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Not eating enough calories, but not hungry ? Why?
When your carbs are low, your appetite is low. Our appetite is very much linked to the carbs we eat that is why if you want to lose weight, its a great idea to restrict carbs. But you don'thave to go all out high protein and fat and no carbs for this effect.

Looking at what you eat above, this is a very unhealthy diet and i would say its an anorexic diet. Its great you are eating fruit and vegetables but we need more than the vitamins and minerals in these foods.

Protein is for looking after muscles and tissue repair and healing the body.
Carbs are for energy.
Fat is also essential and while we don't need a lot, it is essential for some obscure reasons i can't rattle off right now.

There are all sorts of minerals and trace elements that aren't in the foods you are eating that the body needs for optimal health.

Really you should try to tailor your diet for optimal health and for that i would strongly advice getting hold of a nutrition text book. In saying that, for a period of time in recent history low fat was all the rage and this has now been debunked. So if you eat dairy, don't choose low fat. Apparently full fat dairy has more probiotic activity than low fat and therefore its more healthy.

the probiotic thing is about gut health. And for a healhty gut, you need fibre too. Lentils and beans are teh best source of fibre. In fact lentils and beans are the only foods that should really be called superfoods. All the rest are mere hype but lentils and beans are high in all sorts of nutrients, they are a vegetable, they are high in soluble fibre which is hte best type of fibre, they are low in fat and high in protein and have a good amount of carbs. Lentils and beans make you feel full and are slow to digest so their energy lasts long unlike say white bread and cakes and things.
posted 29 Jun 2018, 07:33
Cassava cake (Filipino style) nutrients
[quote=Kenna Morton]Patience responding to your comment about the potassium issue and the cassava cake Im a little confused about what you said about not coming unstuck. Not sure what you meant. That being said, if you were trying to say that natural foods shouldn’t be a problemt —- that is a dangerously wrong answer. If a person has severe kidney disease, kidney fa
posted 22 Jun 2018, 10:31
Cassava cake (Filipino style) nutrients
I would not go with counting micronutrients like that at all. YOu can just go to nutrition data website and find out how much potassium is in it and make your own rough calculations. I suspect though that you wont come unstuck with natural foods but its hte processed foods and drinks that may have a too much of things like potassium.

Are you on this strict diet by orders of your doctor?
posted 17 Jun 2018, 08:05
Problem of opening page food pictures
Hi I"m new here. When i open my webpage at the home page i think it is, the first thing i see which dominates my view is a picture of someone else's food. I do not find this helpful. Is there someway i can hide that page from my view.

Please when you are photographing your food, consider that while it may be yummy, it could trigger other people.
posted 16 Jun 2018, 23:38
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