Kenna Morton's Journal, 23 June 2018

There is a “young?”” Lady posting about not eating, passing out all the time, wanting more powerful laxatives than she is already using and she is 5’8” and 105 lb and thinks she is fat and is in despair. People are cheering her on in her weight loss journey, giving her laxative suggestions—- blah, blah blah. Do most of you actually read what she is writing or are you so focused on loose weight, loose weight that you don’t see that this person has a very serious problem. This is an issue
which is way beyond any of us here.
Careful when you give out advice—

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Perfect example of “Just because you are thin, it does not mean you are healthy”. So sad, but we really can’t do anything. She did comment she faints throughout the day 😳 
23 Jun 18 by member: rosio19
They probably did not read her file  
23 Jun 18 by member: rosio19
I saw that post. I have a cousin who suffers from anorexia, even in her 60's. She's never weighed more than 95 pounds and she's 5'5". It is extremely worrisome when we don't pay attention to the why of someone wanting to lose weight or the necessity of it. I can only pray that someone in her real life takes notice and helps her get the help she needs.  
23 Jun 18 by member: LSG417
That's over a stone under her lowest normal BMI weight and comes in at 15.9 surely that classifies her as an anorexic? Quite aside from the dysmorphia. I didn't see the post put isn't anyone telling her to talk to a doctor or her family, she quite clearly needs an intervention rather than recommendations on laxatives ?? That's dreadful to hear that people aren't paying attention to her situation. 
23 Jun 18 by member: Bandrai
I did see and read her post. She does need help but Not to lose weight! 
23 Jun 18 by member: hireed
I did not see that post but that is not healthy. I agree she needs help and quickly.  
23 Jun 18 by member: wholefoodnut
amen!!! there are healthy amd effective to lose weight but its also not healthy to be underweight!! sadly with her age, i believe its that pressure to have an unrealistic body that you see in a magazine. not okay. 
23 Jun 18 by member: kaylinrenee
Regardless, it's not right to post about someone on this forum. It's basically gossip and can be considered bullying. If you have something to say, say it to her directly in a private message. What you've done by making this post: You've now, created space for more people to talk about her in commenting to your post. Do you see how this. An be really bad? What do you think the girl you are posting about it going thru? Do you think this would help her or hurt her? Do you think she'd feel good coming across This and seeing the post you made and all the comments it generated? Really. Take this Down. 
23 Jun 18 by member: SailorEarth
I’m fairly certain her family/friends are well aware of her problem— probably not a new issue. They may feel helpless as well. 
23 Jun 18 by member: Kenna Morton
some people need medical attention. Not FatSecret... This is the app they deserve, just not the one that’s needed right now 
23 Jun 18 by member: DEADPOOL12345
Sailor Earth don't agree with you at all your grandstanding is a bit much. We are all concerned the girl gets the help she needs. And Kenna was posting to remind people to be truly considerate when responding to vulnerable people on the platform .. no one here is gossiping or in any way posting anything hurtful or malicious. Hopeful she does see this and realises people in the community are concerned for her welfare, and that gives her the courage to seek the help that she needs. THanks. 
23 Jun 18 by member: Bandrai
Sailor Earth— you are right. I gave this some thought. But I also saw that people were giving laxative suggestions, etc. and decided I was more concerned with the advice she was getting. If they ban me from the site I get it and decided to take that risk. She also may see the concern people have for her.. I do appreciate what you are saying. 
23 Jun 18 by member: Kenna Morton
please take this post down. yes i know we care and we want to help, but please not like this. 
23 Jun 18 by member: adefwebserver
Could not agree more. Young Lady and anyone starting or in her case overdoing a regiment should seek not only physical medical assistance but also mental. I am a staunch advocate for like minded groups such as this one however I take my health advice from professionals. My heart goes out to anyone battling this issue. 
23 Jun 18 by member: Alnona
@Kenna Morton - I urge you to reconsider. This is 'gossip' about another member. The post is not about laxatives in general, it is about a 'specific young lady who is 5'8" and 105 lbs who is 'on this site'. Out of love and kindness, let us all just reach out to her directly on her post where SHE has full control of the post and all comments. We allow her the power to delete the entire post if she wants to. She cannot delete this one. This takes power away from her. I hope you can see this difference. 
23 Jun 18 by member: adefwebserver
Sorry as I was one of the people who didn't read her background and did not realize how thin she was.  
23 Jun 18 by member: Fishingwidow
I did read her post and the comments, so sad. 😕 
23 Jun 18 by member: Keilin_4
I believe Kenna, as a retired health professional, has recognized that the young woman in question has more advanced medical needs and is sadly unlikely to be helped by anyone here--but that other users here could have a decidedly detrimental effect on that young woman's tenuous well-being. Kenna's post is about other users' behavior, which she does have the potential to directly impact by speaking out. It's not gossip. Kenna is trying to keep the community from accidentally hurting a community member. 
23 Jun 18 by member: kpwcalories
@adef, I wish someone had felt the same way you do about a post that was directed at me back in April. My post was quite personal in discussing the issues we are dealing with with our oldest son and another FS user posted her own post giving her personal opinion of me and my life without giving consideration with what I was dealing with and how it would affect me. I actually commented on her post in self defense. She deleted all comments yet left the post. No one considered it gossip then. Maybe this isn't the best way to approach the issue, but Kenna was trying to bring awareness to the fact folks are giving advice to someone that will do harm rather than good. 
23 Jun 18 by member: LSG417
I took some advice and edited my post but my concern for this person is real.  
23 Jun 18 by member: Kenna Morton


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