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Hungy All the Time! HELP!
@ NCNOLE- I have tried many different meal frequencys. They dont seem to make much of a difference. Also, in general. Changing up meal timings frequently leads to hunger in most people. This is because the grehlin hormone spikes around the time when your body is used to eating. Not giving your body food make's the issue worse for most people, including meself.

@ I will be getting official blood work done for thyroid soon. I will try the iodine trick.

posted 01 May 2013, 06:42
Hungy All the Time! HELP!
@ iamachristia...- I have tried chewing gum after and before eating I't does seem to help a slight bit. Also, I tend to have the same issue with wheat, but that is most likely because the wheat that we eat is processed and has higher GI, thus digesting quicker and spiking blood sugar levels more. I stay away from wheat because I have a mild sensitivity.

@ Ingria- I have had blood tests done and they have shown no known food allergies. The blood tests did show that I had a mild sensitivity to wheat and a greater sensitivity to casein. I have eliminated both from my diet. I eat a very nutritious diet and am on a vitamin stack perscribed by my doctor. I have definatly seen a correlation between sleep and my energy/hunger. In general I get 8 hours a night but my cycle shifts back a few hours on the weekends. Thanks I appreciate it.

@ Others- I recieved a couple sugestions that my problem my be diabetes. I have not recieved my official blood work back yet but I did take my own fasting blood sugar. 81 is in the normal range. Also, I am beginning to think that this may be a thyroid issue. I have noticed in the past few months that I have a greatly increased sensitivity to cold.
posted 29 Apr 2013, 07:00
Hungy All the Time! HELP!
Thank you everyone for your feedback. Here are some answers to your questions/replys.

@Wyattj99- I drink plenty of water. Definatly around 1-1.5 gallons a day. I have tried more, I have tried less. Water is not the problem.

@madjak30- I will definatly check with my doctor soon.

@kingkeld- I can understand that it's hard to relate to my problem. I do not suffer from a psychological hunger. I know when I'm hungry and when Im not. Like I said, I am not a beginner. I followed Intermittent Fasting for over a year and just switched back to 3 meals a day in attemp to fix the hunger issue. I am not blaming IF but this issue started shortly after I began IF. I also tried 6 meals a day which did not seem to make a difference. Also, I do remember when first starting IF, getting the feeling of disconnecting from food. I could do 20-24 hour fasts no problem. This hunger issue seems to be comepletely seperate, began a couple months into IF and has progressively gotten worse since.

@Misspoo4- Sounds interesting but I do not suffer from hunger pangs. It seems that my stomach is not communicating with my brain. As I dont feel stomach hunger or fullness. This may be an issue with the ghrelin hormone. Also, it is hard not to think about it when all I can think about is food. Its similar to what happens to starving people. Heck, I even dream about food and wake up hungry. I promise you if I could forget about it,I would.

Thanks everyone, I look forward to more feedback.
posted 25 Apr 2013, 08:06
Hungy All the Time! HELP!
kingkeld wrote:
I have recently written quite a bit about this in my journals. Take a look at my entries for the last week or so - you will find what you need there, I believe. Smile

Also, this issue has been adressed SO MANY times here in these forums, no offense. Use the search thingy and you will find quite a bit of great advice. Just make sure you try to filter out all the misinformation that is also given. It's a jungle out there kiddo.

If you feel like it, feel free to add me as a buddy.


I am not seeing this information in your entries nor have I come across someone with my described problem (as bad as it is). I am looking for more scientific advice as I know the basics.

posted 24 Apr 2013, 13:47
Hungy All the Time! HELP!
I,ve been having issues with constant hunger for a little less than a year now. I would definatly say I am well informed when it comes to diet and weightloss but I cannot wrap my head around the hunger issue. I have a mental hunger that dosent go away by eating or having food in my stomach. I constantly thinks about food all day and my mouth is always watering. I have tried many different meal frequencys and macronutrient ratios. Even when I eat at my maintenance calories or slightly above it does not seem to help very much. I have accuratly tracked everything that I have eaten since the beginning of the year so feel free to look. I have a feeling that this issue is due to something hormonal or maybe even a thyroid issue. I take many vitamins specific to what my doctor thinks I need. I will probably go to see a specialist for this issue soon. If there is anyone who is well versed in hunger or related, please feel free to give advice or ask for any more information you may need to give advice.

19 years old
190 lbs
2800-2900 calories a day maintenance
around 16-17% bodyfat
x3 days a week lifting weights + 30 min light cardio

posted 24 Apr 2013, 12:06
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