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Lunch: Wendy's Chili (Large), American Heritage Cheddar Shredded Cheese, Canada Dry Ginger Ale (20 oz).
Breakfast: Egg (Whole), Organic Valley Half & Half, Coffee (Instant), Cooked Broccoli (from Fresh), Cheddar Cheese. Lunch: Cooked Cassava (Yuca Blanca), 2% Fat Milk, Pork Chops (Top Loin, Boneless), Birds Eye Normandy Blend Vegetables. Snacks/Other: Wine Cooler.
Breakfast: Cheddar Cheese, Organic Valley Half & Half, Egg (Whole), Coffee. Lunch: Texas Roadhouse Ribeye (10 oz), Cooked Broccoli (from Fresh), Whole Wheat Bread, Butter, Unsweetened Iced Tea, Equal Sweeteners (Aspartame) Packets. Dinner: Meat Loaf Made with Beef, Chicken Out Rotisserie Cucumber and Onion Salad, 2% Fat Milk. Snacks/Other: Water, Market Pantry Mozzarella String Cheese, Nut Mixture with Dried Fruit and Seeds, Dannon Greek Yogurt - Strawberry.
Breakfast: McDonald's Coffee Creamer, Coffee (made from Ground). Lunch: Carl Buddig Deli Cuts Roast Beef, White Bread, American Cheese, Boston Lettuce, Salad Dressing.
Breakfast: USN Diet Fuel, Mixed Vegetable Juice (Vegetables Other Than Tomato), Bananas. Snacks/Other: Quaker Old Fashioned Oats, Trader Joe's Raw Almonds.
Breakfast: Oats, Kirkland Signature Raw Almonds, Bananas. Lunch: Potato French Fries. Dinner: DeBoles Gluten Free Rice Spaghetti, Cooked Mixed Vegetables (Corn, Lima Beans, Peas, Green Beans and Carrots). Snacks/Other: Bananas.
Breakfast: Oats, Cashew Nuts, Kirkland Signature Raw Almonds. Snacks/Other: Date, Bananas.
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