Joined July 2012
Weight History

Start Weight
285.0 lb
Lost so far: 57.0 lb

Current Weight
228.0 lb
Performance: gaining 0.5 lb a week

Goal Weight
173.0 lb
Still to go: 55.0 lb
UPDATE 11/10/2018
I'm 65, 68.75" tall, retired (2008), married (2013). Profile pic 09/2018 (the first "fat" picture that I've ever really liked -- and not a "glamour" shot!) I finally have the peace and contentment I've always craved. Now, I want my health to catch up!

At 19, I thought I was "fat" at 145#. At 32 and 185#? "YUGE!" At 235#: horror. I haven't been under 200# since age 34 and hit 285 in 1992. I said I wanted to be thin but couldn't find an eating plan I could stick with. I was lying. I weighed anywhere from 215 to 240 pounds and settled in at about 235 pounds. By June 2017, I was fed up and disgusted with myself. I spent $800 on a 60-day weight loss program but I lost less than 20 pounds. "Accountability" wasn't working.

I started 2018 with reconstructive foot surgery, a result of 25 years of diabetic neuropathy and hemoglobin A1c readings bouncing between 9 and 11 percent, and was back up to 223 pounds. The anesthesiologist: "Get thee to a cardiologist!" Turns out I have left ventricular hypertrophy -- enlargement.

My foot is healed but my strength, stamina, and balance (already impaired) are much worse. Because I'd been falling, I usually carry a cane or use a "rollator" (a walker on wheels with a built-in seat and storage beneath it. It's slow-going, walking around a supermarket for a few things without a cart or an assistive device.

Medication Victories! Decreased Levemir, Humalog, Victoza, lisinopril, and skin ointment; no more metformin, verapamil, anti-depressant or anxiolytic. But, the cardiologist added a beta blocker. Oh well...

I fell off the wagon between mid August and November 10, 2018. My birthday's over, and it's time to start anew. I'm back up to 228 pounds, and still want to get down to 173 pounds.

ULTIMATE GOALS (net loss 112 lbs. 2003-2019?)
285 pounds (BMI 42.39) starting weight
173 pounds (BMI 24.99) goal weight

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cals: 119kcal | fat: 7.10g | carbs: 8.81g | prot: 5.51g
Crab Salad II
A healthier but yummy take on a crab salad.
cals: 257kcal | fat: 10.74g | carbs: 2.76g | prot: 36.06g
Tuna Bites
Delicious small tuna cakes packed with flavor and good nutrients, that are very low carb.
cals: 242kcal | fat: 18.66g | carbs: 10.59g | prot: 10.09g
Cauliflower Fried Rice
Grated cauliflower instead of rice is both delicious and low carb.
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Amount of calories and exercise to lose weight
Afurakani wrote:
This is how you burn body-fat:
... #3: Devour A Micro-Feast Every 2 to 3 Hours!

This concept is based on the idea that longer intervals between meals lowers the metabolic rate and this defeats the person's weight-loss goal.

On the contrary: The body responds to food consumption (particularly carbohydrate) by releasing the hormone insulin. That hormone also facilitates conversion of *excess* blood glucose into stored fat.

Hyperinsulinemia therefore encourages fat storage AND, if one is insulin-resistant (as more and more people are these days), consuming food frequently keeps insulin levels high and accelerates fat storage and, therefore, weight gain.

Based on newer scientific research, eliminating between-meal snacks and limiting consumption to two (or one) meal(s) per day keeps insulin levels low. Combined with a LCHF, this facilitates fat burning.

SOURCE: Articles and videos by Andreas Eenfeldt, M.D., and Jason Fung, M.D., at dietdoctor.com.
posted 11 Jul 2018, 14:08
Confused with this app
If you have no "Followers," then you don't show up in anyone's feed when they select "Following" as the filter.

The way to "be seen" on FS is to make sure that your profile and weight, food, and activity are not "private" and that others can comment on your posts, etc. To do this, go to this page -- that is, your "My FatSecret," on the right side of the webpage, then "Settings."

(1) post from your journal daily, if possible;
(2) log your weight, food, and activity (this also helps you spot trends and correlations between weight and diet);
(3) comment on the posts of others frequently; and
(4) look at profiles of people who post and "follow" those you find interesting, inspiring, or having struggles similar to your own.
posted 25 Jun 2018, 22:12
When to Weigh
kaceyhowell wrote:
I just had a qucikie, when would be the best time to weigh yourself? In the morning? afternoon? evening?

I always weigh less at about 10:00 a.m., so that's the weight I record.
posted 19 Jun 2018, 04:33
Weight Loss Bar Graph Help
Neither could I find the exact percentages for weight loss progress through the "status colors" (red, then orange, yellow, anf green, and, finally, blue). If someone is at or near their goal weight (LSG417 is a great example!), their profile weight loss graph can give you an approximate "color scale."
posted 16 Jun 2018, 10:45
I’m Not Feeling Welcome Here
Maggotbrain, your profile says that your journal posts are only visible to "Followers" but no one is "following" you, so no one is "seeing" you.

I'm posting for everyone not "feeling welcome."

I find it much easier to navigate Fatsecret on its website from my laptop, even though I have the app on my smartphone, because things just seem to be more "spelled out" on the website. (I also hate trying to input one key at a time on my phone.)

Go to your Food Diary page and click the little "gear" icon (upper left, above Breakfast). "Change Your Preferences" to "Share my weight, journal, and calendar" from "With my followers" to "With everyone." (You can always change it back if you don't like it.) Many more people will see your posts.

As part of your weight program/recovery, resolve to post to your journal more often, to share your journey. Also, decide how often you want to "Weigh in" -- daily, weekly, etc. When you weigh in, you can scroll down that page and write a journal entry. Let people get to know you a bit.

Keeping a food diary can be one of the most effective FS tools if used consistently. You'll see patterns and be able to plan your meals in advance, to minimize indecision while you're standing in front of the refrigerator.

You can use the RDI tool (link at the bottom of the Food Diary page) as it's set up -- inputting your data -- and then play with the numbers. If you find you're losing weight too slowly or too quickly, customize it for yourself.

On the "My Fatsecret" tab, click the "Notebook" icon to the left of the date box. That will show "Recent Activity," and you can choose how wide (or narrow) to cast your net -- from "Everyone" to "Me." You can respond to posts or just "support" people who are posting.

Good luck and best wishes on your journey!
posted 03 Jun 2018, 19:43
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