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How my calories should I be eating each day?
Oh, by the way my weight numbers are not correct
posted 20 Jun 2014, 11:54
How my calories should I be eating each day?
I have come to you with a simple solution. A calorie budget. You start by taking your weight and multiplying that total by 7. This total will be your total calorie intake for the day. Then you divide that total by 4. This total will equal calories per meal. The extra meal represents your snacks. Using the last total, divide it by 3 for your snacks. Mine looks like this: (the "/" symbol equals divide) 203lbs X 7 = 1456 cals per day 1456 / 4 = 346 Cals per meal 346 / 3 = 121 cals per snack (3 snacks a day) OR 208 x 7 = 1456 cals / 4 = 346 cals / 3=121 cals It's simple and it works. As you lose weight your total calories needs decrease. In fact your calorie intake becomes a moving target. Every pound I lose, I jump to recalculate my budget and I write it on my bathroom mirror with a dry erase marker. From that point on I make the adjustments and my weight continues to drop consistently. I lose 1 to 1.5 lbs every 3-4 days or an average of 10 lbs every month. At times I still plateau every now and then but with a little investigating I can isolate it to too much salt or eating more than I am tracking. I make the correction and I'm off to the races again. In your case you are starving and your body is hoarding everything you eat and storing it for your final days on earth, thats the way our primal brain thinks. Use this formula as a base line to work with to get those calories working for you. Yours might look like this: 256 X 7 = 1792 1792 / 4 = 448 per meal 448 / 3 = 149 per snack (3 snacks a day) Stick to it buddy (the budget) and you will lose weight.
posted 20 Jun 2014, 11:52
Does anyone else find the fixed RDI annoying?
Create your own RDI!
posted 22 Sep 2013, 00:04
Colon Cleanses
3 ballerina Chinese green tea, found at almost any Asian store or buy it on I recommend the extra strength.
posted 16 Sep 2013, 19:09
Crazy little tricks to keep your diet on track
thinner120 wrote:
The thought has occurred to me more than once, would I feed something that I am eating to my dog: Chicken breast and broccoli: yes- but a sugary indescretion: NO! If it isn't healthy enough for my dog to eat then why would I eat it?
That's exactly why I am leaning toward the Alpo diet. Those rich and juicy chunks of meat and gravy and when I'm on the go nothing satisfies me more then a handful of kibbles and bits..all in fun thinner120...joking, crazy right? Come to think of it, comparatively speaking, I haven't seen to many dogs out there with obesity problemsVery Happy
posted 10 Sep 2013, 10:05
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