mylahxandermom's Journal, 10 December 2017

Tell me a Non-Scale Victory you’ve had.

One of mine is that I fit in the bathtub better now. I didn’t realize how different it is when you are 60 pounds smaller.

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Yes! I have a big soaking tub, but being 30 lbs smaller means I don't have to fill with as much water! Also I am wearing the clothes I put away 10 years ago - classic jackets, skirts and jeans - down only 2 sizes but it feels like I got "my body" back. 
10 Dec 17 by member: gz9gjg
Getting dressed this morning - compared to six months ago - with no pain, trying to find my tightest (verses loosest) pants, looking in the mirror (without any more disgust) thinking... "You're not half bad looking." 
10 Dec 17 by member: From371to184
On the keto diet I have been seizure free for 2 years and got my driver's license back! NSV! 
10 Dec 17 by member: Jitterbug23
Sat at a table with some acquaintances of my wife on Friday night who hadn't seen me in years. They absolutely did not recognize me. And then the lady said, OMG, you were at my wedding! 
10 Dec 17 by member: Draglist
I don’t get as nauseous when someone points a camera at me as I used to. 
10 Dec 17 by member: krissyi
No more pain from spinal stenosis, off two of three meds happy full of energy! 
10 Dec 17 by member: 8Patty
Haven't had a bath in years ...can't get myself up out of tub easily. One day I hope to do it. Even the hot tub with rails and steps is a bitch to get into and out of. God forbid I should sit on floor to do anything...can't get myself back up on my feet. 
10 Dec 17 by member: Charades Ashanti
For me, the biggest non-scale victories are always trying on old clothes that I'd put away because they were too tight or wouldn't fit at all and now they fit again! That feels FANTASTIC. 
10 Dec 17 by member: billkcweb
I was trying on some pants and looking for a 33in length but they only come in 32 or 34 inch. I tried both and decided on the was not until I got home that I realized I was trying on 34 inch waists instead of 36inch. I had not been in 34s in decades... 
10 Dec 17 by member: isleham1
I fit just fine in my little car. It's easier to pack when traveling because clothes take up much less room in the suitcase. I don't sweat like crazy in airports and on airplanes. I almost never need asthma medicine. 
10 Dec 17 by member: kpwcalories
I love all of these. Smiling over here reading them.  
10 Dec 17 by member: mylahxandermom
My uniform pants only have one button undone instead of two... hahaha. 
10 Dec 17 by member: astrostellar
Finally wearing more than just 3 or 4 pairs of the pants in my closet because now they all fit and I can take them off at the end of the day without spending 5 minutes standing and scratching the crater-sized rings that the sufficatingly tight waistbands left on my stomach! Lol!  
10 Dec 17 by member: kmking40
I was diagnosed with type 2 Diabetes and prescribed oral meds which I refused to take - within 3 months I dropped my A1c from a 12 to a 7. My next goal is an A1c of between 5 and 6.5! My Dr discouraged that goal (😤 her excuse? It's hard enough for someone who's not diabetic to get that low!) And that has what to do with me? Within 6 months of starting this journey I've dropped 5 pant sizes!  
10 Dec 17 by member: Happy*Snappy
My doctor ignored my high A1c, triglycerides and cholesterol and harassed me about getting revenue - generating expensive tests instead. I am going to get the blood tests repeated now that I have lost 30 lbs. Expecting to see much better numbers. 
10 Dec 17 by member: gz9gjg
You guys are rocking this. I can’t wait until I go back to my doctor who wanted me to get weight loss surgery within 5 minutes of meeting me and showing her what I was able to do without the surgery. Can’t be too mad though, because I know a lot of my drive and determination was a byproduct of that conversation. Im a healthier me and that’s what doctors are supposed to encourage.  
10 Dec 17 by member: mylahxandermom
I am in 36 from 42 jeans  
10 Dec 17 by member: johnwentzville
My best friend gave me a pair of capris as a birthday gift about 4 years ago. They were a little tight and I said, "if I lose maybe 5 lbs they will fit perfectly!" Well instead of losing, I gained 15 lbs and hid the capris in the back of the closet with my skinny clothes. I've now lost 23 lbs, tried on the capris last week and they finally fit! It was way too cold to wear them... I didn't care, I put on some high boots to fill the gap and wore them out anyway! 
11 Dec 17 by member: mandabananaba
Last June went in for a check up. My A1C was 6.7. Doc said that I needed to go on meds since I was no longer pre-diabetic, but was now diabetic. I told him to give me 90 days. I began to change my WOE and dropped about 50 lbs. Went back around the first of October and A1C had dropped to 5.6. Doc asked, "Are you taking meds?". I reminded him that he had not prescribed any and that he was my Dr. He was dumbfounded. He reminded me that the holidays were approaching and that I should keep up what I was doing. I told him that what I was doing was a new life style that I would strive to keep up for not just the next couple of months, but for the next few year (I am right at 70 lbs down) My weight loss has slowed, but my fasting sugar is in the 70's. I have dropped from a 50" pant to a 40" pant. I am able to go out and play with my grandbabies without tiring quickly. 
11 Dec 17 by member: ScottH
When I try something on that I think should fit but it's too baggy - that feels good (I'm still getting used to my weight loss) 
11 Dec 17 by member: hildawg


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