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22 August 2018

My new car - which a few month's ago would have been a Citroen Picasso - is a Citroen SpaceTourer - I always have to look it up - 7 seater - with a wheelchair hoist in the boot, which the fitters will come and finish sorting out tomorrow. This is exciting as it means I'll have some independence when we're out. Tony pushes me and I get cross because he doesn't hear me if I speak - especially if I want to go somewhere that he doesn't lol. It's in a nice lazuli blue. We trundled over to Lewes yesterday and having left home with a full tank of petrol - and 8 miles on the clock - showing 250 miles worth of petrol, arrived back with 7/8 tank of petrol, 90 miles on the clock and 397 miles worth of petrol. The car is getting used to my way of driving and I'm happy that it's increasing the average miles per gallon.

We went to Lewes as it's my birthday and our 27the wedding anniversary next Tuesday. I get jewellry for my birthday usually and we wanted to find a place that does individual styles in silver. I got a lovely ring to replace my engagement ring which is breaking. After having lunch and trundling around we found a nice Antique/junk shop where Tony got 5 Rowlandson prints and I got 2 more rings.

I'm fasting from yesterday evening until Monday. We're off to Tony's ex-wife's on Monday to meet up with the family and Sue-Yung's (his eldest son's wife) sister and her sons who are visiting from S. Korea. Tuesday they'll come to ours - the boys enjoying the space and the horses we hope. Then it all settles down for a month or so and I can lose some of the weight I've put on over the summer.

My stepdaughter Alice & her hubby Mab are doing a month of Veganism in the hope of losing some weight before Alice's 40th birthday on 24th September so I don't want them losing more than me - competitive me as if!!

16 August 2018

13 August 2018

I'll catch up, hopefully, later in the week or next week. I've just got over having one lot of visitors and now we have another - Tony's daughter Alice, her hubby Mab and their girls Ivy & Clover are down in Hastings for a week. I spent 5 hours cooking today as I know that I'll not feel up to it for another week or so. I made: Cheese & Onion Pie, macaroni cheese, vegan bean curry, mince, chicken, beef strips, pork chunks, roasted tomato risotto and mushroom stroganoff.

I've frozen several made up meals for Shirley, and lots of pots of other stuff - and still have some in the fridge.

Now I can collapse again for a few hours. We're going into Hastings to see them tomorrow and then I get my new car in Battle on Friday and we'll all go round the Abbey and have lunch.

Hope everyone is well & happy.

03 August 2018

02 August 2018

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