wannabhealthier's Journal, 18 February 2018

Once you start cycling, the city opens up for you. No longer are you fighting it, hot and frustrated; no longer are you at the mercy of bus drivers, roadworks, decisions made by others and over which you have no control. Believe me, once you've tasted this freedom, you're hooked. Deborah Moggach

28..406am..ggoood sunday morning..the quote i put up there today reminds me of myself..4 years ago when i first started riding a bike again..soon as i started riding i was hooked..now 4 years later..i have an indoor set up using a cannondale road bike set up on a kinetic smart trainer..just so i can get my rides inside thru the winter time..an a trek emonda carbon for riding outside in the cold or the sun..depending on how bad i want to brave the cold that day..

the thing i most enjoy about riding and even walking..i dont look at either one as exercise..even though they both are..i enjoy them both enough that its just a way to get out an enjoy the outside..see the people that you encounter on your trip around town or giving the dogs that arent tied up..their morning exercise..not only do you get a sprint done on your bike..but you see just how fast you can peddle from a year ago..

todays plan is to get on trainer and get a ride in..not sure if im gonna do a hill program on zwift or just a ride..really an truely..at the moment dont even care if i ride..but usually on a sunday i get a ride in depending on how i feel that day..having 101 miles in for the week this week..its extra miles to add on for the month..which i am behind on ..so hopefully il get riding clothes on shortly an get a ride/workout in..

weather here next week is suppose to be nicer..but rainy..might get several days of outdoor rides in..just have to watch the weather channel an see if i can get dressed an on bike before i get soaked..hate leaving in the rain..but getting caught in the rain..not so bad..just makes you ride faster to get back home..lol..

well...still fasting..coffee is done..but havnt had any yet..eyes are almost open once again..so guess its time to venture out of recliner an get this day started once again..


Try not to become a man of success, but rather try to become a man of value. Albert Einstein

Diet Calendar Entry for 18 February 2018:
831 kcal Fat: 46.04g | Prot: 87.45g | Carb: 13.99g.   Breakfast: Hammer Nutrition hammer fizz tabs, Nature Made Fish Oil (2), Tap Water, Folgers Classic Roast Instant Coffee, body tech BodyTech Creatine and Glutamine w Beta Al - Unflavored, Egg, Tyson Foods All Natural Boneless Skinless Chicken Breasts, Coburn Farms Large Eggs, Sargento Natural Sliced Colby-Jack Cheese, Body Fortress 100% Premium Chocolate Whey Protein. Lunch: Coburn Farms Eggs, Lettuce, Ranch Salad Dressing, Tap Water, Spice Classics Paprika, Simply Organic Minced Onion, Folgers Classic Roast Instant Coffee, Cinnamon, Bulk Supplements creatine monohydrate - micronized, Body Fortress 100% Premium Chocolate Whey Protein, Tyson Foods All Natural Boneless Skinless Chicken Breasts. Dinner: Tap Water, Intermittent Fasting. more...

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On the road again! p.s. I'm still glued to the couch. Maybe Patty will skip your blog today.schhhh 
18 Feb 18 by member: murphthesurf
sitting here thinking about murph..kitchen..20 feet..bathroom 12 foot..car in drive..30 foot..x amount of trips..lol...nope still not gotten on bike..might be another rest day.. 
18 Feb 18 by member: wannabhealthier
Interesting quote .... I believe that the world looks, feels, and even smells different on a bike versus riding in a car or walking. Freedom, i’m not so sure? My neighborhood and it’s street system is setup for cars, not bikes. As long as people are texting (or whatever) while driving ...... we bike riders have limited control. It’s a shame because it could be so much better.  
18 Feb 18 by member: glen
Great words Albert Einstein! Ha ha Murph no such luck, just got home we walked the beach this morning 5706 steps along the Atlantic. Go get 'em Mike! It's a beautiful Morning! Have a wonderful Sunday! 
18 Feb 18 by member: 8Patty
Wannab, Your staying in line with the good book..The Lord's 4th Commandment.. Remember the Sabbath Day, to keep it Holy in it thou shalt not work..So your good on the recliner and guilt free. p.s. The couch feels extra cozy today!😁 
18 Feb 18 by member: murphthesurf
Not paying attention@murph lol 
18 Feb 18 by member: 8Patty
Has nothing to do with good book...extra rest means hit it hard again monday 
18 Feb 18 by member: wannabhealthier
Love the quote by Einstein! 🙋🏻And you expressed beautifully how I feel walking around the city. 
18 Feb 18 by member: smprowett
That was just to let you know you were covered spiritual to. 
18 Feb 18 by member: murphthesurf
l was thinking we could start a revolution for resting on Sunday, maybe call it the LARS movement..lay An Rest Sundays. 
18 Feb 18 by member: murphthesurf
Hey, Wannabe, I finally bought a trainer. Thank you for your advice. I bought a mid-range one. Very good quality, but not digital. I followed the advice of the nice guy at the local bike shop. He had to order it, so I don't have it yet. It should come in on Tuesday. I'm still recovering from the concussion and my chiropractor says that indoor biking is the best, because you can hold your head still while exercising. Any tipping and jolting gives me a headache. I've been asking you about this for over a year, so I finally took the plunge. Now I have to develop the practice of using it. New habits! Thanks for your encouragement!!  
18 Feb 18 by member: erikahollister
Hope you enjoy your trainer..nice thing about it...raiy days..to hot outside...cold days..no excuses..less you need a day or two of rest... 
18 Feb 18 by member: wannabhealthier
I have no set days I rest murph...lol..when my body says so 
18 Feb 18 by member: wannabhealthier
Ok Tarzan, You took it all seriously..l though we were going to run a comic relief. 
18 Feb 18 by member: murphthesurf
Murp you have mail! 
18 Feb 18 by member: 8Patty
It's ok murph....we still buds...bpatty needs some one to yank her chain...2571 in steps today..an on my day off even... 
18 Feb 18 by member: wannabhealthier
7765 total for me! lol Mike I saw that! 
18 Feb 18 by member: 8Patty
Now what do you think you seen...cause I didn't see nothin... 
18 Feb 18 by member: wannabhealthier
so...how many feet are in a step....answer...2...right an left.... 
18 Feb 18 by member: wannabhealthier
l take 3' right and the same step left. Heel to toe  
18 Feb 18 by member: murphthesurf


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