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Canadian ex-pat living in LA...trying to get back to my healthy weight...for the second time!

After moving to the United States in 2008, I gained 55 pounds in about a year. I went from working in two restaurants (literally sprinting and sweating for 8 hours a day, and rarely eating regular meals) to sitting on my ass and eating whatever I wanted, as often as I wanted! In October of 2009, a friend made me hop on the scale, after suggesting we have a competition to see who could lose the most weight. I was floored to see that the scale said 170! (I had weighed 115 lbs when I left Canada) From that moment on I made a commitment to myself to get healthy and come down to a more reasonable weight (although I don't think I ever want to be 115 again, that was TOO skinny for me!) I cut out the soda and bacon cheeseburgers, started working out, and just tried to be mindful of how I was eating. Progress was slow, but paying closer attention to my calorie intake and making time for moderate exercise yielded great results! I hit my goal weight of 140 pounds just in time to be a fit bridesmaid in my sister's wedding. It took a ton of commitment and resilience to reach my goal and I was incredibly happy with the person I had become.

But then I got complacent and stopped working out. Since August of 2011, I have gained back almost all of the weight I had lost, so, I am at it again, but the challenge this time around is making health and fitness work around my hectic schedule, and finding a way to truly enjoy a healthier lifestyle so that it becomes my permanent way of life!

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Motivation for excercise
A strategy that I have found useful when I have zero motivation/very little time, is to figure out the absolute minimum amount of time I could spend on exercise in a week, and commit to doing that much (or more, it you feel like it). Some weeks it will only be 15 minutes every other day, other weeks it will be 45 or more per day. I think the most important thing is starting small so you can get into a habit, even if it feels like you're starting *too* small at first. Then you can start slowly increasing the duration and intensity of your workouts as you get more comfortable.
Good luck!
posted 18 Jun 2019, 13:04
Unsupportive Comments from Mother-in-law
Wow, so many replies! Thank you all for your your advice, I take something away from every one of your responses. To answer Spacey47, my mil and I are very close, my husband and I lived with her for three years and in many ways she is closer to me than my own mother. And I completely agree with the idea that she feels it is her mission to feed and nurture those around her. To fredmugs, the incidents I mentioned have happened when I was alone with my mother-in-law, and to my husband's defense, he does stand up for me and tell his mom to cool it when he sees that I'm uncomfortable. msawyer13, you raise a great point, one I hadn't thought of. I think that seeing me make good choices for my health may make her feel guilty about the unhealthy choices she's made, and by putting down my choices she can feel better about herself. I think my strategy from now on will be to hold my tongue as much as possible and continue to say "No, thank you" (most of the times...of course, I do want the cookie once in a while!), and if it gets to a breaking point again, explain to her that the criticism makes me feel unsupported and that I need her to stop. Thanks everyone for the great advice! Very Happy
posted 16 Feb 2013, 10:50
Unsupportive Comments from Mother-in-law
I've been having issues with my MIL making unsupportive comments about my eating habits lately, and I would love some advice on how to deal with this. My mother in law is overweight, and loves to show her affection through food. When she offers me a cookie, or a second serving at Sunday dinner, I generally say "No, thank you". Perfectly polite response, right? She will then say something along the lines of "Oh, but you barely ate anything!" or "I bought these cookies because I knew you liked them!". I will usually again say "No thanks, I'm full/I'm not hungry". Although I think my answers are very polite,she will usually get very silent and look offended. Lately, I am losing my patience with these types of comments. The last time she urged me to have a cookie, I said "No, thank you", and her reply was "What, are you on a diet?!?". I informed her that I was simply trying to eat less processed junk, and more whole foods. She responded "But isn't that way more expensive?". At that point I kind of lost it, and told her that as far as I'm concerned, I'm investing in my future health and saving myself the thousands of dollars in medical bills I would have to spend if I had a heart attack later in life because of an unhealthy lifestyle. I think I may have hurt her feelings, but I felt like she was pushing me to a breaking point.

So, do you think it's better to keep my thoughts to myself and just say "No, thank you" a million times, or should I continue to stand my ground and express reasons for wanting to change myself for the better?
posted 13 Feb 2013, 23:40
Losing the last 10 pounds...again!
Thanks for the advice beets_yum! I have been doing pretty well for the last few days. Simply getting involved again in the FatSecret community has seemed to motivate me quite a bit, and I've loved the support I get here! I've realized that I definitely snack out of boredom. In the last few days I've been focusing on eating only when I'm truly hungry, and eating more fresh fruit and almonds, as opposed to processed carbs. It is getting easier as the days go by, and I really am confident that I can get back to a healthier weight and a healthier relationship with food.
posted 13 Feb 2013, 22:44
Losing the last 10 pounds...again!
Thanks for the replies! I started a weekly yoga class today, and have been doing a little bit better with my eating habits in the last few days. I spent a good hour yesterday writing up an exercise and nutrition plan/schedule for the next few months (this worked well for me last time) and I am going to do some weight training right now! I definitely need to get in the habit of packing my lunches at night, since I do occasionally forget to do it in the morning, and then have to grab something less than virtuous. Thanks for the tips!
posted 09 Feb 2013, 15:55
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