good flavor.
Per serve - Energy: 409kcal | Carb: 56.44g | Prot: 12.35g | Fat: 16.80g
Not yet rated.
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