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I've been on this go-round once or twice (or eleventy billion times) before but developments in my health have made it obvious that I HAVE to make serious changes to my lifestyle and my toxic relationship with food.

I'm a mother and a wife - I love to cook, read, swim, play with my cats and shop! I love traveling and visiting theme parks, but in the last ten years my weight has begun to make those things uncomfortable and more of a chore than a gift. I hope that the changes I've made in my life will help me get back to doing the things that I love.

I'm focusing on long-term overall improvements rather than short-term restrictions that are unrealistic for me. In the past I would plan every meal to the last carb, only go to restaurants that I could research in advance so that I could pre-select 'healthy' items, carry around almonds and protein bars in my purse in case I stumbled across a birthday cake or some french fries. But when I eventually snapped (and I ALWAYS snapped) I would berate myself for being a failure and I'd give up.

This is it, for the rest of my life... and the only way for me to be successful is to relax the reins and accept that sometimes food happens. French fries do not equal failure. So when I want french fries, I'm going to eat them. Then I'm going to write it down.

I've committed to logging EVERY bite I put in my mouth... even when I'd rather not 'fess up to it. If I'm going to eat it, I'm going to look at the carb count and accept the fact that I probably gave up a smidge of progress on my weight loss. But then I'm going to move on. Because losing that smidge of progress is far better than the 70 lbs I gained after the last time I 'failed' and backslid into eating McDonald's for breakfast every day.

I'm following a plan of Ketogenic Nutrition and using several helpful books and websites to inform my lifestyle and choices.

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Starting weight training
Thanks again for the replies. lefterisphasarias - I'm not quitting, I'm just choosing to use my own weight (which is considerable) rather than free weights right now. I'm also focusing on doing exercises that work muscle groups rather than single muscle isolation. I will get back to the free weights, but I think I need to focus on making my whole body stronger first so that I'll be capable of maintaining form and stability. RHills, what you've described sounds a lot like what I'm currently doing with the body weight exercises... functional motions that use multiple muscle groups. While I do still experience the sore muscles with the body weight exercises (until I get used to them) it's soreness that lasts for a few days rather than weeks... feel more like a well worked muscle and less like an injury.
posted 06 Dec 2017, 05:19
Do low calories really slow metabolism?
Thanks! Doing internet research has not yielded anything very conclusive to me other than to confirm that no one really knows anything. Smile "Facts" (like fat makes you fat) are frequently changing as medical science evolves and I'm hesitant to take any of that 'old-timey' advice as fact anymore. I certainly don't want to force myself to eat because I see that going so poorly for me. SO for the time being I'm going to keep doing what I'm doing. Maybe try to focus on some higher calorie on-plan foods to see how that works for me. Unfortunately my activity is pretty low right now being that both my jobs are desk jobs and the only time I'm not working I'm either cooking or sleeping. This too will pass though and I'll get back to my daily walks and weight training. Thanks again for the input!
posted 06 Dec 2017, 05:07
Do low calories really slow metabolism?
As I move along on LCHF I find that my calories are dropping lower and lower as I'm satisfied with less and less food... I'm now starting to worry that I may be permanently damaging my metabolism. So many health "facts" have been debunked and I'm wondering if this is one that I should legitimately be worried about, or if it's just hokum?
posted 05 Dec 2017, 11:20
Recording foods that are not listed.
Hi there - the best way that I've found is to create a recipe in your cookbook. Add all your ingredients and save it (you don't need for it to be approved or whatever, it will still show up in your cookbook) Then you can simply select your recipe from your cookbook and add it to your food diary.
posted 05 Dec 2017, 11:17
Starting weight training
Thanks to you all for you responses. (RHills I LOVE information and advice... the more the better... thank you for such a long and thoughtful response!) I worked on weight training for about a month and felt that I was doing more harm than good. I had debilitating muscle pain that started in the day or so after each workout and lasted for weeks. I waited the appropriate rest period (2 days) and tried to work through the pain on the third day (as I was told that was what I needed to do to in order to lessen the pain) it just got worse. That led me to believe that I was doing something wrong and I decided that I needed to consult with a training. Unfortunately that led to even more frustration.

I am categorized as morbidly obese, and my routine will need to be crafted with that in mind... and I felt that none of the three trainers I met with had any experience working with a morbidly obese person and intended to start me with a cookie cutter plan designed for someone in far better shape than I. In fact one of the trainers told me that the weights I started with were too low, implied that my muscle pain was all in my mind, and hinted that I just wanted to make excuses to stay fat. *sigh*

So I've tabled free weights for awhile. I'm doing some body weight routines that I found online (Nerd Fitness and Shape Magazine) to build my strength and continue to lose weight. I hopeful that after the New Year when my work schedule slows down I'll be in better shape and more capable of either taking another shot at free weights or feel less self-conscious about joining a gym.
posted 05 Dec 2017, 10:58
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