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Chicken, Vegetable and Tortellini Soup
by member: gina9978
Easy, fast and healthy. This one fills you up.
Per serve - Energy: 434kcal | Carb: 59.35g | Prot: 24.09g | Fat: 10.45g
Not yet rated.
Chicken Pasta Stir Fry
by member: d4da
Quick and easy, yet very tasty.
Per serve - Energy: 454kcal | Carb: 48.12g | Prot: 37.30g | Fat: 13.14g
Not yet rated.
Pizza de Carne
by member: 90chola
Pizza elaborada con una base de carne picada.
Per serve - Energy: 306kcal | Carb: 5.14g | Prot: 41.86g | Fat: 12.43g
Not yet rated.
Nudelsalat mit Getrockneten Tomaten und Rucola
by member: Parvatila
Nudelsalat mit getrockneten Tomaten und Rucola mit Essig-Öl-Dressing.
Per serve - Energy: 259kcal | Carb: 28.90g | Prot: 6.33g | Fat: 12.58g
Not yet rated.
Soupe Minestrone
by member: Talyla
Soupe repas tout en un au goût du soleil.
Per serve - Energy: 297kcal | Carb: 60.72g | Prot: 13.86g | Fat: 1.33g
Not yet rated.
Orange Cranberry Muffin
by member: Kayann09
A healthy breakfast muffin.
Per serve - Energy: 164kcal | Carb: 29.00g | Prot: 2.71g | Fat: 5.03g
Not yet rated.
Eggplant Parmesan
by member: GiGiMaryLou
Delicious, low-fat eggplant parmesan. The eggplant is baked instead of fried to keep it low-fat.
Per serve - Energy: 172kcal | Carb: 20.45g | Prot: 9.33g | Fat: 6.46g
Not yet rated.
Creme de Brócolis
by member: kemykemy
Quentinho e saudável.
Per serve - Energy: 76kcal | Carb: 13.24g | Prot: 4.39g | Fat: 1.84g
Not yet rated.
Quiche with Whole Wheat Tortilla Crust
by member: going lean
A delicious, satisfying and nutritious quiche with an easy whole wheat tortilla crust.
Per serve - Energy: 357kcal | Carb: 16.37g | Prot: 17.02g | Fat: 24.94g
Not yet rated.
Thai Style Steamed Fish
by member: fatcow72
Delicious, packed with flavour and spice and low in fat.
Per serve - Energy: 263kcal | Carb: 33.23g | Prot: 31.64g | Fat: 5.56g
Not yet rated.
by member: maierge
Der ideale Snack zum kalt oder warm essen.
Per serve - Energy: 363kcal | Carb: 29.64g | Prot: 17.86g | Fat: 19.19g
Not yet rated.
Müsli Muffins
by member: brina810
In jedem Haushalt sehr beliebt.
Per serve - Energy: 258kcal | Carb: 36.93g | Prot: 5.13g | Fat: 10.52g
Not yet rated.
Маффины с Яблоками
by member: naamka
Маффины- это маленькие кексики, которые более диетичны, но не уступают во вкусе.
Per serve - Energy: 128kcal | Carb: 21.65g | Prot: 2.49g | Fat: 3.64g
Not yet rated.
Tarta de Ricota Dulce Light
by member: loop81
Es una variacion de la tarta de ricota como para poder comer algo rico, nutritivo y bajas calorias al desayuno o merienda.
Per serve - Energy: 113kcal | Carb: 12.48g | Prot: 9.13g | Fat: 3.81g
Not yet rated.
Chou-fleur à la Méditerranéenne
by member: clara0655
Une salade originale et légère.
Per serve - Energy: 135kcal | Carb: 8.69g | Prot: 6.68g | Fat: 9.07g
Not yet rated.
Овощное Соте с Яйцом и Беконом
by member: phate.ukr
Тушеные овощи с мясом и яйцом.
Per serve - Energy: 269kcal | Carb: 14.65g | Prot: 27.62g | Fat: 12.09g
Not yet rated.
Spaghetti & Meatballs
by member: PerplexedCreatrix
Guaranteed to be moist and not fall apart, these meatballs are perfect for spaghetti.
Per serve - Energy: 495kcal | Carb: 60.83g | Prot: 25.55g | Fat: 15.72g
Not yet rated.
by member: Nyash
Вкусная выпечка из творога.
Per serve - Energy: 224kcal | Carb: 30.15g | Prot: 9.70g | Fat: 6.99g
Not yet rated.
Bulgur Chili
by member: kheing
A wholesome and delicious bulgur chili.
Per serve - Energy: 247kcal | Carb: 47.87g | Prot: 10.13g | Fat: 4.69g
Not yet rated.
Spinach Quiche II
by member: d4da
A very simple low carb recipe you can make ahead of time.
Per serve - Energy: 160kcal | Carb: 7.18g | Prot: 11.87g | Fat: 9.70g
Not yet rated.
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