Draglist's Journal, 20 February 2018

Supplemental Entry: Got my new handheld Omron Fat Loss Monitor today ($30 at Amazon.com). It is a Biometric Impedance Analysis (BIA) unit. I ordered it as a checksum against my Tanita BIA Scale, which has placed me at 15-16 percent body fat for some time. To my disappointment but not surprise, the Omron unit measured me at 31.1 percent body fat. Denise doesn't believe it, but I think I do. I went to several websites where they estimated body fat for my weight and it matched the Omron and not the Tanita. This miscalculation could explain a lot.

I have been hitting every macro and staying largely in ketosis but just not losing the weight I've slowly put on since I was in the hospital a year ago (about 20 pounds). That weight gain coincides with my increasing calories to match what I thought was a valid target. If the new numbers are true (and I think they are), then my daily "maintenance" intake is 2014 calories. Anytime I eat over that (which is daily except for my Friday Fast), I am exceeding my goal. I am going to adjust the rest of the month to 1525 calories per day (except for one more Fasting Friday). That will allow me to finish the month with a 1500 per day calorie average (my new estimated lean body mass x 10).

When March begins, I'll eat approximately 1900 a day except for my first five days (Fasting Mimicking) and four Fasting Fridays. In the end, this is just a few hundred calories less than I've been eating and will be easy. Time will tell if that will be the difference. I think it will be. I will still do keto and 16:8 fasting with two meals per day. Now I need to see what to do in order to update my daily numbers on FatSecret. That format may need to change.

Diet Calendar Entries for 20 February 2018:
1540 kcal Fat: 106.18g | Prot: 88.87g | Carb: 51.54g.   Breakfast: Coffee. Lunch: Coffee, Calavo Avocado, StarKist Foods Tuna Creations Hot Buffalo Style, StarKist Foods Tuna Creations Hickory Smoked Tuna (Pouch), Safeway Steams in The Bag – Broccoli and Cauliflower, Coca-Cola Cherry Coke Zero (20 oz). Dinner: Zucchini , Colavita Extra Virgin Olive Oil, A&W Diet Root Beer, Fresh Express Organic Baby Spinach, Water, Laughing Cow Mini Babybel Mozzarella, Parmesan Cheese (Shredded) , Lettuce, Tomatoes, Hummus , Lucerne Pepper Jack Cheese, America's Choice Bacon Thick Sliced. Snacks/Other: Daisy Sour Cream, Nature Made Super B-Complex, Centrum Silver - Men 50+, Now Magnesium Citrate, Turmeric Capsules, Vitamin D3 5000 IU, Kelp, MK-7 Vitamin K2, Hunza Gold Apricot Kernels, Smoky Mountain Naturals DIM with Bioperine, Now Zinc, Viva Naturals Krill Oil, La Croix Berry Flavored Sparkling Water. more...
3264 kcal Activities & Exercise: Fitbit - 24 hours. more...
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That makes a lot of sense. You've been trying so hard for such a long time and not losing. I'm sure your new regime will see those pounds dropping rapidly πŸ™‚ 
20 Feb 18 by member: Doobrie
Thanks, Doobrie. I'm hopeful! 
20 Feb 18 by member: Draglist
We get set in our ways and trust our usual tool too much at times. It reminds me of a sci-if story (Larry Niven, if memory serves me correctly) where a guy had a chemical imbalance in his brain that rendered him progressively more paranoid. To avoid paranoia he had a machine that tested a pinprick’s worth of blood daily, showing a red light if he needed his meds and a green light if he was OK. He had the green light for lots of days in succession then one day no lights came on ... so he assumed the green bulb had blown, kept testing daily and never took his meds (of course it was the red that had blown). The short story around it is equally grim and amusing. Anyway! All the best for your new regime πŸ‘πŸ» 
20 Feb 18 by member: Phooka
Sounds like a plan! πŸ™‹πŸ» 
20 Feb 18 by member: smprowett
Bill, finding the calorie amount that works for you can also be a bit of a challenge as not everyone is equal. To lose I have to keep mine at around 1200. 1400 for maint. but I've found if I average that it works. So a day that I go over I have to adjust a couple days after. I also haven't been sticking to my numbers and need to get back to it. Exercise for me also has to fit into my day to lose, it seems to be the trigger.  
20 Feb 18 by member: wholefoodnut
I agree,with wholefoods 100% for women!!! That seems to add up with all the women who have been successful on fatsecret and all my weight watchers,real appeal diet books and internet. For MEN I believe it's 1700-2000 calories a day depending on weight and other medical issues 
20 Feb 18 by member: Maine coon
Wholefoodnut, autocorrect got me again! 
20 Feb 18 by member: Maine coon
By tge,way Bill as usual you are up on all the gadgets for diet!!! Very interesting, I am amazon queen so to speak, I may check that out!!!☺ 
20 Feb 18 by member: Maine coon
Very interesting. Look forward to hearing how that works out! 
20 Feb 18 by member: Gingerk65
Thanks, all! Will be interesting to follow. This morning was 29.1 percent so the dehydration was in effect. 
20 Feb 18 by member: Draglist
wow I just bought the scale that's supposed to monitor everything same brand also bought on Amazon for 31, also has Bluetooth so I can add to my apps. 
20 Feb 18 by member: possible?
Bill, If l remember some time back because the very low read outs your Tanita print outs you where posting seemed like it was set up to calculate athletic print outs that setting is mainly used for the young wiry and or the competitive athlete's and brother l don't see you in that category, For God's Sake when they set the Tanita for a look see to athlete, it has me at 12.6% hahaha and there's no way I'm that.l think my last fat% readout was 24.7% in the Standard setting that's more realistic to work from with overall planning for our age and body type. Just some info for you. 
20 Feb 18 by member: murphthesurf
Always interesting to see what you come up with to "battle the bulge". Look forward to seeing how this works out for you. I'm giving my present course until the 1st of March. A month on each plan of attack should be a good indicator of progress. Unfortunately, for me, Valentine's day was a wee bit of a setback. 
20 Feb 18 by member: kattay
Good luck with it, Possible! Hi, Murph. Good idea, but I checked that and I was listed as a good old normal body type. The truth may actually lie somewhere in between the two numbers but I'm going to use the higher body fat number to see where it leads. One of these days, I'll get in a BodPod somewhere and get a real reading. Thanks, Kattay! Keep on rocking! 
20 Feb 18 by member: Draglist
Yes! I find the bodyfat scales are "weigh" off (Ha Ha - joke there) and really only trust the caliper and my trainer in the end. Handhelds are better than the scales. Check the body fat ranges for males your age to see where your healthy range may settle. I can be higher than I once thought but constantly look at the numbers there. I think losing the fat is more healthy than the scale weight. 
20 Feb 18 by member: HCB
Thanks, HCB. Totally agree with your last sentence. Bought some calipers a few years ago and do not trust them at all (at least in my novice hands). So long as the BF number is going down, that works for me. Unfortunately, it hasn't happened despite all my work. 
20 Feb 18 by member: Draglist
I cannot do calipers on myself either! I tried to teach my husband but he was erratic...LOL 
20 Feb 18 by member: HCB
Hey Bill and Helen...Leigh Peele has a great overview (easy read) pdf article on both estimating body fat % and the Pros/Cons of the different measuring methods. Also Helen, she has a book you may be interested in regarding an in depth look at our metabolism while dieting for fat loss...Tom Venuto has great things to say about it. You can google her and Im sure you'll find it or PM me and we can "chat". 
20 Feb 18 by member: Steven Lloyd
Awesome research Bill on keeping on the hunt for continued fat loss, here's to great success in 2018 for you!!  
20 Feb 18 by member: Steven Lloyd
Thank you, Steven! Will check out those sources. 
20 Feb 18 by member: Draglist


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