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02 August 2018

01 August 2018

I'm back to 'normal'. We saw Odi etc on Sunday and since we came home I've done nothing but sleep. She arrived back in Liverpool to find that her papers were there giving her 2.5 years residency. This means that she's got 28 days to find a new home, furnish it, sort out any benefits - she works as much as she can - and move. Now she and Peter are arguing over whether she and the kids should move to Manchester where he lives, or stay in Liverpool where she and the kids have a life. They separated when Christa was a baby after going through a bad time, but although they live apart they've always been 'together' and Miguel is his son. I'm really pleased for them, but wish I was closer and could do more to help.

For the first time, probably this year, I feel good about losing weight and going forward. My weight today is after 2 days of fasting. I've eaten so much rubbish recently. I'm fasting until we go to Tony's ex-wife's on Sunday. I've even got bone broth on the cooker for if I need it and pickle juice in the fridge.

Odi & me

26 July 2018

I am so very tired. The hot weather isn't helping as it's difficult to sleep at night - as everyone is finding.

When we first met Odi she'd been in this country for less than 6 months, and she joined us on the whit walk in May, for which we had a really hot day - to us. She was wrapped up with a coat and a scarf and the rest of us were in summer clothes and hats. Roll on 9 years and she's sweating - just like the rest of us - living in Manchester and now Liverpool she's got used to the British weather and is finding it all a bit hot, as is Peter her hubby. The kids have never liked it very hot - which she couldn't understand because they're 'Africans' she would say, I told her they've never been anywhere other than England.

Fabrizio was 6 weeks old when we met them - he'll be 10 in October and will be able to become British. They look like they're being given leave to stay for 2.5 years officially - which means that it will cost £1200 for Fabrizio to become British. If they hadn't made the decision it would have been free. In just under 2.5 years Christa will be 10 - the price will probably have gone up by then.

Hopefully, eventually Peter & Odi will become British too - especially now that there is war in Cameroon.

They've been at our house today - they were fascinated by the horses, enjoyed the paddling pool, ate all the cheese and onion pie and a lot of the curry. We're seeing them in Hastings tomorrow. That'll be expensive.

23 July 2018

23 July 2018

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