slimladyinside's Journal, 05 April 2008

Help I need a virtual kick in the booty! I can't back on the wagon. I just can't get myself up in the AM. to work out after being out 2 weeks. Baseball season has started and we are on the field 4 days a week and my evening workouts have been off as well. I know excuses, excuses... Please help me and keep me accountable.
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You have come too far to stop now!! You already know that you can do this!! Get cha a game plan set up and then you'll have something to "follow". :) YOU can DO IT!!! 
05 Apr 08 by member: bullytrouble
WOW...I'm new to this site ...I have a long road ahead of me..the only think I can tell you is, when my son played on a pony league team and a traveling baseball team..and the all those practices everyday some twice daily in the summer...(that was years and years ago it seems)..anyway, whenever I was trying to lose weight, while the boys were practicing, I would walk around the baseball ball fields (the outer ones) and or some of the fields they went to had trails advice is to try that trick. That way if something happens to your son at practice your still right there..Keep up the GREAT work.  
05 Apr 08 by member: Graciegirl
I can totally relate. Between my husband and my daughter playing ball, we are there 4 nights a week too. My problem is dinner. We have been eating out too much.  
05 Apr 08 by member: graciepoo
Just look at how far you've come and how much you've lost already! You know you aren't prepared to turn back and give up on the journey. You can get back into it. It just takes once to get you started! You can do it! 
05 Apr 08 by member: evelyn64
Hey slimlady inside~!~ I was wondering where you were at. Come back! You're such an inspiration! YOU CAN DO IT!!! 
05 Apr 08 by member: debzc
You were off to such a fantastic start, incredible even! Please don't let normal life prevent you from eating right and taking care of yourself. I know that you know, there is always a way. While you're at the ball field you can get your own exercise in right? I don't know, I don't know your total situation but I know where there's a will there's a way and I want to see you reach your goal! Let me know if there's anything I can ever do for you! 
06 Apr 08 by member: ImLuuvd
Gives kick up booty!!! Now you know I'm only joking... but you really can do this again. As others have said the hardest thing is starting again, but you can do it. Perhaps write yourself a plan... if you can't get up early every day, then maybe do every other day? But commit yourself to that plan and then stick with it. I know it's hard, but sometimes we've got to strict with ourselves to get what we want. You have done so well so far and we know you can do it again. So come on... let's get the Adventurer's into exploring new territory again!!! Go girl...!! :o) 
06 Apr 08 by member: MoonLite
You ARE going to get through this tough time--a little change in routine could be your friend, if you let it. Maybe make the days off from baseball "your" special days....get that workout then. It really is hard--we are running several nights a week to various activities and the early-morning workout is still best for me--but I am ready for bed pretty early. Let's just say that the housework has taken a back set! Keep rolling! 
09 Apr 08 by member: 1prekteacher


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