BlueJeanCuisine's Journal, 19 June 2018

I don't usually post stories but I'm going to today.

I'm at work in a city hospital in NJ. I was in an elevator with several people and an older couple entered. It was obvious immediately that the woman in this couple was either agitated or simply unpleasant. There was some small talk among some of people in the elevator. Suddenly this woman blurts out-"This place is a pain the ass to get to." of which she repeated. Well, nobody needs to hear that. There are plenty of things in the world to complain about. The fact that you have been inconvenienced when you are attempting to visit someone in the hospital is not one of them. It's a first world problem. She looked square at me, seeing my badge, waiting for validation of her misery. I looked square back at her and said, "Well, getting around is part of life. We all have to do it." She squawked in my face, "WELL, I AM 76!" I answered her with, "I'm 63. like I said, it's part of life." at that point the elevator arrived at their floor and they got off. As a doctor got on and the elevator doors began to close, I saw this woman look at the elevator and say, "YOU SHOULD GO ON A DIET!" Fortunately for my job security, the doors closed before I could jump out and sock her square in the nose, the old bitch.

None of us here want to be FAT. Most of us are trying hard, some of us are just trying. All effort is good effort. Here's the thing: Most of the time we suffer in silence. That's why we come to a place like this, where once in awhile we can share our pain, discouragement, shame, hopelessness and often, success. None of us needs ANYONE to tell us we're FAT. We see it in the mirror everyday, on the scale every morning. Most of us remember when we were younger and stronger, happy and confident. It never ceases to amaze me the capacity of people to mean to one another...even to a complete stranger.

I wanted to send that woman downstairs to the Emergency Room with a broken nose.
But I didn't.

I'll probably never see her again. But success is a better revenge.

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Grouchy old bitch is right. Awful for her to hurt you solely bc you called her out on her whining. People like that are unhappy. Hugs to you😊 
19 Jun 18 by member: crazy8cottage
Cruel old witch of a woman showing her lack of empathy and intelligence. 
19 Jun 18 by member: Tabbigurl
Thanks, guys. I went to the gift shop and had a bag of toffees in my hand and changed my mind and grabbed a bag of cashews instead...she made me so mad I'm sticking extra hard to my calories and my sugar today. Sometimes I hate people. Love to you both.  
19 Jun 18 by member: BlueJeanCuisine
You handled it well. 
19 Jun 18 by member: Kenna Morton
Ignore that cantankerous, miserable woman. She's not worth it. You can lose weight, she will still be out there mad at the world for not revolving around her. Hugs!  
19 Jun 18 by member: Peasy3
BlueJeanCuisine, so many of us know exactly how you feel! Good choice, cashews over toffee. I hit my all-time high weight in the mid 1990s. At 285 pounds, I was scared to death that I'd give up completely if I hit 300. My 400-pound-husband-at-the-time (who'd been morbidly obese since early childhood and had *also* gained 100 pounds during our doomed marriage) felt it necessary to inform me, "Y'know ... you can't hide it anymore." I was absolutely crushed. I had *never* mentioned his weight, ever, because I *knew* that he *knew*. (We divorced a few years late; 10 years after that, he died of obesity-related diseases at age 63.) Another time, my dear in-laws -- whom I loved and treated as my own parents -- raised the issue. They were worried about me. I told them that I appreciated their concern but added, "Believe me, anyone who's fat *knows* that they're fat." 
19 Jun 18 by member: Miraculum
I see and hear people like that often. There are some miserable people in the world. I don't think they every had any love or kindness in their life. My response when I get the chance is to say "have a blessed day". That really makes them really mad! Lol. You sound like a good person. This is my first comment so I hope it's okay.  
19 Jun 18 by member: Maewest1213
If you give me some of those delicious cashews, I’ll track that bitter old hag down and punch her in the nose for you. She doesn’t deserve to use the elevator anymore, so I will then push her down a flight of stairs.  
19 Jun 18 by member: pyrate9
Well I am glad you did not punch her in the nose. She was not worth it. Good for you making a better choice for yourself. Keep up the good work. 
19 Jun 18 by member: Strong200
@Maewest1213, your comment was positive and sincere. Nothing wrong with that, ever! I viewed your profile (private right now) and found that you just joined FS this month. Welcome! I hope you'll comment more, and share more about yourself as you get to know us. (BTW, I love your "handle"!) 
19 Jun 18 by member: Miraculum
Uuuugh..... what a bitch. I'd rather be fat than a miserable old cunt. 
19 Jun 18 by member: Vickiauntmick
I bet her husband was so embarrassed... 
19 Jun 18 by member: pyrate9
Welcome Maewest1213.  
19 Jun 18 by member: Kenna Morton
Send hugs. The lady can stay the way she is. What's important is you are making yourself a better person then she will probably be. Chin up there is only things to be proud of. 
19 Jun 18 by member: Elaya Ice
I'm sorry that you had to deal with someone like that. People can be absolute jerks, just know that you are the better person.  
19 Jun 18 by member: Klynn82
if the two of you were on the elevator with one other person...and that one other person were blind... which of the two of you would the blind person see as the beautiful one... continue to be the beautiful person ... the rest will follow ! :)  
19 Jun 18 by member: thebattleisHIS
Don’t worry. She will die bitter and unhappy 
19 Jun 18 by member: DEADPOOL12345
You sound like a wonderful will lose the extra weight .... she will not lose her bitterness Stay strong.... 
19 Jun 18 by member: Char60
The country is full of these folks, all a little more bold these days based on perceived support from the top. But assholes are still assholes. You did the right thing (both times). I encourage everyone to read the short book Awareness by Anthony De Mello to help you cope with these lower beings. 
19 Jun 18 by member: Draglist
Good job! You're fabulous! 
19 Jun 18 by member: Tulip2018


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