DairyFarmersWife's Journal, 30 May 2018

Is it bad when you can't even follow your own suggestions or rules? This explains why my kids don't listen to me. If I can't listen to me then how can I expect others to listen to me?? And why don't I listen to myself? Do I not trust myself? Do I think I'm full of crap and not a reliable source of information? Or maybe I'm just a brat and I don't like people telling me what to do even if that person is me.

I've been reading some things on gut health and why it can be difficult to lose weight even if you're working out and eating less than you burn and a lot of other things that I've already forgotten. One thing that stuck out was the fact that we spend at least 30% of our energy digesting food. If you eat regularly then that 30% can be more like 40%. Not to mention that if you're not giving your body time to digest before you eat more then it's just a never ending cycle of the body struggling to keep up. It all makes perfect sense and the advice has been around for years.

Remember the rules: don't eat after 7 or 8, only eat every 4 hours, don't snack, etc. Basically... You're not a freaking cow with 4 stomachs so stop acting like a cow and stop grazing. One body, one stomach. Don't be an A-hole to your stomach.

Simple right?? Uhuh. I started this last night. I even upped my water in an attempt to stop grazing by floating away from food. By 10 pm I wanted something. Anything. The thing is.. I don't usually eat that late. But because I told myself I wouldn't eat well then I wanted to eat. Same thing today. Don't graze?? In a cube farm?? Is this even possible? I mean really. I haven't eaten since 1pm.. it's 3:34. I've gone through cycles of anger when I opened my drawer 20 times and told myself no, grief when I realized I have LOTS of snacks in this desk, sadness when there was ice cream sundaes in the cafeteria, Anger again when I realized I can't even listen to my own freaking advice, and finally acceptance when I decided I need to leave early just to get away from the bag of almonds that is taunting me.

Seriously? WTF is my problem? I am not a cow. I will not graze. I will be kind to my stomach. I will not graze. WHY DO I HAVE SO MANY FREAKING SNACKS?!?!?!

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Take the snacks to the kids. Bribe them. 
30 May 18 by member: TomLong
Give those snacks away to a skinny friend lol! You made rules for yourself without getting rid of your temptations, it's a simple mistake. Don't cut yourself off cold turkey, set a snack time twice a day. I'll have some raw carrots or sugar snap peas because I know I just want to munch. Once you realize that you're not hungry, you're just bored - just a creature of habit. You'll get much better at restricting. Don't be so hard on yourself, we're all mad cows here! 🐄 
30 May 18 by member: brookofmirkwood
loved reading this. i was a night eater i would cuddle up in bed watching tv with the dog and sweets chocolate cakes etc. i dont generally eat before 12 i have tea around 5ish and dont eat after that. i drink 2 or 3 cups of tea aday then water till 6ish i will then allow myself a bottle of cherry pepsi max but to be honest a bottle sometimes lasts 3 nights. hope your doing well  
30 May 18 by member: keats06
DFW, I have struggled with all the same frustrations you're voicing. Last June, I had an epiphany: Instead of fighting my lifelong habits, I decided it was time to take care of myself. It's so different from the mindset of berating myself for my weaknesses and failures. I began to approach my life and health from a positive perspective and was back on track to losing weight. I had a bit of a "mood hiatus" while recovering from foot surgery, but I'm back on track now. Living well is a DECISION that we have to make every day, sometimes minute by minute. It will help tremendously if you can give up the negative self-talk. It's really helping me! 
30 May 18 by member: Miraculum
This is a great topic - thanks for sharing your frustrations. I have never been a "snack guy" or an "eat 3 meals a day guy". When I got my new path in life it was advised I do the eat three meal thing and even worse - I had to snack in between. but after the Dr. (and nurse and nutritionist and others - I am a bit stubborn) explained the consistent blood sugar deal it made sense. I keep real meals at 4-6 hour intervals and the snacks (not second breakfast) somewhere in the middle of the span. the trick for me is that the meals are right sized and well balanced. it was weird at first but is more of a habit now. I don't eat in the evening 8ish until breakfast at 5:30 - I know right who gets up that early.  
30 May 18 by member: tahoebrun
I can relate. More than a couple of people have dubbed me "the one who is always eating." Especially since i quit smoking. I have been doing IF for a couple of months now, and it did take an adjustment of my mind to not be eating nonstop. 
30 May 18 by member: jengetfit123
I struggled with the same thing too. Sometimes you just need the right motivation to truly dedicate yourself to it. My daughter gained a ton of weight after graduating and she asked me to help her. So, we went on a cleanse. I did it for her. I also stopped giving myself an "option" of working out in the evenings. I just do it. Unfortunately, my daughter didn't stick to the clean eating and has kept the weight on. I want to be a good influence on her, so I have kept it off for 3 months now. I know it is incredibly tough though! I have found that cutting out all sugar (besides what is naturally in fruits & veggies) makes me unable to even stomach the smell of sweets. I still struggle with wanting to snack on salty stuff though. Sending love and support your way! 
30 May 18 by member: Peasy3
Moo. I have a ton of snacks with me, too, but they're all things I can eat. I've got 3 little Clementine tangerines sitting right under my monitor as well as some roasted/salted almonds in a container underneath. Everything is handy. Leftover lunch is in the fridge here, too, along with more snacks. I find that if I "allow" myself whatever I want... I don't want it. I'm perverse in my own way!  
30 May 18 by member: SoCalPam
Chefrobbyp it really isn't that straightforward, your metabolism will go into starvation mode and actually ensure your body shuts down a lot of calorie burn if you swing right off to major calorie deficit and more exercising... I am routinely at 1200 per day and more calorie deficit for the last 3 months and have barely dropped 10lbs .. seriously on a logical reciprocal calculation at that 1200 a day deficit I should be down 35/40lbs ... but guess what its not linear lol 
30 May 18 by member: Bandrai
Also, if you eat foods you are sensitive to, inflammation and water retention will increase, thus causing you to weigh more.  
30 May 18 by member: gz9gjg
Don't beat yourself up. Take every day one at a time. If it were so easy company would not be making millions of dollars on weight loss promises and different techniques. If something isn't working, try something else, there are literally hundreds of diets, techniques and ways to lose weight. You need to find what works for you. Everyone has a key, that key works for now, it may work for a long time, it may work for you forever - but it may not. The body is a complicated machine. It is alive so it is forever changing. Keep working at it, learning, and doing.  
30 May 18 by member: skydiverjim
Bandrai, so true, but don’t imagine you could talk sense into that anti-health troll. CICO wars take place on here all the time and this guy is probably the same dude we all blocked under another name. He won’t educate. Everyone that matters already knows CICO doesn’t work or else the last 40 years of fatso stats would not exist. I’m with you, but don’t engage. As for snacks, Now rare for me, Once a periodic binger. I have to set my alarm to remind myself to eat now. No carbs, no craves. IMF took some effort but really stopped my afternoon sleepies. I eat food at 2 or 3pm and then at 8pm. Bed by 11pm to set Circadian Rhythm and up at 7-8am, working from home. I’m diabetic and my sugar is high in the morning but slowly comes down with no food. I drink a green drink and MCT oil at noonish. Keep strong and you WILL succeed.  
30 May 18 by member: JulsRuls
Have you tried Intermittent Fasting? It simply means you limit your window of eating every day - I eat only between 12:00pm - 8:00pm because it best works for my work schedule. We call that 16:8 - 16 hour fast and 8 hour eating window. 
30 May 18 by member: HCB
You are in my thoughts and prayers my friend .... no answers here, just a friend to walk beside you. 
30 May 18 by member: glen
Your body basically uses night time when you are sleeping to repair itself. That is it’s primary job. Physical changes occur at night like the excretion of hormones that concentrate our urine so we don’t have to pee all night long— well, most of us anyway. LOL. So basically, if you eat your last meal by sixths you are FASTING till morning. Body can’t work at repairing itself and digest the crap people eat at night at the same time. Sort of a simplistic explanation, but true nevertheless. 
30 May 18 by member: Kenna Morton
I must not have that hormone because i have to get up several times a night to pee. 
30 May 18 by member: cjodyssey
That’s why I put the LOL. I’m with you. But that is why our urine is typically darker yellow in the morning. 
30 May 18 by member: Kenna Morton
When I eat carbs before sleep, even just 20g, I have to get up a few times to pee. I’m insulin resistant, pre-diabetic. When I am very strictly carbless, I sleep better. I was going to try melatonin 3mg. I’ve read that it could help me sleep. But, I think I’ll still have to hit that loo at least once. 
01 Jun 18 by member: JulsRuls


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