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We've been told that eating Fat is what makes us fat....and turns out, that was wrong. Come discuss Keto here and find out.

The Lipid hypothesis seemed like the answer to why we become fat, and for years we were lead down a path of "Avoid the fat" mentality. This group is dedicated to exploring the idea that it's not the fat we consume, but the food we consume that is stored as fat that is the cause.


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On Keto for two months now
Good book!
by liv001 on 07 May 20 01:00 PM
Hope it is still going just fine!!!
by liv001 on 15 Dec 19 02:31 PM
First Day
Rage Angel wrote: Someone else had a rough start too i see :p I ate like 1/8 of a watermelon my first day thinking it was fine. Oh dear. Yes I think it would be a rare person who hasn't made some ...
by Rindaloo on 22 Aug 19 02:56 AM
Vegan keto
liv001 wrote: Ms Berger posted a video on vegan and vegetarin keto yesterday. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5vqY2wPEmVg Liv I am really sorry, I didnt thank you for the video. It was very interesting ...
by Rindaloo on 15 Aug 19 04:56 AM
How are you getting on Tonya? I hope your lack of posts means you're doing well and don't feel the need to post.......
by Rindaloo on 11 Jun 19 02:08 AM

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