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We've been told that eating Fat is what makes us fat....and turns out, that was wrong. Come discuss Keto here and find out.

The Lipid hypothesis seemed like the answer to why we become fat, and for years we were lead down a path of "Avoid the fat" mentality. This group is dedicated to exploring the idea that it's not the fat we consume, but the food we consume that is stored as fat that is the cause.


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Grumbling Stomach & Activity/Exercise Calories
I have been Keto since September 1st. Yesterday morning my stomach was growling loudly while I was meeting with clients - not ideal. I have been eating my first meal about 11am and dinner at about 6 ...
by incognito70 on 02 Oct 18 11:33 AM
Can you eat Keto while being vegetarian?
A friend of mine who is vegan has recently bought a book called “Ketotarian”. I haven’t had a chance to read it throughly, but it looked really good and the recipes were fantastic. Maybe give it a try?
by Kelroy89 on 26 Sep 18 09:55 AM
The Art and Science of Low Carbohydrate Living
I would recommend this book to anyone starting into a Ketogenic lifestyle. The book by the masters Phinney and Volek will give you the rundown on everything you need to know. There is also a follow-up ...
by philnhealthy on 21 Jun 18 06:06 AM
Keto/low carb with Thyroid issues?
Hi, I'm new to the site and was wondering if anyone here has any experience of having a low functioning Thyroid and knows whether or not the keto/low carb route is the way to go. I've been steady ...
by PurplePlissken on 24 May 18 10:11 AM
Using the right food for fuel o Live a Healthy Lifestyle... this can make all of the difference
It is so important to understand what your body needs and why it needs it. We are Phytonutrient deprived, we don't eat enough fruits and vegetables so therefore our bodies do not promote the dige ...
by Patti Asman on 13 May 18 06:22 PM

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