iamachristianjesusfreak's Journal, 27 February 2013

I don't know about anyone else but I really do get tired of counting everything I eat. I am not going to count what I eat for two weeks but I am going to continue to eat clean and exercise as always and see what happens. I know what is good for me and I know I don't want to obsess with the amount I eat all the time. Quality I do feel is very important though. So far what I have noticed in the past few days is I don't think about the things I shouldn't have nearly as often because I am eating as much as I want of the things that are healthy. It is nice. Hopefully it is just as easily to be maintainable. But don't worry I am still checking up on all of you guys. :)


I personally think I eat more when I have to think about every bite of food that goes in my mouth and getting it documented. I am trying to leave all the processed foods out of my diet - not always easy. My main thing is to shop ahead and prepare ahead so the right foods are readily available. 
27 Feb 13 by member: mackie_purple
I know what you mean.I get tired of it too, but for just starting this program in January I think I still need to keep it...it has helped me out a lot, but at times I want to quit because it overwhelms me. Good luck! 
27 Feb 13 by member: Maria Lakey
I'm going to be brutally honest with you. So many people have said the same thing. They went off and and came back and said they need to track their food, lol! I'm sure that some can do it, but it is so easy to get off track and out of control when you aren't tracking what you eat. I know that I will have to track for the rest of my life. I may be able to take some days off, but it's so easy to go back to old habits. The pounds start creeping up. We tend to eat a lot more than we think we do when we don't consciously track. I wish you good luck though.  
27 Feb 13 by member: Suzi161
I've been reading a book about mindful eating which sounds just like what you are doing. I'm aspiring to get there, but not sure yet that I can or should stop logging yet. Let us know how it goes & good luck! 
27 Feb 13 by member: Ruhu
I do NOT get tired of it. It's a habit, just like putting on pants, or shaving in the morning. Sure, it can be a hassle, but it's a neccessity. I have seen how things slide when I don't count. I tried just like you to NOT count, and this is one of the reasons I am now struggling with getting down in weight again. Why toss away the tool that got you this far? 
28 Feb 13 by member: kingkeld
I don't like recording food at all, but I know I need to do a better job to keep my eating in control. But you have been recording for awhile now and seem to know what you can eat, so it might work for you! I hope I can get to that point where I don't have to record every bite. 
28 Feb 13 by member: mntwinsfan
Personally I love counting calories. It makes me feel like I am in control of what I put in my body. Before I started counting I had no idea of the value of the things Ive been putting in my mouth! Also when a person has declared "I will only eat 1000-1200 calories per day" because that is what it will take mathematically to reach my goal weight it make me eat better! Why would I eat a candy bar when I could eat chicken w/portabellas and get the same amount of calories? I like counting and knowing I've done well for the day. I sleep better at night ;) 
28 Feb 13 by member: marlajune
I can understand how recording everything you eat would become bothersome; especially when you are not near a computer or are eating out somewhere. If you keep eating quality foods that keep you satiated then you should be fine to not record what you are eating. I think you will be one of the few people who will be able to not check in and still be successful on with your weight loss. Me – not so much! :D Good luck! 
28 Feb 13 by member: The Blue Box
I'm not couting any more :) I haven't counted since the new year and it is liberating. I don't even count the calories I burn off any more! I just know that if I eat clean and work out for 45 minutes every day I will lose. I was so fed up of making sure I burnt 3500 calories or more every week to get the 1lb deficit and then counting calories so I had a 1lb deficit there as well to lose 2lbs a week and getting to the end of the week and losing nothing. The body doesn't work like that, it will do what it needs to do at its own pace, I wish it was as easy as creating a 7000 calorie deficit a week to drop 2lbs! lol Plus as long as I'm eating natural clean foods I know I can pretty much eat until I'm full and not have a billion calories, my staple dinner is a cut of lean meat with lots of broccoli, peppers, mushrooms and spinach and no matter how many veggies I eat I'm still never going to go over my calorie intake...I love not counting. Now I just need to get out of the horrible habit of weighing myself everyday! Now that I find difficult to stop...Good luck! 
01 Mar 13 by member: SergeantS
I am interested to see how this goes for you. I have taken vacations where I have not computer to log in, and most times I do ok, but I most times I feel that this is something I really need to do. Good Luck! 
01 Mar 13 by member: gracielougram


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