FullaBella's Journal, 29 August 2013

Haha -- the universe is talking to me and I'm listening and laughing. I was thinking last night Year Two may need a new name; I was cold (again) and this time decided to have Muesli for supper but it really didn't blow my skirt up as it had in the past. Tasted kind of 'blah'.

Was it time to replace 'Operation Oatmeal' with a new and improved label?

Then this morning I stepped on & off the scale about three times before quietly freaking out.

'No flipping WAY I gained 5lbs in 4 days.. no No NO!'
"I agree... since Evelyn took your Sandman you probably got her Aunt Flo & Mr. C looming.. after all.. you didn't have your normal 'morning' yesterday because of the beauty shop thing so just don't panic...Seriously DON'T PANIC!" (Nothing like screaming at yourself silently to NOT PANIC to really make you laugh and be grateful no one's watching.)

I drank my coffee, had lamb chops and sauerkraut for breakfast and an hour later I stepped on the scale, noted the 5lbs gone and remarked "oh, yeah... Oatmeal... lots of fiber... duh duh duh dunce." So I guess the name stands and I need to fit that dish in a little more frequently than I have been.

So If anyone tries to tell me I'm full of sh*t today I'm going to respond 'Nope, not anymore'.

After tending to my yard I curled up in the recliner on the deck and finished reading my old SGJ - or what there was of it. I've determined it was early 2007 - before all heck broke loose around here with DH's really bad health issues and my own weight regain. Funny I wrote 'I'm grateful I managed to have a healthy snack instead of ice cream last night'. With my eating disorder no telling what I considered 'healthy' but it was surely a dejavue moment there.

I can tell by the end of it, when I stopped writing altogether, I was really ranting about something - although I can't make out WHAT it was because it looks like a chicken on crack wrote it.

Does it matter? Nah. I was thinking this morning (during the Panic hour) about 'wouldn't it be great if we could color code or note our journals in a way to sort them other than chronological...' Gah - OCD. It's a terrible thing.

I think the wig is earning it's way ... the postal carrier guy, UPS guy, Fedex Guy and a male customer have all stammered 'uh.. wow... really like your hair...' then BLUSHED. After all - they've only seen me in caps & hats the past 6-9 months.

I've never made a man blush before. I'm trying to say 'Why... thank you kindly' with a little mischievous grin ala Ce ... so far I've only managed a couple of batted eye lashes. Will this be the year I discover my inner flirt? Hey ... maybe that'll be the new name...Operation Flirt? Oh, no...just kidding. DH is enough to take care of ... I don't need any more men.

I think that's it. I've got a Sharon September coming up - trade shows every single weekend. So I'm going to close Monday and try not to labor very much. No big plans though. Wait, today is just Thursday ... dang....



Wow! Good for you for being brave enough to reread old journals (I'm not!!!) and for carrying out "Operation Oatmeal". 
29 Aug 13 by member: Mary in LA
Is your scale digital or old school? Just wondering because, if it is digital, the 5 lbs could have just been a glitch - but funny how glitches seem to err on the side of a gain rather than a loss. Harrrrumph! I'm sorry for stealing The Sandman. I'll leave him a note to remind him that you are still in need of his services ;) Operation Flirt? Hey, I see no harm in some harmless flirting. I once read a story about an elderly couple who had been married more years than I've been alive and, when asked what the secret was for staying together for so long, they said that they were both shameless flirts. They said it kept the spark alive. Whatever works, right? 
29 Aug 13 by member: evelyn64
good job on the oatmeal. and good luck with all your trade shows. Rest up before it all starts. 
29 Aug 13 by member: Helewis
tonight my nutritional therapist informed me that "relationship" is one of the primary foods. I'm so happy you are finding this relationship with yourself and that it is spilling over in to relationships with others... Not necessarily romantic relationships, but the relationships of connecting to people of all walks of life. Hugzz 
29 Aug 13 by member: Sweet Ce
I miss you bella!!! This too busy is no fun at all . I'm glad you found the 5 lb answer : ) makes me want to eat oatmeal. 
29 Aug 13 by member: sharonfriz
As soon as I finish this phase of my healthy eating journey, I'm going back to oatmeal! Wish I could see you i that wig... and your inner flirt in action! xoxox 
30 Aug 13 by member: Ruhu
Glad the scale righted itself. Mine read 175 the other morning! I jumped off it like my feet were on fire. Of course it sorted itself. Glad you are enjoying the wig. It seems to be giving you more self confidence. What does DH say? He usually has some comments. 
30 Aug 13 by member: sarahsmum
@Isabel - DH said it looks nice and because I texted a picture of it to him before buying it and he's had to listen to me drone on & on about my hair for at least the past two decades he understands it's just my own sense of pride as a woman. He said I looked like one of the 'hoity toity' gals (Rich B's) in town. He had more to say about the BAD job the hairdresser did on my own hair than the wig; she chopped & burnt it ... so good thing I have the wig while this recovers. And finally, because I run a shop in a mostly male dominated industry ... he warned me 'be careful some of those old codgers don't try to bully you now ... you looked a lot tougher in your hats than you do now...' Thanks again everyone. 
30 Aug 13 by member: FullaBella
Well, I don't know what happened to the rest of my comment response so I'll try again... @Mary - I think I looked for the same reason people slow down at car wrecks...@Evelyn - old school - I'm too OCD to be worrying about the quarter or half pound on a digital @Heather - thank you :-) @CE - yeah, it's nice to have relationships and stops me from eating because it's not nice to talk with food in my mouth @Sharon -I miss you too busy lady - just be prepared for the 5lb fiber faux thing @Angel - ahh.. maybe some day. Thanks again everyone :-) 
30 Aug 13 by member: FullaBella


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