I am on the Atkins diet on induction and gaining weight! Please help.

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Posted: 27 Jul 2012, 23:51
It's been 7 days I started the Atkins diet. I ate only what's allowed by the book (both old diet and the new diet) and I did not weigh the food I ate nor counted the calories. I am actually eating less carbs than recommended (which should be a good thing because this makes this diet work better as long as it's a low carb diet). They say that you can eat as much as you like but I think that in my case that didn't work. I am 5'8" and 144 lbs. I read somewhere that for people who don't weigh much, calories must be taken into consideration during induction. My calories intake was approx. 1500-1800 daily, may be a bit more, and I didn't lose anything, I actually gained a bit and my pants are now very tight (they were not last week!). It's common sense 1500/day cals will help someone who weighs 250 lbs lose weight, but in my case 1500 cals/day was what I normally ate before starting Atkins just to keep my 144 weight. Should I actually restrict my diet to 1000 cals/day? That would be insane actually for a diet that's based on fat and low carbs because fat counts more and that means less food. A 1000 cal diet based on 60% fat is not much (quantitatively) and I will be hungry all the time. Is anyone willing to share his/her input on this or to come up with some suggestions? I would greatly appreciate it. Thank you.

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Posted: 28 Jul 2012, 02:28
if you did not count calories then you cannot be sure you actually ate just about 1500 per day, it is very easy to miscalculate if you do not weigh and log everything.
You can eat 0 net carbs, but if you eat more calories than you burn you will still get fatter, there are no magic potions or combinations, it is all quite simple actually

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Posted: 28 Jul 2012, 03:00
Thank you so much for answering. What you say is true and I knew that, the funny thing is that Atkins diet says you can eat as much as you feel like and there are no restrictions on Induction. What do you say about that? That is why I was confused. I actually recorded all the food I ate and this software calculated the calories for me, you can check my journal.
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Posted: 28 Jul 2012, 06:00
simple. Atkins is stupid
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Posted: 28 Jul 2012, 08:14
Hi laylaindy: I'm not an atkins expert but have tried it a couple times in the past with the "eat as much as you want" and I didn't lose any weight either. Everything I've read since has me convinced it is totally a matter of calories in, calories out.

If you go to your "diet calendar" and click the link "view full calendar" it will show you at top your daily caloric and macronutrient averages. Your calendar shows you averaged 1876 calories for the seven day period. So, if you know that pre-diet your maintenance calories were 1500 it is not surprising that you may have gained weight eating 1876 per day. And, if you haven't been weighing and logging food accurately, you might be eating more.

You may not need to go to 1000, just below your maintenance level. A little exercise, simple walking, can help create the calorie deficit. The one thing about the Atkins approach that helps is that its higher fat level, relative to other diets, can help with not feeling too hungry. It takes a couple weeks, 2-4 weeks, to adapt to it and realize that you are not that hungry. I think the Atkins approach works because as you feel less hungry, you will eat less.

If you don't have a lot to lose it will take time.

As I said, I'm not an expert but that is my experience.
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Posted: 28 Jul 2012, 10:37
Yes the atkins plan does work! But remember that its not a plan that will let you eat all of the food that you want and expect to lose the weight. I counted calories as well as keeping an eye on my fat content. The higher the fat that we eat the less hungry we will be. Its amazing how that works. Restricting your carbs puts you into ketosis, and increasing your fat will keep you satisfied. You have to mix up the plan a bit to get it to work for you personally. Best wishes!
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Posted: 28 Jul 2012, 12:23
There is actually a lot of science behind why you eat healthy fats (at higher amounts than what your brain may think is reasonable!) - and - why you can actually eat 'too low' of carb counts and throw things off also.

I have not looked at your food calendar - but I can say that not everything on the Atkins site works for every person. However, eating low carb (and for each person this amount can vary) - is a very effective way to lose weight, change your eating habits, begin to eat much healthier in terms of your food selection choices (losing the fried foods, processed crap, and artificial stuff), etc...

So, depending on your goals - (and on what you weigh when you start low carb) - most people do not have to watch their calories during that first week or two of induction. Obviously, that is not you.

However, if you like eating low carb (as I do) and you want to try to stick with this but with the obvious benefit of losing weight, yes...you will likely have to watch your calories, as well as, watch those carbs.

For example, they suggest that 12-15g's of your carbs every day come from the veggie choices available in Induction. THIS, is extremely important to your success. Don't skip this thinking less carbs is better.

They also say you can eat those darn Atkins bars. However, scores of users have figured out something about them keep causing tons of people to stall out.

Artificial ingredients and sugar alcohols... they need to wait. Worry about testing those items out once you are in pre-maintenance.

Start atkins with the 'I am going to eat whole, healthy, natural foods' and then follow the rest of the Induction guidelines to a T - and you should be back in business. (and I would recommend shooting for around 1350-1500 calories/day, and varying it regularly.)

And of course, an every other day 20 min walk at a fast enough pace to break a sweat and feel good... should energize you... and help with the little extra burn of calories!

Good luck!
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Posted: 03 Aug 2012, 09:37
I took a quick look at your food diary. Have you read the Atkins book -- old or new?

You seem to be eating large portions of meats and cheese and almost no vegetables. That's not really what Atkins is about. You should be limiting cheese to no more than 4 oz. per day during induction, and some people can't handle even that much without stalling. Protein should comprise about 4-6 ounces per meal. And you should be eating a variety of lower-carb vegetables -- so no carrots or squash yet, but go for the greens, other salad veggies, etc.

If you don't like veggies much, find a way to prepare them so that they're tolerable, because they're a critical part of eating healthily no matter what eating plan you're following. Most Atkins dieters eat a big salad with lunch and with dinner to try to ensure they get those 12-15 veggie carbs, and salad dressings without added sugars help provide some of the fat that you need on this diet. Cooked veggies with butter or olive oil also do the trick. The carbs (and, therefore, the veggies) should ideally be spread across your meals, across the day -- so you're not getting a carb bomb at just one meal, which could knock your fat burning out of balance.

You'll end up hating (or quitting) Atkins if you don't introduce a little more variety into what you eat. Atkins is a way of eating that's for life, not just a diet to lose weight and then "go back" to your former eating habits. If you do it right, you'll be able to move up the carb ladder and start reintroducing more foods that you'll stay away from during induction, and you'll figure out what works for you to keep you slim and feeling great. But you have to see it as more than just a "diet." (I speak from experience; wrapping my head around that has been my biggest challenge to staying with Atkins over time. This time around, I'm staying focused on the "way of life" thing.)

I know that you can do this and reach your goal. Tracking in Fatsecret is a big help and shows you're committed.

Best of luck!

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Posted: 21 Aug 2014, 21:10
I lost 16Kgs on Atkins and then got scared by reports of potential kidney damage. I put 5Kgs back on and have since tried just about everything but have succeeded only in holding a steady weight. Further research today shows the kidney damage has no basis in fact and so Hi Ho Hi Ho its back on the Atkins I go.
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Posted: 21 Aug 2014, 21:22
You might want to try http://www.everydiet.org/diet/metabolism-diet which works with your metabolism. Sometimes that's the key. I've read the book but haven't yet tried the diet myself. Anyone else out there trying it?
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Posted: 21 Aug 2014, 21:46
I was advised to do the Atkins diet by my physician. I have lost about 50 lbs. I've gone from a 26 to 16-18s. My cholesterol, triglycerides, blood pressure and energy levels are improved. I am off the statins and blood pressure meds I used to take. Doing Atkins in a healthy way and making it a lifestyle are critical to making it work well. Water is also very important.

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Posted: 22 Aug 2014, 09:36
Laylaindy, you say you've read the books but by the look of your diet calendar you didn't understand the main rules. As posted before, you must eat 20 net gms of carbs a day, going under doesn't work, 15 should come from vegetables, mostly greens and 5 should come from cheeses and dairy.

The original Atkins from the 70's said eat all you want but the newer books from the 90's have changed that philosophy and recommend 12 - 1500 calories a day for women, If you eat the proper foods with good healthy fats like avocado's and olive oils you won't be hungry.

Food list for induction: http://www.atkins.com/getmedia/61f15474-b7a1-4c46-93d6-341b858b916d/acceptablefoodsphase1_0818.aspx

Rules for induction: http://ca.atkins.com/new-atkins/the-program/phase-1-induction.html

give these two a read through and then re plan your meals. It works!

best of luck.
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Posted: 22 Aug 2014, 13:29
do you know how many calories a day you are actually consuming...I am having a major stall myself but try to not eat more than 1200 per day ....1000 is probably better if you want to see the scale move more quickly. It is Not easy......but try to stay busy eat smaller more frequent meals. I believe diet is the major part of weight loss but try to also add at least 40 minutes of some kind of exercise as well. Stay positive ..Smile

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Posted: 22 Aug 2014, 17:59
I would suggest trying this calculator to see what your RDI should be... I find and many others do too, that the FS one is very generour.


I find when on Atkins induction this is a very generous rdi and you're never hungry if you eat the right foods.
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Posted: 22 Aug 2014, 19:20
Don't panic! Calculate how much you are eating then reduce it by 200-300 kcal per day for a week. If you are still going up reduce again, repeat till you are losing fat. Don't forget you must exercise, walk for at least 5 hours a week. Break it up but you need to move every day.

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Posted: 22 Aug 2014, 19:24
what are you eating?
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Posted: 22 Aug 2014, 19:57
From looking at your calendar it seems as if you are eating way too much protein in a day; especially for your size. The problem with excess protein is a process in our bodies that converts excess protein to glucose. This raises your blood sugar, and you are right back where you started.
In order for Atkins, or any other low carb diet to work best, you need to eat low carbs, moderate protein, (look on line to calculate the right balance of protein for your size), and the rest of your calories should come from fats like butter, coconut oil, extra virgin olive oil, etc.
Check out Jimmy Moore's blog, Livin' La Vida Low Carb. He lost 180 lbs on Atkins, but began to slowly gain it back. Found out the problem with too much protein, and the importance of eating enough fat. Make some veggies, and put lots of butter on them. Cook your eggs in butter. Make an omelet in the morning, and put cheese in it.
One other possibility is that you may have some food intolerances. Many people (some say 70%) have intolerances to dairy and eggs. If you were not eating much of these before, and now are eating them in abundance, it could be the intolerance causing the weight gain.
But first, I would cut back the protein, and increase the fat. I lose weight at higher calorie levels with a low carb diet, as long as my carbs and protein are in check. And if you get enough fat, you will go longer between eating, which is beneficial to your blood sugar.
Hang in there. Make some tweaks, and figure out what is best for your biology.
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Posted: 25 Aug 2014, 10:29
Science to the rescue! Right on yduj57, 46% of protein is converted to glucose which really becomes significant. Ketones are made from fats so to make the shift you really need to do as yduj57 says and up your fat intake.

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Posted: 07 Dec 2014, 17:58
Getting back to you after a long while but... better than never Smile
Thank you everyone for the nice and kind answers, they were very helpful not only for me but also for other people who I assume stumbled upon this thread and learned something out of it.
I've been on and off this website but never answered because I forgot the password and I've been too lazy to come up with a new one. I am posting this message now as I found my password written somewhere on a piece of paper Smile
I posted my initial message on July 2012 and we are now at the end of 2014 so it's been a while Smile
So, to make the long story short, the Atkins diet didn't work for me. I tried the old Atkins, I tried the new Atkins, I didn't count the calories, then I counted them, I ate more veggies, I ate less veggies, I stopped eating cheese... nothing worked. It only worked when the total count of calories (regardless of what I was eating) was less than 1000 Cals which was impossible to do for me. I could barely walk straight I had to constantly make sure there were walls around me so I could have something to hold on. Each time I stood up I saw "black" in front of my eyes and felt so dizzy to the edge of fainting. So, exercising while feeling that dizzy was out of question as long as I could barely walk without fainting.
Someone recommended I ate more vegetables and she thought I had issues eating them. I actually don't. I have been a vegetarian my entire life not because of health issues but because I simply don't like meat. I also don't have a sweet tooth, I have never cheated by eating sweets or bars while on Atkins. And I don't like chocolate either. I don't have food intolerance of any sort (someone suggested that) and I usually eat a lot of cheese and eggs. That has actually been a life long weakness and that is why I sometimes gain weight, it's because I eat too much cheese and nuts. If you know what a Mediterranean diet is, that's how I've been eating my entire life (except for the meats), it is a very healthy diet but it can also help one gain weight if over eating all those goodies.
I chose to go back to my way of eating which is a vegetarian diet and I tried a different diet and I now weigh 127 lbs. I lost all the weight I wanted some time at the beginning of 2013 and haven't gained it back... but not thanks to Atkins.
I did some research on google and I found out that I am not the only one who doesn't lose weight while on an Atkins diet. Quite a few people have similar complaints and if feels like we are in the same boat. It simply doesn't work for some people's metabolism. I was lucky people who answered me had manners and they were kind.... but not everybody has this luck. It looks like each time someone complains of actually gaining weight while on Atkins, people jump in to accuse the dieter of not doing the right thing. Some of those who answer are quite disrespectful and treat the dieter pretty much like an ignorant uneducated individual... oh well...
My mother tried Atkins, too. She is 60 y.o. and Atkins did wonders for her. She never took count of how much she ate, never kept a journal and she ate only fried meat, omelets, salami and bacon (the fattest one can find on the market!), probably 4000 to 6000 Cals daily and she lost so much weight, as far as I remember she went down 20 lbs in about a month. I am sure, as it always happens, some people might feel the urge to contradict me and claim I can't be sure of the Cals my mom ate as long as she didn't keep a journal. My anticipated answer is that some people are just good at math and can easily approximate that number without keeping a journal. My mom used to eat about 1 lb of steak (fried fat pork) at lunch and 1 lb of other meats at dinner. Pretty much the same amount of cheese and 4-6 eggs daily (fried omelet). She was eating the amount of food 3-4 people would normally eat in one day. Other people I know tried it, they ate fried meats with no restriction ( 3-4 lbs/day) and they lost a lot of weight.
I am not saying Atkins diet doesn't work, it just doesn't work for everybody and I am the best example. The good thing is that it works for MOST people and it's worth trying... However, if someone who's just like me is reading this and he/she is gaining weight instead of losing weight... it's better to give it up and try a different diet. It is very frustrating and it goes against all the motivational factors which help us keep on struggling to lose weight.
Good luck everyone and hope you all achieve your goals. Happy New Year and have a wonderful life Smile

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Posted: 08 Jul 2015, 14:10
I thought laylaindy said it very well. I also have been on the Atkins diet religiously for over 3 months now. I am in a wheelchair and do not have an easy way to weigh regularly... but from the way my clothes fit, I have no doubt that I am gaining weight. I keep track of everything that I eat. I think the worst criticism would be that while I eat what I feel like are quite alot of veggies it may not be enough. I only average 1100 calories or less a day.
Now granted, I don't get rigorous exercise, but stay pretty active all the time. I can only conclude that the Atkins diet does not work for me... for whatever reason. That's the bottom line: You have to do what works for you. Atkins is easy to stick with for me, I feel fine while on it, am satisfied and don't have cravings... I just don't lose weight!
I haven't decided yet what I will try instead, but I see no reason to continue with something that isn't working after 3 months, in spite of a fair trial. I love all the stories of people who lose all the weight they want, and quickly, on Atkins... and I know a few people personally that's been the case with. But that isn't what is happening with me. So ta-ta Atkins... but hurray for all those it's woring for.

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