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For discussing new methods of analyzing and tuning for weight loss, body composition, and improved health through eating strategies and exercise.

We are open to new ideas and intend to investigate them in frank but polite discussion. We are not open to snake oil salesmen, "my way or the highway" zealots, or chronic forum arguers.

Posts will be fun but will include technical discussion (alternate methods of tracking, new theories, questions about why certain approaches may or may not work, etc).

Posts will not include personal, day to day "how ya doing" discussions (relationship advice, pet updates, first-timer questions, etc.)

Please stay on topic in the group and we will keep general chat and random commentary on the main board to support our friends there.

NOTE: The forum and journal posts of each requesting member will be reviewed to determine if they are appropriate for this group.

OK, enough of all that. Now pull out the calculators, spreadsheets, and article links and prepare for thought-provoking fun!


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'Fat Fast' -A version of Atkins - number crunching ...
Hi all :) First day of my diet :d ...anyone heard of or tried the 'fat fast' diet? :shock: It sounded fabulous 8) (you can eat chocolate! & coconut oil etc), but , sadly, being pretty ...
by DedicatedLisa on 09 Sep 15 12:07 AM
heart rate
so the HR monitor that i just got did do great untill the batteries died and the loader was broken (charger?) dang have to return it now takes 14 days ... @^&#$^$%#@ well lucky for me my smartphone ...
by puhpine on 27 Mar 15 10:07 AM
stuck at 182, want 175
I would verify your calorie intake per day compared to your calorie burn per day. I highly recommend the IIFYM calculator, the body weight simulator app, and Fitbit devices. The combination of the three ...
by Draglist on 22 Feb 15 09:52 PM
Chronograph/CountDown/Calorie & Exercise Timers
Thanks for replying Bill. That is all the information that came with it.
by myawethinTICself on 19 Dec 14 09:20 AM
Happy Thanksgiving!
Happy thanksgiving! I plan on setting a personal distance record running the day after!
by chadlius88 on 21 Nov 14 07:38 AM

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Back Progress - I'm happy so far!
by bigbassbrent

March 2012 before I cared. 220 lbs
by bigbassbrent
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Chillin' in July 2014 (about 210 - vacation weight!)
by Draglist
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Me at 216lbs, this is the "fattest" pic I can find of me.
by bigbassbrent

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not sharing weight
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