I Need Tips for beating sugar addiction.....

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Posted: 19 Aug 2014, 18:06
Hey, really rough day. Hit the sugar....candy/ brownies.....pretty hard today. Brownies were at work. Then at the store (like the brownie "set" me off) the candy just fell into my cart, then into my mouth. In my car before I even made it home.....Crying or Very sad I know I have a problem......Crying or Very sad This has happened before.
What are some of the ways you fight this addictionQuestion
Thank you ♥
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Posted: 19 Aug 2014, 21:30
The only way I can avoid it is to go cold turkey and stay away. If you eat the carbs, you'll want the carbs. I still binge now and then (like this past weekend) and it's a heck of a note to have to lose 15 lbs. of water weight gained over three days. Chances are you can't moderate it; you need to get off the simple carbs. Good luck.
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Posted: 20 Aug 2014, 00:24
Completelye echo what Bill says! You've got to get anything that might tempt you out of the house. I was listening to a doctor on YouTube yesterday, he said it is the exact same neutrons in your body that are triggered as addict drugs, such as heroine. There's a great consolation in that abstaining does get a lot easier. It's a struggle at first so you have to be BL**dy minbed for a few days, focus any negativity you might feel towards those food manufacturers who've put their profits above your health! They know their food is an addictive.
Focus on how far you've come - as this is Reality!

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Posted: 20 Aug 2014, 12:49
And I echo both before me. For me, 1 bite of added sugar is too much as 1000 bites are still not enough. Cold turkey is tough at first but does get easier. I too have to keep it out of my house. I'm finding that my eating is very emotion connected, so starting to sort that out too is really helping. And, filling up on healthy foods (protein, fats, vegetables & some fruit) is key. Hang in there, one day a time & know we are here for you!
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Posted: 20 Aug 2014, 13:05
If cold turkey seems impossible, there is another way.
I have gotten rid of sugar in my diet by starting with one thing; high fructose corn syrup. I decided it was the devil, and was going to destroy my health in too many ways to count. (Look for the video, Sugar:The Bitter Truth on YouTube) I had to get it out of my life. So I got rid of anything and everything that had high fructose corn syrup in it. I read every label of anything before I bought it or consumed it. What you quickly realize is the worst food has the most toxic ingredients in it. It is tough, really tough for about 4 or 5 days. But then it gets easier. After that it was a piece of cake (bad analogy!) to get rid of the rest of the sugars. I do use a little raw honey about once a month in my tea in the evening, and I eat very, very dark chocolate (85 - 90%). It has sugar in it, but not enough to spike my blood sugar, and it has great anti-inflammatory properties.
BTW, just learned that cancer cells eat sugar. One more reason to avoid the demon!
You can do this, and you will be glad you did.
A bad moment does not have to be a bad day, bad week, or a sign that you can't do this. It is a moment. Just that. Pause and go back to the person who really wants to be healthier and happier.

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Posted: 20 Aug 2014, 15:15
I echo everyone's ideas here and might add one more suggestion. If you are a true addict to sugar, instead of saying that you are going to quit forever start with baby steps, one day at a time or even one meal at a time. The mind is a powerful tool and it knows it can get quick energy and satisfaction from that 'hit' so it will crave it and creep out at the worst times. Be strong, get over one day then another and before you know it you'll stop thinking about it.

I've been sugar free for years(including the whole gamut of sugar alternatives and there's tons of them ) If I go out to a friends say and they offer some cake I have maybe 1 or 2 bites and that's enough. It tastes sooooo sweet now that I feel sick.

tons of reading out there from Lustig in the 50's up to the present.. finally they are acknowledging that its the gov't , fda , and the sugar industry that said fat bad / sugar good... Now they're doing an about face and realizing that sugar in the quantity eaten is the cause of obesity and disease!

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Posted: 20 Aug 2014, 15:31
Deciding what is best for you is the way to go. When I decide to give something up, I tend to do it at the start of Lent. Even though you can have whatever you gave up on Sundays, I find that on Sunday I don't want it. By the time Lent is over, I'm over whatever it was. I gave up Dibs, and other ice cream and cookies etc. that way. It doesn't work for everyone, and Lent is a long time away lol. But if you pick 1 thing that's bad for you, like candy you say, give it up for a month. Then if you beat it, add cookies. I wouldn't go for ingredients like corn syrup if I were you. You need something more concrete and easy to manage to get you started. I still eat an occasional cookie, and I have sugar free chocolate pudding (it keeps the sweet tooth away). I know some people say that artificial sweeteners are just as bad as sugar, I don't know, but they are a way to help you get started. When I lost a bunch of weight before, I gave up Mt Dew. Of course I wasn't eating much at all and was very unhealthy and gained it back, but the point is that I can't drink sugared sodas any more. Take a first step. Don't try to climb the mountain all in one day.
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Posted: 26 Aug 2014, 06:06
I just recently have jumped on the no sugar wagon. I started the first week of June and have been sugar free ever since. Like you, I've become addicted to that high I get when I have sugar, and feel I can never get enough. What gets me through is this thought: No one is saying I can't have it but me. I will just get through this meal, or day, or whatever. When I want the sugar, I will have it. By the time that thought rolls around in my head, I have already decided it's not worth breaking what I've got going on. I feel WONDERFUL physically not having the sugar in my system. Start slow, and just tell yourself it's just for today. You will build on that, and before you know it, it will be a week, then two, then a full month! You can do it.

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Posted: 26 Aug 2014, 08:49
The best advice I have ever gotten on the subject is to just eliminate one food at a time. Over a few weeks you don't even really notice that the sugar is gone. Then some awesome things happen, the water dumping out (3g of water for each 1 g of glucose) of your body will cause the scales to go down and that is a good mental boost but it also tightens up your skin which I really like. The biggest change I noticed is that fruits and veggies actually taste sweet again. It is as though with too much processed sugar my tounge went dead and going off them brought it back to life. Now if I do decide to have a sweet treat I find it offensively sweat and I don't want it. Milk tastes really sweet now too! This is a good goal, accept that you will have setbacks and that over time the end result is worth your effort.

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Posted: 26 Aug 2014, 09:37
White sugar is not part of the natural human diet. It corrupts our metabolism. I think getting rid of sugar is even more important than losing weight. It is the first step to a healthy life.
Well, it is basically about having the self-restraint to stop yourself but there are tips to make it easier.
First, don't starve yourself. I know whenever I eat cookies it's because I've drained myself of energy and I feel like I'll just fail to go on without some quick fuel.
Fill yourself on healthy stuff. Eat enough low-fat cheese, light bread,meat and veggies etc. so that your body is getting some resources. I think that's the main reason why diets fail. You take away all the protein and fats and vitamins that your body needs to function and that drives your body crazy because you are basically depriving it.
Keep fruits nearby. Binge on the fruits when you need sugar. But it's gotto be whole fruits, not juice or anything. Just eat the damn fruits instead of cookies.
Drink lots of tea, green tea, green coffee and mate. Boosts metabolism, fills you with water and cafein sort of wakes you up and that's good because when you first cut the sugar, your body loses the quick energy fix it was used to getting and you feel out of juice. Cafeine will get you going.

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Posted: 26 Aug 2014, 09:45
Please take what happened to me in the last 2 days as help.

I have learned that eating 2 pickles that were preserves with POLYSORBATE 80 has triggered a full-on out if control day. I did some research and yes that particular food preservative has been known to trigger food cravings.

Polysorbate 80 is everywhere!

Please avoid. I'm glad it happened as I know now, what it does to a clean body. Idea
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Posted: 26 Aug 2014, 17:38
I'm trying to eat sugar free too as much as possible, or sugar aware as I call it. I'm curious where others draw the line -- do you eat fruit, dried fruit, artificial sweeteners, etc? Can there be any type of sugar in an item you consume, any amount?
God grant me the serenity
to accept the things I cannot change;
courage to change the things I can;
and wisdom to know the difference.

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Posted: 26 Aug 2014, 18:06
If the nutrition label says 1 gram of sugar, I eat it. If it says 2 - 5 grams I ask myself if this is going to make me stop losing weight. Above 5 grams of sugar I really won't eat it. So I would eat a small date, but a Medjool date is almost 16 grams sugar! If I eat more than 50 grams sugar a day, I would be diabetic again.
Woohoo! I am excited! Love this website!

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Posted: 28 Aug 2014, 03:47
PinkRose88 we are all in the same sugary boat. For me if I eat big meals and tasty snacks. I don't crave sugar as much. I tend to binge less. I also keep surgar free popsicles in the freezer. Eating 10 or 12 of them isn't as damaging as a dozen cookies. Don't beat yourself up for this.

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