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Cilantro Lime Dressing
by member: Tina.m.villarreal
A tasty dressing to add to your salad.
Per serve - Energy: 63kcal | Carb: 1.41g | Prot: 0.41g | Fat: 6.56g
Oat Banana Cookies
by member: rahirachel
Cookies made from just 3 ingredients.
Per serve - Energy: 50kcal | Carb: 10.17g | Prot: 1.63g | Fat: 0.65g
Shirazi Salad
by member: ou8125150
A fresh Iranian salad.
Per serve - Energy: 68kcal | Carb: 16.33g | Prot: 2.69g | Fat: 0.55g
Chili & Rice
by member: barbara leggitt
A quick dish of chili and rice without the meat.
Per serve - Energy: 352kcal | Carb: 75.00g | Prot: 16.25g | Fat: 1.00g
Vege & Black Bean Coleslaw
by member: DoniKay
Crisp and fresh vegetable slaw with black beans.
Per serve - Energy: 113kcal | Carb: 8.24g | Prot: 2.55g | Fat: 8.50g
Coleslaw II
by member: davidtown
A quick cabbage and carrot side salad.
Per serve - Energy: 110kcal | Carb: 12.50g | Prot: 1.80g | Fat: 6.70g
Veggie Joes
by member: Bippi
A quick, tasty, vegetarian recipe for sloppy joes.
Per serve - Energy: 212kcal | Carb: 30.94g | Prot: 14.22g | Fat: 3.58g
Angel Blueberry Cupcakes
by member: MariamB2016
Light, delicious and very satisfying.
Per serve - Energy: 80kcal | Carb: 18.27g | Prot: 2.08g | Fat: 0.05g
Peanut Butter Dip
by member: 625kristen
Creamy, light peanut butter dip perfect on top of celery or in a mini phyllo cup.
Per serve - Energy: 48kcal | Carb: 5.16g | Prot: 3.11g | Fat: 1.45g
Simple Smoothie
by member: lorasue
A quick and fruity smoothie.
Per serve - Energy: 83kcal | Carb: 21.97g | Prot: 1.09g | Fat: 0.48g
Lemon Butter Asparagus
by member: grashpr
A lemony counterpart to fish or chicken.
Per serve - Energy: 69kcal | Carb: 10.56g | Prot: 5.56g | Fat: 1.69g
Mango Lassi
by member: Bippi
A non-fat, tasty, healthy, refreshing Indian beverage.
Per serve - Energy: 135kcal | Carb: 26.50g | Prot: 7.50g | Fat: 0.00g
Angel Hair with Shrimp
by member: TalPal1
A pasta dish made with vegetables, shrimp and angel hair pasta, sliced almonds with marinara sauce.
Per serve - Energy: 372kcal | Carb: 49.46g | Prot: 14.74g | Fat: 10.94g
Herbed Orange Chicken
by member: lettygaylor
Such a wonderful flavor combination of citrus and herbs.
Per serve - Energy: 197kcal | Carb: 2.66g | Prot: 34.73g | Fat: 6.18g
Chicken with Cherry Tomatoes
by member: lettygaylor
The simple topping of delightfully tangy red cherry tomatoes makes this meal perfect.
Per serve - Energy: 199kcal | Carb: 3.03g | Prot: 35.18g | Fat: 6.16g
Chocolate Coconut Chia Seed Pudding
by member: Steven VP
Chia seeds are a wonderful alternative source of omega-3 fats, fiber, and energy. This easy pudding is similar to tapioca.
Per serve - Energy: 395kcal | Carb: 30.50g | Prot: 36.00g | Fat: 17.50g
Hamburger Rice Skillet
by member: lettygaylor
A yummy all in one skillet dinner with fresh vegetables, brown rice, and lean ground beef.
Per serve - Energy: 205kcal | Carb: 22.98g | Prot: 16.20g | Fat: 5.77g
Mexican Turkey Muffins
by member: msdunham71
These turkey muffins provide a Mexican kick.
Per serve - Energy: 107kcal | Carb: 5.45g | Prot: 15.99g | Fat: 2.45g
Chicken & Cornbread Stuffing Casserole
by member: lettygaylor
With chicken and veggies you have an all in one meal that comes together in a flash.
Per serve - Energy: 154kcal | Carb: 16.29g | Prot: 15.65g | Fat: 1.93g
Green Chili Chicken Enchiladas
by member: lettygaylor
A different spin on enchiladas.
Per serve - Energy: 319kcal | Carb: 33.13g | Prot: 28.58g | Fat: 7.82g
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