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29 January 2009

28 January 2009

27 January 2009

Holy Cow!!! Those Fiber One Chewy Bars are unbelieveable good! Taste so good you think you are "cheating"! Redone750... I think you are the one who told me about them a week or so ago. Thanks... we went to pick up a few things from the store and as an after thought as we are walking out they had an end cap of them so we got 2 kinds... yum yum yum yum! And only 2 points.

I've been really getting into working out. Tried out the tredmill today for the first time ever in my life. I was surprised that it felt like just as much of a workout and the stair stepper thingy. We didn't do weights today, figured it would be a good idea to let our muscles rest for the day. I might do some weights tomorrow or a double work out... Wednesday nights are my and my daugthers night out for roller skateing. Wow... that would be a lot of exercise a good cardio/weight during the day then skating (which is really good too) at night.

Yah... we got a call today from someone wanting our personal chef services weekly!! This is great! I hope they will really like the service!! Vic just did a cooking class yesterday and he seemed like he enjoyed it as much as they enjoyed learning from him. Thought we could maybe set up cooking classes for local clubs and churches, maybe once a week or every other week just to get a little more cash flow coming in. It would be really nice for Scrumptious Suppers to really take off. That would be so great for Vic. Boy, running a business sure is a lot of work but.. it is rewarding and you don't have to deal with any bosses except yourself... which sometimes is harder then dealing with a boss.

Oh, one more thing, I am excited that we found some Thai/India sauces today at the store. Can't wait to try them. From looking at the info on the back of the jar it looks like the servings will maybe add 1 or 2 points per serving... worth it!

25 January 2009

Does anybody have any idea about pasta... the box says 2oz. is 1 serving, do they mean dry or cooked? I put that I had 2oz. but I am not sure. I weighed 4oz. for my husband and my dinner last night but when it was cooked I only used 1 cup cooked which was a lot less then 1/2 of the total cooked pasta. I'd like to know!

Also, I appreciate everyones feedback, I am still ticked off, I did get on the scales today and am heavier today then yesterday, so for the last 3 days I've gained weight instead os lose weight. I am back up to where I started a couple of weeks ago at 185. So, I am going to take the advise I've been given and put my scales away for the week and see what it says next Sunday.

Is it the amount of carbs I'm getting? The last time I lost weight was with Healthy Inspirations and it was more of a low carb, low cal and high protein diet. I felt hungry or more, bored most of the time. I got in the habit of not eating any starch with dinner. So much so, that even before doing WW I still wouldn't eat carbs at dinner very often. I'd eat a very very small dinner and then junk food for the rest of the night. I told Vic last night I don't know if it is worth even eating healthy if I'm going to gain all this weight. I might as well go back to eating junk food, at least I wasn't gaining weight and I was using the bathroom more often... (I haven't gone to the bathroom today being 3 days)( I know that is TMI but might be part of the reason I am not losing)Or it could be that I have been exercising more in the last couple weeks then I have in years like someone said to me yesterday... but do you build that much muscle in such a little amount of time? I find that hard to believe. It could be like what someone else said, not getting enough points but I am getting close to my points if not a little more then my points each day. All the while, my husband is dropping 1-2 pounds a day! Then I go back to perhaps it is because I quit smoking and I know that effects your metabolism but then again, I've been exercising so that should counter act that. UURRGG... I am rambaling and my journal today I am sure it about the same as it was yesterday.

Well, like I said, I will put my scales away today.. this is very hard for me to do... I've been weighing myself everyday for the last 2 or 3 years... it has become a habit. I don't normally get upset about it I think I am now because I am doing all that I am supposed to (at least I think) and nothing is happening except gaining weight!

Oh, this is interesting... I was reading this morning on and it had this calorie counter thing and it said I needed to be eating like 1,850 calories a day to lose 1 pound a week... From looking at my food diary I'm not eating close to that amount and I wouldn't being on weight watchers. I don't even know that I could eat that many calories a day... I haven't been feeling hungry, in fact.. I've been feeling full most all day. Maybe I might start eating a little more protein or food during my meals and less snacks and see if that helps, or perhaps I might do some yogurt rather then something sweet. Maybe I'll change it up a little and see if that helps.

I plan to go to the gym today and workout. If anything I can blow out some of this stress. You know, stress could also be a factor going on too. Both of us out of work, having to go into our savings to pay the bills.. not having the answer. I tend to not be fully aware of stresses in my life until my friends or family point it out to me. I don't really feel stressed out, I've been resting in faith that our situation is going to work out. But I must be feeling some stress about it... Well, I know I am but I don't really feel bent out of shape upset about it, it is there and I'm still moving on.

Wow... I guess I had a lot to get off my chest this morning. Till next time....

25 January 2009

Weigh-in: 185.0 lb lost so far: 0 lb still to go: 40.0 lb Diet followed reasonably well
   add comment on diet Weight Watchers   gaining 4.2 lb a week

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