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03 March 2009

Weigh-in: 183.6 lb lost so far: 0 lb still to go: 38.6 lb Diet followed reasonably well
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01 March 2009

Well, I just don't know how I've lost this weight this week. I actually went out Friday and ate a cheeseburger and fries and Wendy's, then went to Texas Steak House with a friend and ate a salad, some potatoe.. loaded and half a filet oh and 1 1/2 rolls and 1/4 of brownie... we went on to the race track and I didn't get to bed till 4 am (the only think I can think of as to why I woke up the next morning down. Yesterday I didn't eat hardly anyhting except for dinner. I didn't get up till 1 pm though. Today I get on the scale and it says 182 and Mother nature came to visit too. WEIRD! The only other thing I can think of is I didn't exercise near as much as I usually do. I still went out almost everyday and did something, like walking around the neighborhood. Last weekend I went to a friends house and I guess drank way too much wine and got really really really sick. From talking to some friends, I did drink a lot but I don't think enough to get sick but I did. I haven't felt up to heavy exercising since. I've been smoking too, I finally told Vic last night, but... I also went ahead and bought some more patches and after I see my girlfriend who has come into town tomorrow I will put them on and get back on the train of non-smoking. It feels so much better to not smoke.

I should really hit the gym today. Vic started back to work on Wednesday so I don't have my workout partner anymore. He is my real motivation to get to the gym. Basically cause, he is motivating me to go each day. I've been saying for the last 3 or 4 days that I need to go. I can't believe how much weight he has lost. I am really proud of him. He looks a lot skinnier!

As far as working out goes, I've found that I like to warm up on the tread mill for about 10-15 minutes then move onto the eliptical for about 30 minutes. I found that if I start out on the eliptical after 10 minutes I am ready to get off. It feels like the eliptical is more of a work out then the treadmill so, after about 10-15 minutes I am ready to stop then moving on to something else I can keep on going. Interesting what our bodies do.

I am hoping to hear back from my job interview this week. The guy told me that they planned on making a decsion within 3 weeks. This will be week 3. I need something to happen cause I am running out of savings. I made 1 sale for the month of Feb. and this isn't going to pay the bills. A bunch of my friends want me to go up on the mountain and start selling timeshares for retail. They all say I'd be really good. I really don't want to and my execuse has been (which I feel is valid for me) is that I can't see myself being to work at 7:45 am every morning plus, my car isn't in the best of shape right now. If it comes down to it though, I will! We are coming into slow season so if I were to do it, now would be a good time to get in and get my training done as season will come in the summer. UUGG, I just don't know about that! Plus... I'd have to work on the weekends too! On the flip side, I'd get off of work pretty early most days. You run 1 or 2 tours a day then your done.Oh, I didn't think about the fact that working up there would not be a good influence for not smoking, all of the sales reps smoke. Again, if it comes down to it I will.

My best friend told me the other day that her company is looking at me as a possiblity for their company. Now that could be really cool. I would love to work for SMTN, I know they have been interested in me but the company has been going through a lot of growing pains the last 6 months and will continue until they make soome needed changes. I am not sure how all of the would work though as there are some logitics and legal stuff that would have to be taken care of in order for me to move my license with them. Plus, it might require me to move to Florida of which I can't just do that right now. We will see...

I kind of feel like if I am going to change jobs maybe I should just get out of my industry all together. Do something completly different. That is why I am hoping to hear back from the job interview. But, like my girlfriend said to me the other day, I'd really have to work then! What I do now is easy and at least used to make really good money. Haven't been making jack Sh*& the last several months. Oh, well... it will all work out perfectly as it always does.
Weigh-in: 182.0 lb lost so far: 1.0 lb still to go: 37.0 lb Diet followed reasonably well
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25 February 2009

Well, I stepped on the scales this morning and am down... gosh, I hope it's not wrong. For a month it seemed like I couldn't get down past 185 and I found myself very frustrated.. especially watching my husband shed the pounds (he is down to 198 from 225!!) Even during my couple weeks "off" I've still been exercising several times a week and am seeing those results. All of my friends were telling me that I wasn't eating enough and that is why I wasn't dropping pounds. My girlfriend sent me some weight watcher information and that was really helpful and motivating for me to get back on it. I realized that I was going for 22 points a day but from the info she sent me I need 24 a day plus she said I need to add the activity points in as well or I won't lose.

I am a little disapointed in myself... a couple of times in the last month I've smoked while out thinking that I could just be a social smoker... well.. I broke down yesterday and bought a pack. Interesting to note that as soon as I bought the pack the craving went away but of course, I had to smoke one too. It didn't really do anything for me and I sat there wondering.. why in the world am I doing this. Then today.. I've had 3... what in the world am I thinking? My girlfriend and I are planning on going to Charles Town on Saturday (casino) and I can't imagine dropping quarters into the machine without smoking so I thought that maybe I'd smoke this week and after Sat. put a patch back on. Quitting smoking is by far the hardest thing I've ever had to do... this is my like 10th time trying to quit! UURRGGG. I know I can do it and it makes exercising so much easier!
Weigh-in: 183.6 lb lost so far: 0 lb still to go: 38.6 lb Diet followed reasonably well
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23 February 2009

Hi Everybody! I haven't been around for awhile but I am back! Although I haven't been here I have still been exercising 3-4 times a week. I am starting to see "guns" in my arms! I haven't been losing any weight.. still but... I haven't been the best either with regards to food intake. My girlfriend mailed me some info on weight watchers which came in the mail today... this is very cool! From reading everything I've been needing to eat more points a day then I have. I don't know if I'll be able too! HA! I need 24 a day regular and extra on the days I work out. I've talked to a couple of my friends about being frustrated about not losing weight even though I'm getting some really good workouts and they all seem to think I am not eating enough so.. I am going to try getting more protein in my diet and see if that helps. Anyway... I am happy to be back and ready to get these pounds/inches off!
Weigh-in: 186.2 lb lost so far: 0 lb still to go: 41.2 lb Diet followed reasonably well
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06 February 2009

Weigh-in: 185.6 lb lost so far: 0 lb still to go: 40.6 lb Diet followed reasonably well
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