ofdwolf's Journal, 16 October 2017

Hey FS Warriors,

Been a busy past few weeks between taking a mini vacation last weekend, school semester ending yesterday and pet tragedies.

Back in August we noticed my 15 year old kitty Pumpkin was losing weight and took him to the vets. All the test came back negative so we didn't think to much about it. We got back from South Carolina last Tuesday and on Wednesday he started not eating, which is definitely not Pumpkin like behavior, and started just staying under the bed all the time so we made an appointment for Friday. On Thursday one of our 2 year old cats Han, was straining and unable to pee; we have lost a kitty to this before so we rushed him to the vet and he needed emergency surgery to unblock his bladder and fortunately he is doing great now.

Friday at Pumpkin's appointment everything came back normal so the vet felt it was cancer since he had dropped from 14 pounds to 10 in two months. After hydrating him and failing to get him to eat all week even after steroids we had to put him to sleep today and stop his suffering. It's not often I'm not upbeat and positive but today I am just devastated as he was my constant companion the past decade and a half, sleeping with me every night and helping eat any tuna fish in the house.

Tomorrow I go to in for my hernia surgery so I won't be able to workout the next 4-6 weeks. I plan on just doing some light walking during the recovery period.

The picture is from back in May with Pumpkin and me with Han photo bombing us.

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I'm so sorry to hear about Pumpkin. I hope you can move forward knowing he is at peace. Support and hugs your way ❤️ 
16 Oct 17 by member: DollfaceChills
So sorry to hear about sweet pumpkin. 😢💔. I know how very hard it is to make that decision and how much of a hole losing a pet who's like family leaves in your heart. Good luck with your surgery. Rest up. Thoughts and prayers are with you ❤️🙏😊 
16 Oct 17 by member: ClarityAnn
So sorry my friend. I know that's a lot of heartache. Prayers and good juju coming your way. I'll be thinking of you my fellow warrior, you'll do great in surgery, pumpkin will make sure of that❤️❤️ 
16 Oct 17 by member: Jenibeann
so sorry that you've lost your baby. you made a great choice to do what was best for pumpkin even though it hurt. I'll be praying for a successful surgery, fast healing from said surgery and peace in your heart for pumpkin. God bless 
16 Oct 17 by member: MrsRandySteeleJr
So sorry for your loss Bill. You made the right but painful decision. Rest up for tomorrow's procedure. 
16 Oct 17 by member: chesgreen
Sorry for your loss of your buddy but it was the right decision. Doesn't make it any easier though.  
16 Oct 17 by member: perks54
So sad for you. 
16 Oct 17 by member: gz9gjg
See you on the other side of your surgery - much success to you! 
16 Oct 17 by member: From371to184
My heart hurts for you, I'm so very sorry for your loss. I'm happy that Han came through his surgery okay. I've had a kitty go through that too, it was scary. Good luck on your surgery! 
16 Oct 17 by member: Britt1975
I'm so sorry for your loss. Lost my almost 19 year old kitty back in April & still miss her terribly.  
16 Oct 17 by member: maryknacke
Sorry for your loss just know we are all here for you to talk to and good luck with the surgery with the other one 
16 Oct 17 by member: junie123
I am so very sorry for your loss. I can't imagine.  
16 Oct 17 by member: T8U9
😯Sorry. I'm left without words to describe how I feel -- I've been there.  
17 Oct 17 by member: PinkGirlYasmin
Sorry for your loss. Hang in there. 
17 Oct 17 by member: AllieLittles
Sorry for your loss, Bill. I'll be thinking about you. 
17 Oct 17 by member: TomLong
Awww...I am a total cat lover and feel sad for you. He looks like he was a sweetie. My cats are my children. 
17 Oct 17 by member: HCB
So sorry that happened, I know how hard it is Bill as me always miss our companion be the human or creature. My children(human ones) are gone but my dog and cat sleep with my husband and I every night and even though they are both 14 years old and often have to be helped up I love every moment of the being present. Keeping you in my thoughts with the upcoming surgery.  
17 Oct 17 by member: Sally Forest
Thank you all for the condolences and well wishes. My surgery went well doctor found a second hernia and fixed it as well. 
17 Oct 17 by member: ofdwolf
Sorry my friend ....  
18 Oct 17 by member: glen
Hope you're having a speedy recovery my friend!! 
18 Oct 17 by member: Jenibeann


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