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I am in my mid-50's, married for 20+ years, with two daughters...18 and 20 y.o. The oldest has moved out, and is working, and going to school part-time, on-line. The youngest just graduated from high school, but has had some serious health problems in the last year.

I have struggled with my weight on and off my whole life.

I had a wake up call in 2011, when I ended up in the hospital for atrial fibrillation. While there, I found out I was borderline diabetic, had a bad blood lipid profile, and had hypothyroidism. The trifecta.

After spending several months eating very low fat, high fiber, low cal, and not losing much weight, and not having any improvements in my cholesterol, etc, I decided to take a new approach. After lots of research, I went on the Atkins diet for a 30 day trial. After 2 weeks, I knew this was much, much better for me.
I gradually evolved into a bulletproof/paleo/clean-whole food approach to eating. I had this down. But in the last year, I gained back 30 pounds. Not because I went back to my old way of eating. Just straying a little was enough to add the weight back fast. That, and a healthy dose of stress.
Now I am following JJ Virgin's plan. I have found out that in addition to intolerance for sugar and gluten, I need to avoid dairy, eggs, soy, tomatoes, and peanuts. But I am eating a little more carbs. I feel great, and the weight is coming off. I want to track a bit, to increase my awareness of what I am eating.

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I am on the Atkins diet on induction and gaining weight! Please help.
From looking at your calendar it seems as if you are eating way too much protein in a day; especially for your size. The problem with excess protein is a process in our bodies that converts excess protein to glucose. This raises your blood sugar, and you are right back where you started.
In order for Atkins, or any other low carb diet to work best, you need to eat low carbs, moderate protein, (look on line to calculate the right balance of protein for your size), and the rest of your calories should come from fats like butter, coconut oil, extra virgin olive oil, etc.
Check out Jimmy Moore's blog, Livin' La Vida Low Carb. He lost 180 lbs on Atkins, but began to slowly gain it back. Found out the problem with too much protein, and the importance of eating enough fat. Make some veggies, and put lots of butter on them. Cook your eggs in butter. Make an omelet in the morning, and put cheese in it.
One other possibility is that you may have some food intolerances. Many people (some say 70%) have intolerances to dairy and eggs. If you were not eating much of these before, and now are eating them in abundance, it could be the intolerance causing the weight gain.
But first, I would cut back the protein, and increase the fat. I lose weight at higher calorie levels with a low carb diet, as long as my carbs and protein are in check. And if you get enough fat, you will go longer between eating, which is beneficial to your blood sugar.
Hang in there. Make some tweaks, and figure out what is best for your biology.
posted 22 Aug 2014, 19:57
Bowel Movements
Sometimes it is not about fiber as much as it is about your biome balance. My daughter has had trouble since she was an infant. I recently had a really good probiotic from Jarrow because I was on antibiotics for 3 weeks. I suggested she try taking one each morning, because she was having lots of other digestive problems as well; gassiness, cramping, bloating, etc. It has worked better than anything else we have tried for her constipation. She is going every day, sometimes twice! She would often go 3 to 5 days, or even more. I was surprised, but then I read that if your problem is with constipation, that fiber and water actually don't help much even if that is the usual recommendation. If the balance of bacteria in the lower intestinal tract is off from the ideal, the food is not digested properly and sent along. Do you have a good health food store near you? Perhaps they can recommend a good one.
Water and magnesium are helpful for the leg cramps with low carb, and the magnesium is supposed to help with b.m.'s but I have not seen that. Drinking enough water will also help keep you from getting kidney stones if you are prone to them.
Good luck!
posted 21 Aug 2014, 20:49
I Need Tips for beating sugar addiction.....
If cold turkey seems impossible, there is another way.
I have gotten rid of sugar in my diet by starting with one thing; high fructose corn syrup. I decided it was the devil, and was going to destroy my health in too many ways to count. (Look for the video, Sugar:The Bitter Truth on YouTube) I had to get it out of my life. So I got rid of anything and everything that had high fructose corn syrup in it. I read every label of anything before I bought it or consumed it. What you quickly realize is the worst food has the most toxic ingredients in it. It is tough, really tough for about 4 or 5 days. But then it gets easier. After that it was a piece of cake (bad analogy!) to get rid of the rest of the sugars. I do use a little raw honey about once a month in my tea in the evening, and I eat very, very dark chocolate (85 - 90%). It has sugar in it, but not enough to spike my blood sugar, and it has great anti-inflammatory properties.
BTW, just learned that cancer cells eat sugar. One more reason to avoid the demon!
You can do this, and you will be glad you did.
posted 20 Aug 2014, 13:05
My name is Sandy
C67241, I read both books. Got the Cholesterol Clarity for 99 cents, just before his new book went on sale. I wrote a review of Cholesterol Clarity, but not Ketone Clarity yet. Found the newer book to be more practical and helpful to me, but the first was good too.
posted 20 Aug 2014, 12:46
My name is Sandy
Hi Sandy,
Have you read or heard anything about very low carb diets? You may want to pick up Keto Clarity by Jimmy Moore. Just read it and he talks about how cancer cells are fed by sugars. Some people have had some success is fighting the cancer, along with other treatments of course, by eliminating refined carbs. It might be worth researching.
Good luck, and will be thinking of you!
posted 19 Aug 2014, 06:44
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