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10 years ago i had lost around 80 pounds to become a police officer i put 30 on in the academy and gained another 30 soon after(i was working out and dieting far better before the academy to get in it).I started dieting after quitting smoking and going up to 320 pounds and got down to 265 pounds at my lightest. Most recently i have have studied for a test which was a very intense 7 months of no activity and uber scarfing which has helped get me get up to 320 pounds. on 2/9/09 i started a new round of exercise and dieting but results have not been promising so far . well here is to starting over good luck to me and you .
goal #'s distance traveled
start # 320 sitting on my couch eating done 2/09/09
next goal 300 just a few doors down done 3/02/09
next goal 290 other side of town done 5/20/09
next goal 280 across the state line done 6/14/09
next goal 270 somewhere around the continental divide done 7/11/09
next goal 260 wow a new time zone done 8/19/09
next goal 250 so this is what the other coast looks like done 10/15/09
next goal 240 my GPS need batteries "i hope this month" done 12/17/09
next goal 230 Magellan would have turned back
next goal 220 your off the map lad ,there be monsters here
next goal 210 still superscribing to the flat earth theory
next goal 200 Shangri-La fabled and never seen

Divided By Zero has inspired me to set a new goal of running the NYC marathon in 2010 . i currently run at a pace that can be timed by sundial and could be considered by experts glacial in its pace . 10K is the furthest i have gone so far . 42.195 kilometers (26 miles 385 yards, or exactly 26 7⁄32 miles seems like so far away and 12 months doesn't . the only thing close is how imposable this self imposed goal seems to be .

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Crispy Chicken Strips
Forget fast food chicken nuggets and try these yummy and healthy baked chicken strips.
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The fat acceptance movement
anything outside the norm will never be acceptable period it is just not in human nature to be so accepting . that goes for being to skinny to fat to smart to dumb it doesn't matter people don't like things that are different then themselves . That being said there is some wiggle room as to perception of normal really fit person might look at a slightly out of shape person with some amount of disdain because to him they are not normal ,however a really fat person might look upon the same unfit person with some degree of envy because he is perceived to be closer to an ideal then himself . i know that when i lost some of my weight i was treated better then i was but my personality and manner didn't change at all . the closer i got to looking like the more fit people around me the more accepting the appeared to be . life just aint fair in that regards . i personally think we should be more accepting but at some point you have to draw the line . where that line is is up to you .
posted 05 Aug 2009, 15:55
Should we be eating more?
well I'm going to chime in i think as a culture we have become LAZY then we try to convince ourselves that we are working hard .(i work for 9 hours and come home and don't have any energy then i realize i have not done any physical activity the whole day ) we have moved from a society that worked hard physically to one of sedentary employment and then when we get home we confuse mental exhaustion for physical exhaustion and sit in front of the tv ,computer etc . then we are to lazy to cook and if you pull something from the freezer fridge cupboard etc its packaged for 4 servings and you eat the whole thing . imagine you by a bottle of soda yea i know its not good but one bottle wont kill you however there are 2 or 2.5 servings in it they expect you to take a swig and put it away for latter ? as for fast food potions have been getting bigger along with the price . if they charge you a 1$ more then they have to make the portion bigger to justify the cost but in America food is cheep especially if you buy in bulk . for instance Kentucky fried chicken (saw a doc on history channel )said that after filling the bucket with greasy chicken an mashed potatoes it didn't seen heavy enough so the put in a pint of gravy so you felt like you got your moneys worth i think that makes my point . one other point of observance is that nothing caters to the individual i look at recipes on this sight and its all for 4 servings IE 4 people if i have to portion i have already lost and my wife will not eat most thing that grow on this planet . let me end by saying there is nothing wrong with fast food or any other food if you do in moderation a skill that has been long lost to most Americans in unfortunately most areas of our lives.
one other thing to ponder genetics has not kept up with migration people in japan live a long time eating fish ok but I'm no Japanese and my forebears didn't eat a whole lot of fish . the Eskimos in the north eat uncooked seal fat RAW FAT they have no health problems because they have been eating it for thousands of years and those that could live eating such things survived . looking at one region of the world and trying to apply it to a mixed culture is silly maybe we need a little dietary anthropology.we didn't eat processed foods in the past we shouldn't eat them now we just don't want to pay the price for the spoilage loss or have to go to store every day for fresh food .

food for thought just my opinion take it or leave it
posted 11 Jun 2009, 09:22
Post C-section Abs
i am a little hesitant to post but i think it must be said you cant spot reduce not now not ever .i see it in the gym and read it all over the place on this sight the media doesn't help by selling things that say use this machine on tour midsection and you will be fit as a fiddle in 5 weeks working out just 10 min a day . you will definitely see results from ab workouts because your stomach will not be distended which is your innards pressing on your abdominal wall . if you are a woman you will tend to put weight on your thighs and rear first and it will be the last place it will come off . for a male it will be the stomach . doing high sets of ab exercises are great and counts as cardio beets-yum said it best workout and eat right . and as far a celebrities go they all lie and anything can be fixed with the right amount of money . please don't get discouraged if you keep doing ab training and don't get the results you are looking for talk to your doctor or simply change your routine till you find out what works it is not the same for everyone .
good luck to all and your families
posted 11 Jun 2009, 08:49
439kcal!?! Really?
also remember the bigger you are the more energy you need just to maintain your weight so standing for 6 hours will burn more calories then sitting a lighter person will burn less cal standing for the same period of time . you could burn 400 kcal just maintaining your balance plus work is a little more stressfull then watching tv i would assume all this has been taken into consideration .
posted 19 May 2009, 09:15
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trying this again hope for the best

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17 October 2010

Well going bowling didn't help dice I didn't bowl but did eat the pizza and coke

16 October 2010

Well here we go again damage not as bad as I thought . Will try to be disciplined this go around .

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