Bluecoaster's Journal, 21 June 2018

For those of you with T2 diabetes- what has been really helpful in getting your morning fasting numbers down? I met a friend today who is starting Keto instead of just reduced carb who could use some tips. Thanks!

Diet Calendar Entry for 21 June 2018:
1730 kcal Fat: 127.71g | Prot: 104.46g | Carb: 55.18g.   Breakfast: Whipping Cream , Milkadamia Unsweetened Macadamia Milk, Now Better Stevia , Starbucks Freshly Brewed Coffee (Tall). Lunch: Baked or Broiled Salmon, Broccoli Flower Clusters , Kerrygold Pure Irish Butter, Fresh Lemon Juice. Dinner: Caesar Salad Dressing , Great Value Romaine Lettuce, Doctor in the Kitchen Flackers Flax Seed Crackers - Rosemary, Chicken of the Sea Chunk Light Tuna in Oil, Best Foods Real Canola Mayonnaise, Celery , Coast Blue Cheese Dressing , 365 Breakfast Pork Sausage. Snacks/Other: Atkins Harvest Trail Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter Bar, Milkadamia Unsweetened Macadamia Milk, Roasted Salted Cashew Nuts, Carrington Farms Matcha Tea Powder , The Republic of Tea Double Green Matcha Tea, Orgain Organic Protein Almond Milk Unsweetened Vanilla, Milkadamia Unsweetened Macadamia Milk, Lily's CREAMY MILK Stevia Sweetened Chocolate 40% Chocolate. more...

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Exercise. Really helps me. 
21 Jun 18 by member: EnriqueBarajas
my friend and I just had this discussion. she eats a small snack around 9 at night right before bed. her numbers are lower in the morning bc of it.  
21 Jun 18 by member: snooks34
Hi Thanks Enrique. I should have mentioned that she is already super active, does sports and the T2 is a hereditary problem that shows up in her family members post 40's. Thanks though! 
21 Jun 18 by member: Bluecoaster
High fiber too, it helps control blood glucose levels by controlling carbohydrate intake by slowing down the digestive process. So high fiber alongside whatever meals include carbs will help keep it under control. 
21 Jun 18 by member: DEADPOOL12345
Also protein helps, protein slows the absorption rate of the sugars and minimize surges of blood glucose. A reduction in blood sugar causes a decrease in the concentration of insulin secreted into the blood 
21 Jun 18 by member: DEADPOOL12345
Thank you deadpool! Great suggestions. Any fiber supplements you recommend on top of eating while foods naturally high in fiber? 
21 Jun 18 by member: Bluecoaster
Refer her to They are a great site for goof simple information and explanations. The magazine by the same name, DIABETIC LIVING is an excellent resource. So is her physician especially If she is Taking an oral agent and/or Insulin. Read and research so she can ask her team good questions. Also, of course the ADA is a very good resource as well. 
21 Jun 18 by member: Kenna Morton
Hi Kenna, we are specifically looking for success stories and tips from people who have gone way beyond the advice of the typical doctor or ADA whose suggestions and guidelines typically keep a person dependent on insulin and other pharmaceuticals. She's looking to correct diabetes through diet and get rid of the foods that will keep her dependent on insulin. I know there are a whole slew of people here on FS who have been able to discontinue their meds after being empowered by ketogenic style living! 😊 
21 Jun 18 by member: Bluecoaster
Sorry Bluecoaster— for some reason I thought she was new to the disease. 
21 Jun 18 by member: Kenna Morton
A 100-150-calorie snack of fat and protein (negligible or no carbohydrate) keeps me from experiencing "Dawn Phenomenon" (higher fasting BS in the morning). I like Galbani full-fat mozzarella sticks (7g fat, 7g protein in each). Boar's Head prosciutto-wrapped mozzarella "Take Along Snack" is tasty. It comes four to a one-serving package. Two sticks (half a serving) has 115 calories, 7.5g fat, 10.5g protein, and 0.25g carbohydrate. Expensive as snacks go, but you can easily create your own with your choice of zero-carb meat and cheese. Just be sure it's 100-150 calories. For a complete (and free) number of discussions, search "Fung Dawn Phenomenon" at  
21 Jun 18 by member: Miraculum
Basically, emptying the liver of stored glycogen via a tuly ketogenic diet combined with intermittent fasting will ultimately fix Dawn Phenomenon. The fat-and-protein snack is the alternative for those, like mem who are not in consistent nutritional ketosis. 
21 Jun 18 by member: Miraculum
Also, a medium or large hard-boiled egg (or two) is a good fat-and-protein snack. Some listed in the FS Foods list have zero carbohydrate; others just one gram per egg. 
21 Jun 18 by member: Miraculum
There are no carbs in whole boiled eggs. I suggest a boiled egg is much healthier htan cured meats and cheese. I would also like to remind people that processed meats are a significant cause of bowel cancer. If you must eat meat, make it unprocessed meat almost all the time rather than cured and processed meats such as bacon, proscuitto salami and and all the sausage meats.  
21 Jun 18 by member: Pattience
For me I found that I had to cut out fruit as well as bread etc., I also find that eavy the best oats for porridge - the steel cut - still send my sugars sky high. It takes a week or 2 to get them down in a morning due to the dawn phenomenon - we all, type 2 or not, get a surge of blood glucose to get us ready for the day - they'll ne her highest reading for a while, even when the others are way down. Persevere and once she's fat burning they'll settle. 
22 Jun 18 by member: minitata
I use PLEXUS. Started when my husband’s A1C was out of control so checked with a Dr friend who was using as well. Been two years now and very happy with results. Let me know if you’d like more info🤗 
22 Jun 18 by member: kai'sgma
Besides foods high in fiber. Benefiber is low in calories and has 6g per serving you mix it with a drink/food  
22 Jun 18 by member: DEADPOOL12345
And another fiber source which I enjoy myself is Vita Tops. Decent nutrition, only 100 calories per serving, around 8-10g fiber per serving, different flavors they taste like muffin tops  
22 Jun 18 by member: DEADPOOL12345
My husband is T2, and has been doing keto for about a year. He's gone from an injectable and metformin 2x2 to one metformin a day. He's also lost 60 pounds which he considers bonus-his morning glucose and A1C are normal. He is strict keto: less than 20 net carbs a day (so, no fruit, pasta, potato, bread, rice) and gets his carb count from leafy green veg and cruciforms. Protein moderate, fat high. He also has a small piece of flatbread in the morning with his sausage and eggs. Good luck! 
22 Jun 18 by member: Kahaz
Thank you everyone, she is going to appreciate so many of these great suggestions. Neither she nor I knew anything about the term "Dawn phenomenon." She is reading up on Dr. Berg today. So as far as fiber, she is going strict Keto and looking for grain-free sources. I should mention that she is not overweight but does have a slight sweet tooth. Where we live there are a lot of natural food stores that do most everything natural and without nitrates like salami, bacon etc. house roasted & sliced lunchmeats-- so ALL whole food suggestions are appreciated! Thanks!!! 
22 Jun 18 by member: Bluecoaster
It appears blueberry vita tops have 20 net carbs per serving, is that correct? 😳 
22 Jun 18 by member: Bluecoaster


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